Conversations With Laurie Kendrick

My handlers wanted me to call it “The Laurie Kendrick Show”, but that sounded so borscht belty.     Like my feature guests would be Morey Amsterday and Al Martino.  . And I didn’t want anyone calling me a narcissist becuase of the use of my name as part of of the title, so after a bit of contemplation, prayer and flower pettle plucking, three cold Modelos and a quarter Xanax found on the floor, “Conversations With Laurie Kendrick “was born.

Simple, plain, unpretentious.

It replaces Supernatural Saturday Night.     We had nine great shows but it’s lifespan was only worth nine shows.   Martha and I did the exact show ten years ago, it was a freeform party, a circus, where people came up,to hang around.   It was chaos but fun chao.   Some of the magic was gone from this time out and the noted thinkers ar RFC Media said shut that girl up and give her her damn own show.

And the rest is, as they say, will be of history.

Subject matter you ask?       Well, we just might have a former African American  maid on one day, old enough to have fought along side with Dr. King for civil rights,yet young enough to compare and contrast the difference onece President’s Johnson’s Great Society became a reality.    I’d like to talk to a child about his hopes, and dreams and fears for his future.     I want to talk to a septic tank cleaner, then then the next week,how a prominent housewife uses aspects  of voodoo in her everyday lie.    Of course, there will be psychics, and Wiccans and cryptozoologists and then a rap singer then a real working cowboy, followed by a fishing guide then maybe a one hour sit down down with a coroner.

I want the topics to be all the place.    Varied and interesting, inspiring, funny, gut wrenching….above all entertaining and educational.

We’ll record my first show in about a week and a hhalf all from my well appointed deer blind in the Texas  Hill Country. And of course I’ll be in Houston from from time, but mostly from  where Cedar can choke a horse.   As for  spexific run dates and times, you’ll all about that here first.    And yes, yes the  show will be broadcast on and

Conversations with Laurie Kendrick.

I can already smell a Peabody!!!!!!!!!!!!!

































so….well ….better suited for the blasts or crystal plate for any future broadcast awards.

Read This, Kids


Happy birthday, America!!

My goodness, the struggles you’ve endured. Centuries ago, settlers came from Englamd (and other places) came here seeking religious freedom. Instead, they found famine and illness and hostile indigenous people. Death was often the end result. Yet, they still came seeking a better life. Harsh winters tried to discourage them, new illnesses for which there were no cures. Skirmishes with the natives couldn’t bridle their enthusiasm, to leave bad behind and seek out something new, and hopefully better. And then after years, we finally got it right, somehow they all learned to live together. We shared with each other our knowledge of agriculture, weaponry from an industrialized mother country and other of doing things. We taught each other. But Mother England wasn’t happy. She didnt want to let go of her subjects. They wanted independence, England wanted their taxes, with no one to represent them in Parliament. Unfair, raw deal!!, thought our founding fathers.

So, His majesty sent over fabulously dressed redcoats armed to the teeth. Impressive looking indeed, but they didn’t know the lay of the land. And the American troops, little scrappy bastards soundly defeated the British Army. Then, a whole bunch of white guys met in what had to be one damned hot hall Philadelphia to pen The Declaration of Independence. We severed ties with Britania and the United States of America was born

Independence. Our own perfectly imperfect Union.

That said, are we a perfect country? Oh hell no. Never have been, never will be. We’ve got a lot scars and reasons to cringe and blush. Antebellum slavery. the Civil War, The indentured servitude of Irish and Italian immigrants up north. Yankees, your hands are not so clean either. The way native Americans have been treated. Treaty after treaty broken. The KKK. The Black Panthers. Hate groups hell bent on keeping others groups down! by violent means, not by acting exemplary. Hate is ignorance.
But in spite of her faults, the poverty, the murder rate, the prejudice, certain inequities, the failure in certain situations regarding education, the misogyny and that damned glass ceiling for women. All downers, right? But the hard core truth is, I just wrote what I wrote freely and as a result, I don’t fear some armed hoodlums grabbing me off the street and shoving me into a delapidated VW van built during the Nixon administration and I’ll never be heard from again.

I can drive a car, I can choose to have a baby or not. I can marry or not. I can get a job, adopt a child, own my home, vote for the candidate of my choice though this election year gives us horrible options. I can dress how I choose and I can live as choose as long as I adhere to the laws of this land. And that means worshipping as I see fit— or not worshipping at all. We’re free to be straight, gay, bi, transgendered, fat, thin, shy, gregarious, outrageous, sedate. Socialists, Democrats ,Log Cabin Republicans, Independents. Jewish, Mormons,  B’ahi….anything we want.

We come from everywhere and we bring our lifestyles with us but once here, we become Americnas. Preface it if you must by revelling in your Lithuanian heritage, but treasure your status as American.

So, please, pray for your country….my country on this, her 240th birthday. Yeah, she’s been through hell, and yes, she’s done her share of hell raising, but she is a wonderful place. In spite of it all, she IS a truly wonderful place.

And listen to this week’s Supernatural Saturday Night from 8-10pm (CST) on and We’ll feature the absolutely amazing , mind boggling Carrie Carter, an angel expert and Psychic Extraordinaire.

Now, you just wait a minute and don’t hold judgment: Advertising and opportunistic free enterprise are all part of the American Dream. Somewhere, I just made a founding father very pleased.

Happy Fourth of July.

Your friends at Supernatural Saturday Night.

Supernatural Saturday Night 7

These days, if one has strong intuitive gifts, he never calls himself  a prophet. Yet there were prophets running amuck all through the Bible.     And soothsayers and sages haven’t been in linguistic vogue for at least a century.

Those who can see things, sense things and hear things that have happened or are about happen are called psychics.     Mediums connect with “Spirit” to transmit messages from the dead.   But what…….or who…….is Spirit exactly?   And can you be a medium without being a psychic and vice versa?

Well, we’ll have a full month of Saturday’s to answer those questions and others such as finding out if Love, marriage and wealth is somewhere, anywhere in your future.   With all due respect to Shakespeare, I’m calling the entire month of July, “A Midsummer Psychic Saturday Night”.    Each Saturday night will feature a psychic guest host with all kinds of  different skill sets:   Clairvoyants, psychic detectives, pet psychics, Angel experts, mediums who have a message for you from your prudish Great Aunt  Sophie….yes, she sees what you keep hidden under your bed, King Nasty.

Popular Houston area psychic, DIane Gremmel kicks things off  this Saturday, taking your calls about all the questions you have about next week, next month…next year.

It’ll be fun and intriguing.  What’s not to love about a month chocked full of shows featuring psychics?     Get your questions ready  and call in early…and often.

It’s Supernatural Saturday Night in all its freaky, funny splendor ONLY on and with psychic powerhouse, Dianns Gremmel, from 8:00 to 10:00 pm (CST)

Your future is waiting for you.    Dianne told me so.   Tune in, dammit!!

And call.









Supernatural Saturday Night 6

Well kids, as I see it  there are basically three consistently agreed upon unknowns that we as humans grapple with—1) the specific intricacies of how and why the brain works, in certain areas after specific injuries or illness;2)  the furthermost reaches of outer space and 3) what happens when we die.

In all honesty, I can’t even begin to tackle the first two, nor am I capable of knowing what happens to the life energy at the point of death, though, personally I believe that this one shot can’t be all we get, despite what Sister Mary Cornelius or Father Sizka tried to teach me in Catechism.

There is a difference between death and dying. Dying is like a symptom  of death, the ultimate end result.   And this is why I’ve never been afraid of death, but dying?   Yes. If you’re like me,  we can better understand the process of this final transition through a psychologist and the people who have assisted their charges through to the end, either as a hospice care givers or family members who wanted to be present.    The incredible stories they can tell us are moving and poignant and will be the focus of this weekend’s show.

There some medical impiricists out there who’ll say when a dying person starts to have conversations with people who we can’t see, as in family members song since dead, or they each out for an invisible hand to grasp, that’s just the morphine talking, or hallucinations caused by the limbic system within the brain shutting down.

One would think a person of science would have a mind open to all possibilities.    But most these caregivers will agree that whatever their patients are reaching for, whoever they’re talking to, are very real to them.

We’ll also discuss what commonalities or differences that might exist between people from different cultures and different religions, And of course, how children relate to their own mortality. (Gulp)

It will be poignant and sad (you’ll no doubt hear a few sniffles coming from my end of the micophone) yet hopeful and beautiful.

Death is as much a part of life as birth. The life cycle is mind boggling when you think about.

So, please  join Chelsea Mac, Pat Fant, Abel Rodriguez, our Studio Producer and me, Laurie Kendrick this weekend for what promises to be an extremely enlightning two hours.

Supernatural Saturday Night, 8-10pm (CST) on, which is now a working website.  Ignore my picture.  It’s 11 years old.    We’ll replace it as soon as I’m no longer retaining water like a reservoir.

Lastly, we’re also on Twitter and have our own email now….Supernatural.Saturday. Night at gmail dot com. We’d love to hear your comments, questions and suggestions.


Looking For Delivery People

Have you ever worked as a pizza or a food delivery  person in general and encountered something or someone really scary, creepy and threatening?      Ever worked as furniture delivery person and saw some really weird, disconcerting shit in the house?      I mean notify the cops kind of  shit!     If so, I want your stories.

But not here….I want them live via phone call, on our show, Supernatural Saturday Night, which airs every Saturday night-obviously-from 8-10 pm (CST) on and

I recently visited a  couple of sites where delivery people left the freakiest stories.    Some had paranormal overtones, others were about really weird and creepy customers.    Others included a little of both and the authors actually feared for their lives.     All were intriguing AND scary.    I must have spent hours reading these stories  and on a dark and stormy night, might I add.

So, if you have a story or know someone who does, then please get in contact with me.  I plan to do a show on this subject matter in August so we have some time, but as a producer I like have guests booked well in  advance.   I’d like to fill the entire two hours with creepy delivery stories.

I’ve sent emails to these sites, even left a Reddit request for stories and will hit my personal Twitter acct as well as the show’s.

There are a  few narrated tales on YouTube, but I’d like the stories on the night of the show, to come straight from the people who expecrienced the weirdness.

You can reach me at supernatural dot saturday dot night at gmail dot com.

And don’t forget this weekend’s show:  we’ll be talking about Jewish mysticism and a we’ll receive a primer on Southern ghosts, including The Bell Witch.

If you’re not familiar with this story, you’ll love to hear Southern ghost researcher, Lewis Powell, IV regale us with this spooky tale and other lesser known ghost stories, that are just as creepy.

That’s Supernatural Saturday Night 8-10 pm (CST)  on and


Supernatural Saturday Night 5

Really?      Five shows in the can?

Time flies when you’re wearing headphones.

The first incarnation of SupNatSat was ten years ago and back then,   it was a very unstructured  circus.    And it was fun; fun like your very first slumber party, you know?    But that was then, this is now.    The show has grown up and matured.     Humor will always be a factor, but we need some insight and awareness in addition to hearing about scary ghost stories and close encounters of numerous kinds.

This go round, I want to get to the heart and soul of life, which includes death.     I want to interview an Egyptologist who can explain why this culture was so captivated by death and the underworld.     Don’t feel left out Ancient Greece, we’ll get to you, too.      Both cultures believed in ghosts and oracles and libations that would bring about specters and prophecy faster.  Basically, everyday was Supernatural Saturday Night back then.      So yeah, we’ll hit on the spiritual side of anthropology and history.

I also want to delve into the psychology of fear and why bouts with it are actually healthy for us.     And of course, we’ll  interview serial UFO abductees, BIgfoot hunters, psychics of all kinds, Voodoo practitioners and ghost whisperers and even get into a little demonology..

For example,  Hassidic mysticism.     Hassidm is a very spiritual form of Judaism.    Ultra uber orthodox.   The men where hats or kippas,  long black coats, prayer shawls (you can see the fringe hanging out underneath )and payoz, which are long ringlet curls in front of their ears.   The mode dress resembles 18th century Polish aristocracy……but don’t quote me.

The woman cover their heads or wear wigs out in public.     Only their husbands can see their real hair.      A woman’s locks are a part of ultimate intimacy between a Hassidic couple.

Perhaps all Jews know sonething about the religion’s mysticism, but not quite like the Hassidic Jew. And it goes beyond Kaballah and wearing red strings around your wrists. Hint:  man made men to do man’s bidding and old wooden wine boxes YOU DO NOT want in your home.

And that’s just the tip of the Eisenberg.

Alan Nadler is a Rabbi and a Professor of Religious Studies and Director of the Jewish Studies Program at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey.    This Jewish mother’s dream son was educated at McGill University in Montreal and at Harvard.

This guy is no schlub.  Listen and you will be educated about a very old religion and it’s more spiritual, spooky side.

That’s our first guest.   The second hour is with Lewis Powell IV and he just so happens to be an authority on Southern ghosts.    There’s great beauty in the Southeastern United States but it covers an underlying ugliness.   Lots of torment, anguish, brutality and barbarism happened before, during and after the Civil War.    This conflict pitted family members against each other.   The Confederacy wanted states’ rights and all that that implied.    President Lincoln said no, the South wanted to secede and again, Lincoln said nu-uh.

So, the South rallied it’s army thinking  King Cotton and other other agricultural crops could sustain it, keep it afloat, not realizing that the Yankees were more industrialized.    They had factories for everything needed to properly outfit an army.

The price both sides paid was horrific and in some ways, the South still pays  for its centuries old ignorance.    Bloodshed +inhumanity =eternity in hell…OR a lighter sentence of being haunted para siempre.

Lewis will regale us with ghost tales from across Dixie, including the perplexing story of the Bell Witch.     Now, don’t you go a lookin’ her up, Lewis will tell us all about this fable that held early 19th century America firmly in its grip.

All you have to do is listen to Supernatural Saturday Night 8-10 pm (CST) on and     Download the app.

And on a closing note, I’d like to think I speak for everyone associated with our show,  please send healing thoughts to the city of Orlando.  The scars of senselessness seem to last longer than run of the mill spiritual wounds.    And I sincerely wish love could be the answer, but it’s just not that simple.     Tolerance is.

Tolerance is the global panacea.   Just good old live and let live.













He’s our first






want to learn more about Hassiduc Mysticism.

Supernatural Saturday Night 4

Ah, the pitfalls of a moody blogger.

My blog turned nine years old in March.      Wow, if it were a child it would be entering 5th grade this year.

I used to blog more frequently, codependently and constantly checking stats and comments, needing to be assured (especially during the lean years when broadcast jobs were hard to find)  that I was still relevant.

That makes me laugh these days.

And you know what will really make you laugh?     Spending your Saturday nights with me  waxing comedic and spooky on Supernatural Saturday Night, on and

This Saturday night, our guests include a gentlemen who’ll tell that the Universe is talking to us all the time, giving us clues, trying to help us navigate through the the murkiness that is Life.   But are we listening, are we connecting the cosmic  dots?  Well, we’ll get you hip to what the Big U is trying to tell you and  how you can interpret the signs and be more receptive to them.

In the 9:00 00 hour (all times Central), we’ll be talking to the Chief of Police of a small West Virginia town who get fed up with 911 calls about………….wait for it……….


These calls were so frequent that Chief King actually hired a professional ghost hunting crew to take the calls and investigate the cases— you know, less criminal, more paranormal.    And dig this: it’s been determined that the whole damn town is haunted. Why? I’ll give you a hint: LOCATION!!! LOCATION!! LOCATION!!!!!

We’ll explain Saturday.

Plus, it’s now the subject of a new show premiering 24 hours after our interview.     Be sure to check out The Ghosts of Shepherdstown, Sunday evening  on Destination America.   Check your local listings.


It’ll be a very interesting two hours if I say so myself.    I hope you’ll join me, Chelsea, Pat and Abel, our able bodied studio producer for a rollicking, frolicking good time.   Plus, it’s a web show……that means no pesky FCC constraints.    It’s like terrestrial radio but with ashtrays, know what I mean?       And  we do it so much better then that old tired, dried up medium.

But I digress.

Replays of the show can be heard every Tuesday evening from 9:00-11:00 pm (CST)

That’s Supernatural Saturday Night,  only on and , 8-10pm (CST).

Be there….aloha.