1. Laurie,

    I’m sorry to contact you here – I don’t have your email. I discontinued the UglyAssOpinion blog and, unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking and let the domain name go. The site that scooped it up is NOT kid friendly, so I’m warning everyone to remove any links or shortcuts they may have. I’m sorry for the trouble, I screwed up. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  2. Hey Laurie, did you used to live in Georgia?


    Sorry, David I’ve only been to the fair state of Georgia once and the was basically just a brief stop over. Good God man, don’t tell me there’s a Laurie Kendrick doppelganger wreaking havoc in my stead on the East Coast!???!??

    By the way, this isn’t my profile. My chin isn’t nearly as receded. Well, now it isn’t. Thousands of dollars worth of orthodontia in Jr. High rectified that.

    I just needed profile pic for the joke and this one was the first I found.


  3. dear sir or maddam

    i am a student at wymondham college and for my I.C.T coursework i need an image of some question marks like the one below.

    i would only use it in my coursework and nowhere else.

    thank you
    will cox

  4. Laurie,
    I just read your blog on S&P and must say I concur . radio is dead as we knew it in the 80’s and 90’s. I was an avid radio listener,( because of my work I had the radio on for 12 hours a day).
    I followed H&H to S&P @ KULF and then when I worked in the Dallas area , caught them there as well. I was the happiest person around when they came back. Those were the days when radio was edgy . I always thought it was something unique we had in the Houston market. The nearest thing to it is Lyle and Hahn in SA. and I don’t know if they are still working.
    Thanks for the memories,

  5. Laurie: I was listening to 107.5 on Friday, and heard an ugly rumor…
    Are you going to be on the air again, along with some others reliving the old 101 days of S&P and the runnaway radio? I don’t recall the time you’re supposed to be on. Is this true?


    Hey Robert;

    Melinda and I (you met here at Nick’s on New Year’s Eve) were just talking about you the other day. Odd that you leave me a comment on my blog.

    Yes, I’ll be on with Dean and Rog all monring long Monday. 6-9. I think. Suzy had to take some time off and they asked Lanny to sit in Friday and me on Monday. Kind of strange, but really, who knows what strange shit the gods of broadcasting have in mind.

    They’ve been playing chess with my career for 28 years now and nothing would surprise me.

    Come to Nick’s sometimes. Let’s have a beer.


  6. Hey, Miss Laurie! Between weddings and graduations, my regifting closet is mighty empty. No husband in sight for me, yet. Wouldn’t mind some steamy goodness with a 6’3 hottie, though.

  7. Sorry if this sound bad but i have to ask… are you Jewish?


    I’m not even sure how to answer that. I could interpret that as being a legit question as to the level of my humor.


    Or I could derive that as being your opinion of my writing style being derisive or divisive for whatever reason.

    Or you could be stereoyping an ethnic group based on the profile of a nose in a silhouette.

    And why…seriously, WHY would you even ask that??

  8. Fantastic blog! I actually love how it is easy on my eyes as well as the information are well written. I am wondering how I can be notified whenever a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your rss feed which should do the trick! Have a nice day!

  9. Hi Laurie,
    Sorry for are loss. Mark Stevens will be missed but not forgotten.
    He is with Chuck Shramek looking thru a telescope. Chem trails from above look the same?

  10. I was hoping for one from your left. I’m very disappointed. Well, I guess I’ll follow you anyway. Damn you and your peer pressure and Jedi Vulcan mind control!

  11. Hi Beautiful.. Was talking with Joy and Jimmy about the 101 days and you came up… When can i get you on a Segway??

  12. Laurie – It’s been a long while. This is Tony Roberts (the artist formerly known as “Pistol Pete” of “Necessary Therapy”), I now have “A Way With Words” (another WordPress joint – yeah, I’ve become African-American in my middle-age). Drop by some time and I’ll serenade you with John Prine songs and talk your head off about mental illness, poetry, faith, and other mean and nasty things.

  13. Hi, Laurie. Found your blog after googling “Lustre Creme” shampoo, and found your random memories page. I’m about 10 years behind you, and remember ALL of what you mentioned. Also noticed that you grew up in “a small town in south central TX.” I had to laugh. I live in a (-n identical?) small town. I am ~20 miles south of I-10, half way betwixt H and SA, and the appearant capital of Czech pastries and domino tournaments. I bet you know where. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. And BTW, the online country store located in the State of Vermont carries some shampoo you’ll also remember — Lemon Up, and Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific! Not kidding. I had to buy some for the scent. Then I started jonesing for Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers, and Love’s Baby Soft. And maybe some Candi’s to complete the look . . . Thanks for the memories!

  14. You are a pity wordsmith and am always excited to get a new posting In my email
    There is an energy found at Lake Tahoe that I have not found anyway else
    and wish regret that I don not visit as often as I did in the 90s
    Your sharing of quirky recollections and life’s pains are comforting that reminds me
    I miss spending my days with you and having your sardonic wit in my world


  15. Ah David. OD Juan. It’s been years since we’ve seen each other or last spoke or even cracked a live mike together. Life is so goddamn different, certainly more complicated than when all we cared about were good ratings and having a good time.

    You’re a father now, a few times over I understand. My math skills suck but Madison now has to be just north or south of 20, right?

    Lots of life has happened for me, I was EXTREMELY fortunate enough to retire in 2012 and headed to the hills. Are you still on the air? My apologies for not knowing. I’ve purposefully kept myself away from radio…save for a very brief flirtation with Pat and satellite, I’ve kept my memories of radio to a minimum in a place I rarely visit. I can’t explain why other than that was a part of my life that personally, I felt needed to end. And it continues to die all around me, literally and figuratively. I haven’t listened to terrestrial radio in almost a decade and with Jimmy’s death, there are now only six full time S&P show (modern era) staffers alive. Even the hangers on have died. Unreal.

    I talk to Martha on occasion but other than that, radio is so yesterday. I have good memories, bad memories, I worked with a few good people and a helluva lot of human shitstains, namely in the form of PDs.

    I hated hearing Jimmy died but I’ve been having a few health issues and couldn’t get to Houston. I liked Jimmy—who didn’t? But I was always closer to Mark who in many ways, created my FM career. His death was very hard for me to take. He was like a dad to me on many levels. Even so, His funeral was private and not very inclusive. But that was typical Mark Stevens. He was a far more private person and believe it or not, he was very shy.

    Some say with their deaths, Houston radio died with them. I think when Mark was fired in 2000 that was the death nail in the megawatt coffin. Such idiocy existed at KLOL. Sometimes my own. Maybe that combination is why Broadcasting in general is so easily compartmentlized for me.

    Well, I hope you’re well and time has been kind. Let me know what an average day in the Andrews household is like in 2017.

    I wish for you good things, David.


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