Tradecraft, Radio and Homeland

Had I been smarter, more attractive, farther up on “the spectrum”, further down, more conniving, more authentic about my inauthenticity, I would  have loved to have been tapped by an operative to work for the CIA.    It would have been perfect had it happened during my fall semester of my Junior year in High School.   Why then?

Why not then?

I felt very different when I was in high school.    I felt odd and out of place, so did  a billion other teens.   It’s a hormonal haven.  So, if HS is the perfect time to feel different, it would have been groovy to have had someone from a very relevant place  to make me feel ok about feeling so different.    You know, like that Maya chick, from the movie, Zero Dark Thirty.   She was was a real person and decidedly NOT a fan of UBL.    Her obsessive compulsive need to kill him paid off in May, 2011.


The character Quinn on the Showtime hit Homeland was also handpicked in high school to be a CIA agent or intelligence operate of whatever the title is.  What might a 16 or 17 year old High School student be like  from a behavioral/personality standpoint to be tapped to young to help protect his or her country so covertly?

So, I looked into it.

According to a Newsmax article from a few years back, the CIA does in fact, recruit From High Schools and then again….it doesn’t.

….”According to the CIA’s website, high school students are eligible to be a part of the agency through the Undergraduate Scholar Program, where students are given $18,000 per year for tuition, fees, books, and supplies. During their summers in college, they’ll work at headquarters using skills they excel in. After graduation, the students will work for the agency for a period of 1.5 times the period they were a part of the program.     Seventeen and 18-year-olds are not being asking if they can ‘meet the challenge’ of the Central Intelligence Agency,” Chen Mills writes. “Open to all high school seniors . . . the CIA ‘Undergraduate Scholar Program’ appears to be the Agency’s attempt to get ‘em while they’re young…”

The Newsmax article goes on to say, “The character of Maya is based on a real woman, and the Washington Post reports that director Mark Boal met with her and other CIA officers. “Maya” joined the agency before the attacks on 9/11 and worked as a targeter in Islamabad, Pakistan. She was recently given the agency’s Distinguished Intelligence Medal, the highest honor given by the CIA to those who have worked under fire.”

It’s unbelievable, but 16 years separate us from that balmy September day.  It forced our hand in places it needed to be slapped.    We’d become lackadaisical and lazy.  So, fortunately, our Intelligence has changed.    Things are  certainly now different then they were during the Cold War and the days of the classic Moose and Squirrel dialog.    While the Agency might know exactly who and what it needs in an employee, its philosophy has had to change with the times.

The enemies to Democracy version 2017 are very different.  They varied and these days, more numerous.  Their approach, the philosophy might be different, but the goal….eradication of the West and Western ideals….remain the same.

So, how does one become a CIA prodigy?

Well, decades ago, that might have happened while as an intelligent college Sophomore, floundering academically but a certain Prof with certain covert connections sees something else.   That might have lead to a tap on the shoulder that lead to a clandestine meeting.    Maybe one the eventually, endsed up in Langley, VA.     There could have been a call or two  from  wrong number that oddly engaged you in a conversation and or there could have been unfamiliar voices with vague messages left on  your answering machine.    Yes, a separate machine connected to your phone to record messages.     Look that one up yourselves, youngsters.

What I just cited are a few examples of classic  CIA recruitment.   That might still happen in extreme situations, except these days, you can apply online, at the CIA’s website.

Based  on TV shows and movies I’ve seen,  it seems to me that “The Agency” actively recruits sociopaths and psychopaths who can  kill and maim and sleep with anyone or anything without an ounce of remorse.    While I’m  sure those attributes help, a Forbes article explains the CIA is looking for the whole package.

For almost all occupations within the CIA, hiting agents conduct a résumé review in which an applicant’s skills and experiences are considered, along with knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for the position. This review is followed up  by a telephone interview to determine general qualifications and basic security compatibility.

An applicant is then given several tests that look at key arenas such as writing skills and problem-solving abilities. These tests also evaluate whether the applicant has the right “interpersonal fit” to work at the agency. Following this, a face-to-face interview occurs and, if successful, medical tests and a psychological screening. For some occupations, candidates have to undergo a current events knowledge screening.

Lets say though YOU read a lot La Carre novels and the corner doodling on the pages of MAD magazine  as a kid and you want some real clandestine spy vs. spy action.    Those gigs exist but they’re more focused on overseas events, and the skills they require are different.  How different?   It’s the CIA people—–no one is saying.

But when it gets down to the general, non-specific nut cuttimg, the Agency hires someone based on the reasons you might employ a person… for their honesty and integrity, but does that go beyond not stealing teems of paper or toilet paper from the company pissoir?

Again, based on what I can determine, yes and no.

If you’re a serious applicant, your past is looked into, of course.   What jobs have you held and how well did you work in those positions.    There’s academic  performance in HS and college.  What kind a student were you?   Popular?   Were you active in clubs or a loner?   Active?    Your friends and former co-workers are interviewed.    Weee you ever disloyal?     Exhibit weird behaviors?      My God, in my life of work, you HAD  to be weird.    Weird enough to be adept at piano wire placed around a random neck?   Probably.   Holding your hand over a candle foam till you flesh burns to prove a point?  Definitely.    I always thought TV and radio weould be great places for recruiting.    Making you endure an overnight shift would be a helluva determining method.  It would be a hiring box of chocolates for the Agency.  Lots of variety.

I wont pretend to know more about the Sgency then what’ll allowed on the web, but I I doubt if it necessarily wants flag wavers…are flag waivers, for that matter.   It would seem to me that the CIA likes liars.    But effeicient, proficient, convincing liars, not just someone merely willing to tell a fib or bend the truth from time to time.

Other questions in a typical interview include:

1. Why do you want to work for the CIA?

2. Tell me about the expectations that will be asked of you by working at the CIA.

3. Share an example from your recent professional or educational experience where you successfully navigated an ambiguous situation.

4. Please describe an example of a time you were in a leadership role and failed. What were the lessons learned and your subsequent change of behavior?

5. In what ways have you recently or currently serve others?

HHmmmmm.   I’ve both asked these questions and answered them  for the simplest of positions.  .  So, I would think how one answers these questions are as important as the answers themselves.   That said , I don’t think you can get an answer wrong per se.  Not wrong in the classic sense.    There are so many factors at play here….the value of the answer.    The value of the physical response before, during and after the question was posed.    You have to remember you’re  not applying  to be an overnight secuity guard position.    The CIA want to be a good fit for the applicant and be a good fit for the CIA but only recruiters know exactly what that means.

I dig the notion of bring a spy.    What a lifestyle!!    Each Sunday night, thoroughly  enjoy Homeland, because air have no lifestyle.    But this is a recent thing in my life.   I hated all things intelligence related, but perhaps 9/11 changed that for me as well.     Homeland especially.   All these people are at a million different places in one show, but you never see how they get from one place to another.   I never see them flying; especially not commercial.   All things considered, I wonder if that’s intentional.  Those people are also rarely ever seen eating.  Drinking, yes, but consuming food is rare.

Homeland has many detractors, it has its many fans.   It’s tenure on Showtine, plus it’s many awards and accolades prove its staying power is real.  Like many viewers, I think Carrie is an ugly cryer.   Sol has never illicited a visible emotional in his life.  And I wonder what a guy like the character Quinn was  like in HS?    Band nerd, jock….tinker….tailor?








I Had A Day

I played Caduceus and took myself off this particular anti-seizure medication I was on.    Dangerous?  Risky?   Of course, but with my self-obtained Masters Degree from the University of Reading The Shit Out of WebMD All Too Often, I might have been correct in doing so.   The long list of side effects reads like War and Peace and I had all of them, plus some symptoms of polio, oddly enough.    This drug was making me crazy—literally.   I was having frequent panic attacks that were very ,very scary.   I was questioning my reality.  It was giving me angina,  arrhythmia and I was enduring bouts of hair-trigger anger at levels of pissed off postal workers.

Old joke.

Anyway, I screamed at my beloved Bixby this morning, simply for being a dog, simply for wanting to chase a squirrel.  In the process, I’m pretty sure I might have circuitously and most unintentionally, threatened the life of a Peruvian lawn care guy.  My expletive filed anger  wasn’t aimed at anybody, other than my dog and that damned squirrel.   Still,  I know I frightened thenbardner.  If there’s one thing I KNOW for certain, it’s how to recognize the look of fear in a man’s face.    I’ve not only seen it many times, I’ve  been the reason behind it.      So, after my rage outbreak, this obviously terrorized man abruptly stopped working in the yard across the street and left.  How do I know what his fear level could have been?     The once perfectly sculpted simian topiary he was tending to at the time is now a double amputee.

I’m so sorry.   I hate causing damage to foliage.

But that was early this morning.  He never returned and I have no warrants pending against me, so I might be in the clear there.   I’ll apologize next time I see him, if I ever see him again.   He probably thinks I’m a member of Trump’s advanced guard; an angry, portly, dog-owning, middle-aged, cussing and hobbled white woman in a muumuu.

It’s been happening for a few weeks but presented in lengthy bouts last night.   My anger and rage, not my love of muumuus.    I got on a crying jag, common for my condition I’m told and then I got extremely angry, also part of the package.  Why, you ask?   I watched The Lettuce of All Media,  Wolff BLitzer  on CNN. He was espousing boring , yawn inducing anti Trump rhetoric, which is what he always does.   I don’t watch CNN or even that much news lately, but while running through my satellite channels,  I inexplicably stopped on CNN.    The network has this arrogance about it.     Anyway,  I got angry at something Mr. Bland said and that started a raging litany of other things that I didn’t know angered me, then I started crying over things I never knew could make me emote.

The Rogerian with Jungian tendencies who analyzes me regularly insists that my abnormalities are all perfectly normal.   He reminded me that on top of everything else, I’m in mourning and an odd little duck to boot which means I’ll process the stages of grief differently.   And more loudly,  more randomly,  more frequently and as a one very frightened Señor Paulito Gomez can attest,  possibly more violently.














When things happen in my life…things that loosen a shingle or 30…I tend to think  a lot about what  happened, how it happened and the always impossible, why it happened.    I bevome a seeker of answers, if only for brief period of time.   My becoming  a “do-er”, takes more time.

I was days away from buying a new home that had AMAZING potential  when my life changed in about seven ways over the course of a few hours.    Doctors, shrinks and well meaning friends will tell you to do nothing drastic for a year.  Make no big or rash decisions.    Keep the ones you must make to a minimum, such as , “Do I want mayo or mustard OR BOTH on my hamburger today?”

I just got back from Lake Tahoe a few days ago.  It was lovely. Possibly a bit too soon to have been moved completely by its beauty, but then again, that’s just me. I take time to process good things.  Bad things are immediate.   I’m lucky that way.

I should explain that my sisters made it a point for this trip not to be about me. It was never intended to be. We planned it in November.   And as much as I tried to keep it about sisters and nieces and snow and unbebelievably stunning vistas,  bits and pieces of selfish old me crept in.     I kept thinking about all the changes in my life.   Oh, it didn’t happen all that often, but thoughts of what my life might have been, what I  thoight my life could have been were hard to quell when conversations of husbands, marriage and children reared their heads. I think at ten thousand feet, it only made it worse.

Or maybe, it made things clearer.   Not better.   But clearer.

I listened to their stories, never trying to convey any similarities or comparisons between them and the life of a brain-addled spinster, former career woman.   We’ve all had such similar and extremely different life experiences.    I’ve seen  both sisters  on their knees, one questioning God over  the tragic loss of her 19 year old daughter.  I’ve seen my other sister bemoan the odds of survival for a gravely ill grandson.

And God knows they seen me gut wrenching scenarios.   I was in traction for three months, strung out on pills and hospitaluzed for it  more than once and they’ve seen see heartbroken and emotionally destitute over the latest shit stain I allowed in my life.    But it hasn’t been all bad.  There were flirtations with joy here and there but the fact is, Life is hard.    And it’s usually very ordinary.    And repetitive.     As for the title of this post.    Well,  we just don’t bandy  the term “miracle” around so much anymore.     At least I don’t.   Don’t get me wrong, I  know they happen, but I don’t feel like they happen TO ME that often.

I kinda wish I was some little Nazarene kid who lived in a time of bodacious miracles like witnessing burning chariots that flew across the sky or bearing witness to the catch of the day being  turned into a lot of bread.    But that was then;  we’re more enlightened people.    Weve learned how to learn.  We’re educated.     Because of this, logic has replaced magic, and miracles?     They happen, but they don’t get the ink like they used to.   Por ejemplo:   say someone  opens a bag of cheesy doodles, grabs one and just before it becomes a part  of his lunch, the guy looks down at it and in it, sees the face of  Jesus (and why are the faces of Buddha and Mohammed almost always left out of the mix???)     This story makes all the news channels.     Even The Blaze.

But let’s go beyond that, shall we?   A young deaf  girl is ice skating and she falls through the ice ad is clinically dead for five minutes.   But ten days later she’s not only alive but can hear for the first time in her life.   A man is walking through the woods enjoying a bologna sandwich.    A hungry bear comes out of nowhere, but a squirrel intercedes doing a  spot on Jimmy Cagney impression and the bear stops snd instead chooses to hit up a nearby campsite with what smells like yummy hot dogs on the grill.   Whiff, sniff!!     Mmmmm…wait!     Wait!    They’re Nathan’s!!!     This discerning and possibly kosher bear leaves our bologna hiker to his sandwich.    A miracle?     Yes.     But what about the ordinary kinds?

I’ll never win an Olympic gold medal for anything.   Sheer laziness keeps me from writing the award winning screen play that could  revive Burt Reynold’s  career. By the same token, I’ll never get testicular cancer or spontaneously combust during a prostate exam. Or I can be more gender neutral and assume it’s highly unlikely I’ll  ever get trapped in a lava flow in Guam while eating a bowl of  Fruit Loops.

These are a lovely malange of impossibilities and improbabilities.  But if you consider all the unlikely things that COULD happen and there are many, at least one of those more subtle miracles will happen or have happened to regular people.   And they won’t be  headline grabbers, either.     Princess Diana married Prince Charles. Meryl Streep won three Oscars, but five years ago, I turned 55 and quit or walked away from everything and everyone I knew  and moved to the Texas Hill Country  where I became nieghbors with a yenta who’s shares a nickname with a condiment.   Was that my miracle?    One of them.    Yes, one of them.

When I was in the hospital after the severe car accident I had  in 1992, I was constantly told how lucky I was to have survived the wreck.     Survived?    Only to have been maimed and forced to live in pain every fucking day for the rest of my life???

Some dared to say it was my fate that I lived.    It was my destiny that I survived.    Really?   I think there’s a lot of confusion over those two words.   I didn’t walk for months, but if my walking again was a miracle, and ok it might have been, why question it if my ability to walk was never in doubt because walking was also my destiny???.     But what if I’d been killed in that truck when it crashed at the bottom of a creek bed off of Interstate 10, more than 25 years ago?   Would people have commented on the miracle of my death??      I died and they’d say death was my fate, my destiny,  but was it also my miracle?   No.   But why wouldn’t that have been discussed as such?   Must a miracle only have a positive outcome???????

I thought about Alex in Tahoe.   Not a lot, but enough to keep the emotional hoarding alive.  I continue to hoard so many truths about what our relationship was and wasn’t, it’s like a sad little apartment in Queens.   Piles of stuff everywhere you look marked accordingly.   Such as “what was”, “what never was” and the tallest of the lot, “what the fuck was I thinking ??”    I tell myself it’s healthy to deconstruct.   Hell it might be only part way to handle some things.

After he died and I got sick, I felt like a needed a miracle.  Something to prove that I could master the most difficult aspects of multi-tasking:   moving forward  while still looking behind  me.    So, I watched a bunch of documentaries, read as much as I could about them and to be honest, I have no more of an idea of what a miracle is as I did before.    Maybe I need to be the miracle  for someone else.    Maybe that $100 bill I lost, was  found by a woman who could feed her family for a few days.   Maybe I need to be that squirrel with the Jimmy Cagney impersonation down pat.     Maybe I need to write more, for Burt Reynolds if for no other reason.

I don’t know, kids.    I just don’t know.

The  one/two punch of this brain thing I have and  Alex’s untimely departure have left me feeling emotionally and mentally drained one minute, then rife with thought the next.    The short cycling mania is  exhausting.  I’m so sure of things one minute, then doubting everything the next.   I know 2+2=4.     I can count so I can prove that to be true.   I can use  rocks, pieces of candy, tiles in my bathroom.  Two pairs of shoes will do the trick.    Props always help.

Then, there’s sunshine.  I know it exists because even though I can’t hold it in my hands, can feel  feel it on my hands.   It casts a shadow behind a solid mass and beyond a certain time of day, it goes away.     But it comes back and its proof is proven once again.  Like it was yesterday.  Like it’ll be proven again tomorrow.   And before you say it, tomorrow is promised for some people.   Maybe next Tuesday isn’t, but tomorrow is.

We haven’t mentioned the God equation yet.  Let’s say miracles  as we know them happen because of the presence of something or someone.  Someone had enough money to pay for a badly needed operation, a rescue occurred because of timing, dumb luck or some kind of weird crack in the space-time continuum allowed whatever natural law to be defied for just that split second.   But we have to discuss the other kind miracles.  They occurred because of absences.   No one was there.    Nothing happened.   Natural law occurred.   But even so, they really were, no less miraculous.    If you need to believe God put someone in the right place at the right time, fine. And if you need to think God, didn’t for His reasons, that’s okay, too.    But be fair.   If you marvel at all it takes to live, you must also marvel at what it takes to die.

But don’t believe me.   I have a brain thing.    To me, imperfection is constant.  Hate is an ugly option.  Eggs are an odd menu choice.  Carbohydrates are evil.   Elastic is love and love is strange and life is stranger.   It’s also reasonable and irrational.   Brilliant and stupid.  Shapeless yet perfectly sculpted.     I know 2 + 2 = 4, but sometimes, SOMETIMES it just has to equal 5 to keep it interesting.

Madonna Is Still Trying…My Last Nerve


Hey kids, this is what misplaced narcissism looks like. It’s also what desperate marketing looks like.

Madonna (who always referred to herself as an artist and what she does as art.  Her words, not mine) is still getting us to talk about her when we can’t bare to listen to her sing, which I contribute to the magic of engineered studio affect.

When her music isn’t anywhere near the charts, when one of her “movies” is prescribed as a sleep aid, she pulls s publicity stunt.   In her younger days, she’d appear nude in public or dressed as a Teutonic dominatrix  or as someone’s wife and mother.     I don’t know the broad and I’m decidedly not a fan,  but whenever her career needs a little bump,  she snorts  whole damn bottle.  She’s an extraordinarily self-involved rabble rouser.  In it for what her tired, old career can get out of it and these days, she’ll take whatever she can get.

And  that includes includes an F-bomb laced speech which she plainly states she has dreams of blowing up the  White House.     She actually had to read this drivel in notes at this past weekend’s “Let’s Join Ovaries And Hate Trump En Mass As Has Been Female Contrarians Rally, with Ashley Judd ,  America somebody and a host of Hollywood D- listers and other woman who thrive on victimization.

Madonna never danced better than when she realized what she said could be perceived  by the Feds to be a terroristic threat.    They’re launching an investigation.   Nothing will come of it.   Still, she  says what she said was taken out of context.  No, it wasn’t.    She said she’s thought of blowing up the White House.  I saw video of her saying it on several different news outlets.

And while tacky and long in the tooth, she’s not an idiot.   Her script was probably carefully crafted word for word by her legal and PR teams, who knew just the right words to stir an adequate publicity shit storm which will keep her in the public mindset…oh say….for a few more hours, maybe.

Madonna and many like her,  crave identity politics.  Vote for a woman they say, simply because she’s a woman, UNLESS she thinks differently than we do, then rake her over the coals.  Sarah Palin comes to mind.   As a Conservative, Sarah  was  Conservstive, which mean she didn’t matter.  Shared lady plumbing notwithstanding.   didn’t matter.  She didn’t think as they thought which made them right and her wrong.

Identity politics.

Personally, I won’t vote for a woman just because she’s a woman.   There has to be more to her than that.

Which is what Oprah said about Hillary Clinton  all the more assenine.   During the election, Mizz W said no one has  to “like” Hillary to vote for her.  Really?   Then that same logic would apply to voting for Trump.   You don’t have to like him and Hollywood certainly doesn’t and don’t think for one minute that Hollywood isn’t rejoicing for this gift that’ll keep on giving over the next four years.

They need Trump.  He’s good for profit margins.   Not unlike Greenpeace, The Sierra Club,  Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore.   They hate Big Oil and fracking and the scars it leaves upon the land, but they need oil and fracking to exist.  If neither existed, niether would their  highly profitable causes.

So, I’m getting older.  I’ll soon be staring 60’s front  door.   I’m intolerant, madevthst wsy courtesy of self-defense.     I look at Madonna, who is one year my senior and Im embarrassed by the pat.  I look at these younger, terribly  misguided feminist wannabes who insist on making all women victims  and frankly, I don’t  hold out much hope for the future.

There are hipster guys protesting their own so-called white male priveledge.   In 30 years when you’re bald, 58 and  no longer employable, remind me of these halcyon day.   When your cool liberal arts instructo taughtyounall a new word “xenophobia”  and also, a new way to hate.    As humanity  needed a primer.

If you live by closed mindedness, you die by it.  If we allow anyone to make politics, feminism  and life in general all about combative response, to paraphrase Madonna, “We’re fucked.”










The Political Wifestyle

It would be almost impossible not to have watched any of the recent inauguration of President Donald Trump, not seen his uber stylish wife (and former model) Melania and NOT hearken back, in the smallest of ways, to Jackie Kennedy as First Lady, the role she defind and refined more than five decades ago.

Ah Jackie….such a special life, mired in such tragedy.   When we first met her, she was young, from a wealthy family, but she eventually married into an even wealthier family, which in its early days, seemed earmarked for-political greatness.

I don’t know all that much about fashion, but I’ve tried to learn how to recognize style and Jackie was silly with it.   Now, I was only three when a John Kennedy was elected president.  I remember bits of his presidency,  but I distinctly remember the day it ended.

Odd, but that doesn’t include much about Jackie.     I first heard her speak during an old interview rehashed for the 25th anniversary of the assassination.    I remember her voice was deeper than I imagined it to be.  It was breathy, very slow and controlled  and in that upper East Coast accent, which was alien to my native South Texas ears.   It didn’t seem to fit my last major memory of her–standing in that bloodstained, size six raspberry tweed suit and the matching pillbox hat she wore in Dallas, on that day.

Jackie received a lot of praise.   She was widowed so young and so publicly.    She was left with the responsibility of raising two kids, both under age seven.  Of course, her situation  was very different than most young widows….still.

But to talk about Jackie with full appreciation of her life is go back further in time, before that November day in 1963, during a time in our history when she repeatedly blew the country away with her elan.

By all accounts, she was a breath of fresh air in DC.    Perhaps, any woman could have moved into the White House  after First Lady, Mamie Eisenhower moved out of it and they too might be considered a fashion icon by comparison.   Maybe it was because Mamie wouldn’t….or couldn’t enter that ‘dare to be great’ fashion scenario.   Too old?  Too stodgy?   Too aligned in 50’s era Conservatism?    I don’t know, but the contrast in style between these two women was amazing.


Melania has been  frequently compared to Jackie fashion-wise, based mostly on the stunning Ralph Lauren monochromatic blue dress, coat, opera gloves and pumps which she wore to the swearing in ceremony.    Apparently, Jackie had also worn a blue dress at some point during the JFK administration, though despite the fact that it was also in the blue spectrum, I really couldn’t see any other similarities.   There has been almost 54 years of  style revolution since Jackie’s blue Cassini made its debut.    But the women who wore these two suits, share a limited, but very real commonality.    Both were Catholic girls, both came from families of means, each  was educated, spoke/speak several languages, each became  First Lady and each loved fashion and are/ were savvy  enough to be able to pick couture that complimented  their bodies, mindsets and solidified their global position as ‘First Ladies’ which made fashion mavens out of the least likely people …..OR…..they were smart enough to listen to people far wiser and give up style control.    Either way, it worked.

Especially for Melania.



I found Jackie to be stylish, but never really drop dead gorgeous.   A few photographs snapped at certain angles made for  stunning photos, but by and large, most pics captured her  relaxed poise and fashion sense.


Melania isn’t gorgeous…well, not to me she isn’t.   Rather, I find her to be a nice  looking woman who’s had  the best plastic surgery known to man.    But, mein Gott, the way she can wear her can clothes, and the grace with which she walks in them may even exceed Jackie’s ability to wow a camera.   She is poised beyond measure, she moves with a certain elegance.  She’s obviously comfortable in her own skin, despite the number of tucks and pulls it might have had.     Equally important, she’s comfy in her femininity.  And why not??    In the beginning, she  was a model in Paris where I’m sure she graced a few catwalks with a hundred other similar looking  waif-like girls from all over the globe.    Her biggest claim to fame obviously, was becoming Mrs. Donald Trump.

Let’s start at the start.  After marrying Trump and giving birth to their son, Barren, I found Melania’s style a bit manic.  It was often brassy, wayward and heavy on the cleavage, showing more flesh.   Comme ça:

But we can get away with showing skin in our  20’s and 30’s.     On older women, it might be a daring fashion choice, but  I  think it’s a wrong choice.

Well…just because.


Back to Melania.  If her choices weren’t always a smidge questionable in taste at times, we have proof that ‘trendy and tacky’ did  enter her closet,sadly.


But all of these examples were from when she was a semi-private citizen.   At the time, these less than stellar fashion choices  might have gotten a snicker on TMZ ,  from People Magaxine or from any of the NYC ladies who lunch, but nothing more.

Then, The Donald decides to run for president…and as a Republican no less.   Melania had to change with the times.   Her style rapidly evolved into a consistent state of ‘wow’, in my opinion.     Plus, she stayed in the background–her call, but that made all her fashion choices echo a famous quote from le gran dame of style,  Coco Chanel :

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

Yeah, yeah we all saw Working Girl.

Moving on.

That relaxed, chic draping of her coat on her shoulders made us take notice.    But I never thought that style choice was anything but extremely well-planned and on Melania, well-played.

First Ladies have the right to play the roles as they choose,  suited for their personalities, family involvement, comfort level in front of the camera, etc.    I never look at them as having “co-president” roles, or power or influence.    I’m no longer  essily  “inspired” by anyone,  so just because a First Lady encourages me to eat more radishes, won’t mean I’ll  eat more radishes.  Now, if other people choose to, that’s fine.  I’ll get my broker to corner the radish market.    Otherwise, I find First Ladies (as I would deem the inevitable ” First Gentleman”)  to be background noise, some more attractive  than the others, some more ambitious than those who came before  her.   This usually makes them either loud and annoying or subtle and quiet;   considered proud contributors or embarssing aspects  of the Presidential  backstory.

So whether our First Lady is an icon or an eyesore, government still functions… the presence  of style and grace and  yes, even in its absence.










Some of history’s biggest catastrophes have been created by devious people with a lot of time on their hands.    For example, Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’, 9/11, the use of Napalm as weaponry, Watergate,  The University of Texas Longhorns 2016 season.

I was fortunate enough to retire from a more than three decade career in Broadcasting.  Since shutting off the perpetual live mic, I’ve read a lot, watched a shit ton of documentaries on mindless topics such as a day in the life of a lemur, how and why honey never, ever spoils and of course the Maysles’ Grey Gardens, and a strange but colorful 67 minute journey into the life of style maven, Iris Apfel, a woman who never met a feathered boa or bracelet she didn’t like. 

Oh yeah, there’s the one about Hitler’s fascination with the occult,  one about Virgin Mary’s personal concert for three Portuguese shepherd children at Fatima (that one required Big Pharma) and an intriguing documentary about another  Prince William, a dashing sort and oddly handsome for a British royal.    He was killed in a plane crash almost 60 years ago.   Look him up.

I have eclectic interests, I suppose and what I can’t look up on this contraption, I think about in my head.

I muse about things.     I wonder if Caroline Kennedy has ever seen the Zapruder film.  I wonder what she does or thinks about every November 22nd, if she think or does anything at all.  I wonder if Fidel Castro’s death meant anything to her.

I wonder who the first person was to watch an egg emerge from a chicken’s…..whatever….and decided to crack it open and determine it was edible and eventually vital in many recipes.     How was flight conceived?    Who in the hell thought that smashing atoms could be weaponized and a used as a fuel source?   Yeah, I’ve seen documentary on Hans Bethe, but he basically conceived nuclear fission by looking at sunshine. Huh?  Must’ve had a welder’s mask.

I’ve thought about politics lately.   I’m glad Trump won but a lot of sore losers are going to make his political life a living hell.   I wonder what affect his presidency will have on his hair.

Then, there’s Benghazi.

I listened CSNY today singing a live version of “Ohio”.    For you youngins, that’s a song written  about four anti war protestors who were shot and killed by National Guardsmen during a riot on the campus of Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.

Hence, the title.

Then, I started musing lyrically.   It’s missing a few lyrics but you’ll get the gist of it.    And here it is, with apologies to Mr. Young.

No soldiers, no Clinton calling
They were definitely on thier own.
That September there were four bodies
Four dead in Benghazi

Gotta get down to it

Ansar al-Sharia cutting them down
Should have been protected long ago.
How much did Hillary know with
Chris Stevens dead on the ground

How can you run when you know?

I also think about how some people with absolutely no moral compass can live with themselves.

My, my…how you young know-it-all millennial saplings who think you’re so much more emotionally evolved than everyone else, would have loved the Sixties.   Tumult was so in vogue back then.   There was a real purpose to it back in The Day.

Today? Not so much. Bitch about whatever offends your concept of diversity and when you throw a brick through a window because of that, or because of university rape cultures, xenophobia, Islamaphobia, global warming, trans bathroom issues, entitlements of all kinds, or how being female in 2016 somehow means being a victim, remind yourself you could be in a Humvvee and drive over a powerful IED on a deserted road in Afghanistan.

You could be in a massive firefight in a hellish jungle in the Mekong Delta.

Or near the 38th parallel.

Or liberating what’s left of a fucking Nazi death camp.   Endure any of those things, then you can tell me you need a safe space and a therapy dog.

That’s all I have to say.

(Turns on mic on last time, then releases it from hand to drop on the ground to imply righteous indignation)









Taking The Blair Challenge

That would be Blair, the creative force behind the highly entertaining blog known as The Shameful Sheep. I’d provide the link here if  I knew  how, but I think that would also require a WordPress upgrade and frankly, I just don’t wanna.  You see, WordPress and I seem to be drifting apart lately.    Commitment issues.   But Google and enjoy the literary ride.

While I’ve never actually communed with Blair one-on-one, I think we’re somewhat alike.   It appears we view the world lit from a lightbulb  of similar wattage.   We’ve followed each others blogs, liked each others’posts and based on her writing style, I’d say we’d probably laugh at the same dick jokes.

While reading one of her posts recently, I noticed she was posed some questions to answer, so she then challenged her readers to do the same. Yeah, I know, it’s an old blogging chestnut, but to quote Poco, “When it’s all you’ve got– call it love” and frankly, I’m bored with politics and I’ve scorned whiney millenials and third wave campus feminists enough—this week—so, I thought what the hell, I’ll answer her questions and then some.

They are as follows, in no particular order:

1.  Think of the person you dislike the most in this world. If you had the ability to force them to eat a full plate of anything you wanted, what would it be?

I strongly dislike poseurs with extremely vague pedigreees.  Don’t claim privacy when refusing to answer probing questions on a blog in which you use your real name.   That said,  I would invite those on thatbparticular shit list to a banquet facility  where a meal of braised ocelot rectum and capers would be served on a bed of lice pilaf.    That would be followed by much needed vinegar and water boarding.


2.  What do you have an irrational fear of?

I have become more claustrophobic in my later years.  MRIs require total sedation but my most irrrational fear of all would be sitting in front of an open windows at night.

It was 1976 and my boyfriend at the time, got me into horror flicks.   Not so much the ones about ghosts and monsters, but about the ultimate thematic conflict, man  vs. man.   We saw this particular movie entitled, The Town That Freaded Sundown.    It’s based on a true story about the still unsolved post WWII “Phantom Murders” in Texarkana.    A hooded figure would attack high school kids “parking” as we used to say, on darkened backroads and in the woods late at night.    It was rather formulaic:  he’d kill the guy first, then rape the woman, then kill her in brutal fashion.  This had to happen a few times until the kids In Texarkana realized that going out and necking could be fatal.  A curfew was imposed, so let’s just say a lot of palms grew hairy that fateful spring in Texarkana.

Speaking of, this moratorium forces the killer’s hand.    He has to sate to his murderous appetite by moving  from the boonies into Texarkana proper.  So, he walks up to a house and the killer shoots Pa through the open window, then Ma gets shot in the face  through an open kitchen window.  And for some reason, those scenes have  bothered me ever since.  I’ve visited people who lived in in hi-rises and I’m talking upper floors ya’ll,  and I couldn’t sit or stand in front of an open window after dark.

3.   You’re going out to dinner tonight – what type of restaurant are you going to? Mexican? Chinese? American? Italian?

I like food from the many countries up and down the Mediterranean.  I also like  good Chinese and Vietnamese food.   But if specifics are required for tonight’s fare, since I’ve been trying to diet, I’d probably choose Chinese.  But on a good bulemic night, rife with self loathing, I’d choose all four restaurants.  Seriously.   I would….and I have.

4.  If you’re a blogger – do you have aspirations of writing a book at some point?

Yes, of course.   I’be been writing two separate screenplays in my head  for a decade now.   One is loosely based on my capicious three decade career  in Broadcasting (the “other” magical misery tour”) and the second book or screenplay would focus on  my gregarious maternal grandmother who loved fire engine red fingernails and wearing diamonds during the daytime.    ”Twas absokutely scandalous in small town South Texas circa 1963.

5.   You’re given an unlimited amount of money by Daddy Warbucks. The only stipulation is it must be spent on a dream you’ve had. What is that dream?

Hhhhhmmmmm…..if it was the slumber induced nightmare I had about Dennis Cucinic and Marla Maples’ uvula during horah in Minsk, then I’ll pass, but if you mean the dream in which I’ve had since childhood about encapsulating  the first giddy months of love in pill form, then yeah, I’d shove a shit ton of dough in front of some Big Pharma CEO and say make it happen,  Papi!

6.  What are you really good at?

I have failing at LOVE down to a science.   If one can fail well than I’ve been felled very well by failing.     On an up note, I do know which wine goes best with Xanax and chateaubriand.

7.   What have you never learned to do?

I know nothing about auto mechanics, I don’t how to play a trombone, figure out how the role lift and thrust play in flight and I’ve never taken the time to find out if Nero ever took violin lessons.

And gravity.    I’ve never understood how that works.   Or why Bruce Willis still is.