The Hits

Or rather, this could be entitled, “Crap I’ve written that I’m really trying to push.”  Guess I’m like Kate Gosselin that way.

My High School Years:  I Remember When

Happy Belated Penis Day

An essay about my relationship with my mother  My Week With My Mother

If you love GROSS spider bites, check out  Oh My God, Kendrick.  WTF????

In Praise of Meaty Women

A comprehensive overview of little known events that happened on September 11, 2001 written for the tenth anniversary of the terror attack, particularly as it happened in New York     Sixteen Hallowed Acres  

A telephone call between a women with doubts and questions and The Almighty  God Called

Koncept: Amerika

My attempts to lose weight with what amounts to rectal Viagra  The Long Ride Home

Political satire The Crisper

My life in radio with one of the funniest morning shows – periodThe Stevens and Pruett Show

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  1. I just came across your blog while looking for a synopsis on American Horror Story, and I am glad I did!!! I really enjoyed it!! I too, have been chased my my own Ass on occasion!!! Thanks for the chuckle!!! I look forward to reading more!!

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