Supernatural Saturday Night 3

The world is strange but life is stranger.     This morning, it was bright and sunny and calm, by the afternoon, menacing dark clouds arrived on the horizon, making a B-line for my house or so it seemed.   But I welcome la tormenta.

I’ve traversed this Good Earth (props to Pearl S. Buck) for almost six decades and in all that time, I’ve always loved  cloudy days.   Cold, breezy cloudy days are perfection to me.    That’s my favorite time to walk on the beach.  It’s quiet and loud at the same time.    I think Winter waves have a personality all their own.

“Where are all the people who play in us, surf us, battle us to stay upright?”

I would tell them, “Why, they’re home or playing in bulky white mounds of your cousin….snow!”

Then the sea spray would dampen me whike asking, “Then why are you here?”

And  I’d  reply, “Fuck if I know!”

But I DO know what’s coming up on the next all new, totally alive Supernatural Saturday Night.

What is up with all these so called ‘ secret societies’.     The
Illuminati, the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, the Skull and Bones Society, the Bilderburgs, to name a few.    How did they get such  reputations for being at the root of almost every New Workd Order plot?       And what exactly would comprise a New World Order?    Why are some people obsessed with these organizations and find them so nefarious?    And one more thing,  if they’re so secret, why do we know so much about them?

A University of Texas At San Antonio professor of History knows a lot about secret societies and he’ll will share this knowledge with us during the first hour.    Put on your foil hat, listen to your dog and do as he says by calling  in to the show.   We’d love to hear your thoughts.

In the second hour, my two nieces and one nephew plus their spouses will join us to discuss love and its role in fate and destiny.      Most scholarly types scoff at this, and degrade love to a subconscious attraction.

To that, I say doo doo.

There is magic in love.      At least in the beginning, then its reduced to daily grind and midnite farting.    Still, fun while it lasted, right?

You’ll hear this and so much more on Supernatural Saturday Night, 8-10pm (CST) on

Can’t get enough of me? Then you’re in luck, Chief because all live Saturday evening shows are replayed in their full glory every Tuesday night from 9-11 pm (CST)

Lastly, SupNatSat is sponsored  by The LaurKen Group.      Who in the hell are these people?







Supernatural Saturday Night 2

Well, one show down and another one set for this coming Saturday night.       Out first live call in show was last week and it went very  well as first show’s go.  Dallas area psychic Carla Mae was our guest for the entire two hour and received a steady number of calls all evening long.

So, now it’s time to promote our second live  SupNarSat.    From eight to nine, it will basicslly be Martha’s hour, you can call in if you’d like, but Our guest has some incredible stories to share with us.     This is more of a show to listen to.

Me??    I’ll just be there that hour as an ornament.

Marrha is  going to be reminiscing  about a particularly spooky live, on air Halloween ghost hunt at The Catfish  Parlor , one of North Texas’ most infamously known haunted restaurants    Tim Vasquez is the intrepid ghost hunter who was with Martha .   He’ll also bring some ghostly recordings with him, and regale us with tales of other ghost hunts.

Then, it gets a little weird.

In the 9:00 hour, Chuy joins us from Sonoro, Mexico.  He’s recently discovered that he has the talent to see UFOs when and where no one else can.     He can see them in real time and in still shots and videos, even ones shot  decades ago.     One of his most recent claims?     He saw seversl UFO s on some video of the bombing of a Taliban encampment.      The bombing was conducted by the UFO.    I can’t really tell you anything else, other than it included beings in long, white lab coats and tigers.  Chuy will tell us the rest.  And trust me, you’re gonna wanna hear what he has to say.

Look, I co-host a show about the paranormal folks,  And sometimes the subject matter can get a little strange, but no matter what I think, we think, you think, our guests believe what they believe.    In Chuy’s case, if he insists he saw what he saw, sees what he sees, then so be it.   Strange yes, but it’s stories like Chuy’s that make SupNatSat so unique, compelling, funny and so damn much fun to listen to.

So join  Marntha Martinez and me for Supernatural Saturday Night from 8-10 PM Central time , this weekend ONLY on

PS- In case you miss the a Saturday show, it’ll replay in its  entirety the following Tuesday night from 8 to 11PM  (CST)













I’ve written about him before over the years.   I won’t apologize.     Few people think I’m the romantic that I am.    I don’t spread rose petals on the bed, mood music is fine, but little else.   If such a condition exists, I’m an emotional romantic.    Over the years, I have loved with great gusto.     I’ve been hurt….damaged at times…..and as one might imagine, that’s altered the way I love.

I take sone responsibility for this.   I’ve made some horrendous choices.    I have a well-used used saying, that don’t  I don’t regret WHAT I’ve done, just WHO I’ve done.

But Ive known love in my life    Real love.    Once.     Just once.  And if anyone even attempts to tell that what I felt from Monday night, August 30, 1971  to Tuesday, Septenber 4, 1973 was just puppy love ( Is that term even used anymore?), I tell them they’re crazy.   A couple of shrinks have gotten an earful on this subject, too.

We were kids then,  but now as a 57 year old woman I still know what I knew then.

You know, Love can be wonderful, capricious, nefarious, beautiful, painful.      The lack of it, which often times  is Often eartache and its physical.   It’s an actual pain .    It is with me anyway.    It’s nothing that has killed me though I incompletely get how one can die from a broken heart.

i battle and have battled with insomnia for years.   One night back in college while spending the night with my boyfriend, I decided to watch TV in the living room.


And just as that discernible, dramatic 80’s network music finished —the one used by   waaaaaay to many gymnasts in their floor routines,  the feature movie at three AM was “Somewhere In Time”.   I’m too tired right now to go into detail.    But at the time I was 21 and had in the early stages of figuring out who I was and whar my place  in the world was.    Still pondering, but I digress.     Fair warning— This is a spoiler alert, but Christopher Reeve was able to travel back in time to meet a woman, whose photo was in the hotel’s hall of honor.    Well, she gives Jim a pocket watch first, which starts this whole process of tying to find her.   He enters theHall of Honor and recognized het photo and immediately fell in love—once again.      He manages to go back to 1910, the year they met, but after some post coital falderal,  he finds a modern penny in his pocket and disappears in front of her, then he wakes up in the same room he exited this realm a week earlier.

Try as he might, he can’t go back in time again.   So he decides to be with her in death, He starves himself and finally dies and waiting for him on a white cloudy soundstage somewhere in Hollywood, she’s there to greet  him, looking young and gorgeous as he remembered her.    She too  continued to love him all her life.  Even in death.

Now mind you, all this sadness is exacerbated by a gorgeous , but heart wrenching Paganini tune underscoring all the most poignant scenes.

Well, I’m crying like a baby and it’s one of those ugly, loud cries that’s more like my eyes are leaking streams. This wakes up the boyfriend. He runs in to see what’s happened and through my sobs, I tried to explain the movie and the ultimate romantic sacrifice that was made.      He said something in Spanish then went back to bed.  I remained on the sofa, trying to gain my composure.

i saw the movie again many years later.     It’s still a 3:00 am featured movie.    And thought it was incredibly hokey.    I’m not jaded, I just have a better understanding of how I love.

Back to the Junior High boyfriend.   I was head over hills in love.     I’ve yet to love like that again.    Hand to God..    I know, first loves are always unforgettable and  for a while there, I was trying to convince myself that I was idealizing the relationship, because it also coincided with a uniquely happy time in my life.   But I’m rethinking that.

This was love.  And in a weird way, it still is.    He broke up with me without an explanation.    On the phone mind you, and he never really  never spoke to me again.    I never got over that.     He was like a chimera twin grieving out of my heart.   Everywhere I went, he went.   He was subconsciously the third person in most  of my relationships.     I survived and loved again, but it was never the same.

It hurt, but he was right to break up, regardless of the ridiculous reason.    He was a year older and only wanted to leave his small South Texas town and get to work   I wanted to go to college then get Walter Cronkite’s job.     We were different people.  Raised differently, grew up differently, but there was always that pesky emotion that kept us connected no matter how far apart.

He got married, had kids……he even has grandkids, from what I hear.

i never married.   Not his fault, my bohemian lifestyle as a journalist keot me moving.  It was feasible….plus Ive yet to meet the right guy.


We spoke for the first time in 2010 and it was a gift from the cosmos.     We never saw each other, I didn’t want to impose on  his life, anymore than phone conversations.

But We spoke a couple of times and he finally explained why he broke up with me.   I was gobsmacked by his answer, it was silly and he admitted that it was and the more he offered,, I could feel his memory’s hold on me exit my body.   Then a sweet nostalgia took its place.      He told me the words that every woman wants to hear.   He said he too had thought about me over the years, had kept up with my career and told  me that while he was happy and life was good but he never stopped loving me and would always love me.  We admitted that despite everything that had happened in the world, in his  world, in my world— despite the differences, we were the loves of each other’s lives.   I understand now more than ever that those words were a gift. I thanked him.    But At the time, I dont think he understood the relevance.

A friend saw him a few years ago, she told him that his conversations had liberated me and I started seeing someone in the years since that first conversation .   He cried.   I’ll admit, I did too when she told me that,  I’m not sure why either of us did.   Closure?   Regret?


Lastly, I’ve been doing more driving lately and in recent days Sirius has been killing me with music that was popular during the two years we were together.    Just today, three songs played in a row and on sat stations that normally wouldn’t play these tunes.    And all week long I’ve hearing songs and he’s been in my thoughts.     I’m not quite sure what if anything this means, but these songs now well ovev40 years old sound the same, but the feel just a little bit sweeter.

The TV haracter, Frasier insists in his psychiatric myopia that there no such things as coincidences.    I’m not a psychiatrist, but I’m a believer in signs.

I don’t know why I’m hearing thesecsingscplated so often (even in stores) and they can stop me in their tracks.     I don’t know if it they represent a message, a harbinger of things to come or what

Then again, it could mean that yes, I’m an even bigger romantic than I care to admit.


I don’t think about him every day.   Years have gone by when he hasnt  entered the grey matter, especially  after we spoke in 2010,

I truly hope he’s happy, and has a joyous good life and I hope his wife adores him as I did and more.   I hope she too is a romantic.   But more than I could ever be.   I wouldn’t take off points for her occasional use of rose petals.




















a broken heart.







Sexism In Politics

Q: What did one saggy boob say to the other saggy boob?
A: “We better get some support before someone thinks we’re nuts!”

An old joke right?   Still kinda snicker worthy  and absurd, yes—-but it’s based on semblence  of truth, thank you, gravity.     You can make a saggy srotum joke in which gravity also affects.

As a woman  who’s lived  in and around the comedy work place for three  decades, the above joke is just a joke.

But there will be people who’ll use this joke to further their cause, one way or another.

Sexism exists, but it can’t be used in politics with any real legitimacy.       Why?    Because it makes it too easy to cry foul.     A woman can govern…. A man can raise children .     Haven’t we risen above that?      Any other time, funny comments made about gender  in any capacity would just be a joke, a bit tasteless perhaps, but still a joke nonetheless.    And probably funny.

Take for instance, Bernie Sanders.      Do you think Hillary refers to him in private as  a kind, older gentlemen?       No.   He’s like a political Raspitin in that his campaign won’t die.       I wonder how she refers to him in private?

Same with Trump.      Like the axiom, does a tree falling in the the forest make  sound if there’s no one to hear it?      Does sexism if only exist if said in private?   Or kept in a thought unspoken?

As I see it, now  is not the time for Hillary to brag about the first viable female presidential candidate one minute, then shout sexism if Trump says something she can construe as being sexist.   Trump, whether she’ll admit it or not, has changed politics.       For the good?    For the better?     I don’t know, but he’s  certainly made it more entertaining.   And I don’t think campaigning will ever be the same and Ol’ Hill has to get hip to that.    And when the two debate and they will,  if Donald makes a comment about her thunderous cankles, she has to strike right back sbout his daffodil thin hair, his baby aspirin orange skin….or the ridiculous  kabuki white make up a he uses to highlight his eyes.    This isn’t the time taking any kind of moral  high ground.   This is the time for good old, old school, schoolyard name calling.    We’re over the suave, gallant William F. Buckley approach, we want Triumph, The Insult Comic dog- type antics.

Childish?   Oh hell yeah, but Trump’s approach has  gotten more people talking and thinking about politics than ever before.

“Donald,  you’re a wholly owned prick.”

“Hillary. you ignorant slut.”

We want our politicians who represents us, to be like us, to think,walk and talk like us.  Even if it’s just for show.

and the presidential acting award goes too……

And what does it matter how nasty it gets?    Or even how polite and honorable it might get?.   Look, here’s the truth—Politicians are like Radio and TV General Managers and five of my last boyfriends, if their mouths are moving, they’re lying.













SupNatSat Is Now Legit

See this?


Supernatural Saturday night has an official,  you can go there to like us, leave a show idea or comment and trust me, you’ll want to leave a comment for sure after hearing this Saturday night’s show.    Acclaimed  Dallas psychic, Carla Mae joins us in studio for themfull  two hours, taking your calls and predicting your future.

But first, you   must checkout her website to learn about her skill levels and accuracy.     Interesting reading.

Again, Carla Mae is the first guest on our NEW nighttime show….Saturdsay from 8:00 to 10:00 pm (CST) on

And this will be the first of many thanks extended to Carla Mae and her  extraordinarily talented husband Chris, who so generously and graciously designed the show’s logo.   See more of his talented work at or   The cat has skills.   Can T- shirts be far behind?????

And a heartfelt thank you to dear friend  and colleague, Alicia Alaniz who created our Facebook page.    You’re a champ, babe.   A true champion.

So, pour three fingers of the drink of your choice (Trust me, Martha and I will be doing it) then sit back and listen to to a woman’s whose knowledge of the future will simply amaze you.  Again,  that’s Supernatural Saturday Night this Saturday  night, 8-10pm (CST) on and have a wonderfully not so normal evening.

The number to call–remember it, savor it,  call it—–is 405-510-0370.

Call Carla Mae.     She’ll be expecting you.










Dear supernatural enthusiasts

We taped our first hour long show, “APair o’ Normal Gals” yesterday with calls,of ghostly and strange occupancies, mostly from family  members. got a little funky for a while there.    Ghosts, how a belief in the ssuoernatursl might affect faith in God  one really strange coyote tale.

To be honest, I loved it.   I loved being back  back on the air.      It’s like a drug.   I know Martha feels the same way, too..  It felt like we never stopped doing it but in reality, we haven’t a show like….or any kind of show …since 2006,

Anyway, it was fun and very positive feedback from many levels.

But a show like this deserves to be live and on a Saturday night……and live.    So, the repurposed, but better than ever “Supernatural Saturday Show” show (original name from all this years sgo…SupNatSat, for short ) makes its official live  premier next Saturday night from 8:00 to 10:00 (CST) on

Our tentative guests for this coming week be a ghost hunting croup from East Texas and according to Martha, one really bad ass psychic from Dallas.  She’ll be taking your calls.

More info as we secure  the guests and their specific appearance times.    And  SupNatSat will  have its very own website within the ne week  or so.  But continue to,check hear for guests and show topics until,further notice and rave a comment.  Yrllow us what you want, tell us  whatbyounwantbtomhearvnorevog, less of and let us know if you orvdomeone you know gas an interesting story or a certain skill that will pertain to the show.

So , to hear repeats of our taped show…what I’ll call a paranormal appetitizers check it out Saturday  night at 8:00 PM (cst), a replay at 5:00 Tuesday  and 3:00 pm on Thursday afternoons.     This replay schedule might change  after our  first live show ….a. two hour showcase next week, but this is place for show info fot  the time bring.

In closing, a hearty thanks to the all ‘New Supernatural Saturday Night’ sponsor, The LaurKen Group.     (Who in the hell ARE these people??? ).  Thanks to my crazy, compliant haunted and supportive   family who gave the show substance,, to Bobby “Slam”Duncan, and  John  “can do anything” Whitehead.  Theyre both trchnicsal  magicians and Lest we forget,  Pat and Doug.

And of course, Martha






















tentative guests