AHS: Cult. Season 7/Episode 3

This episode is called ” Neighbors From Hell” and yep, I’d say so.   More on that in a bit.

Tonight, we’re briefly introduced to a new couple.    She has a severe case of Cleithrophobia, which is a fear of being trapped in confined spaces, with a soupçon  of claustrophobia added for interest.   All this is courtesy of her sadistic father who’d lock  her into a console cabinet next to the old Curtis Mathews floor model.    He is a typical husband wanting to make love to his wife but conventional sexual positions trigger all her phobias.    Well, thanks to the same shrink Ally sees for  clownaphobia,  she’s miraculously cured, so they go home  only to be greeted by a cadre of the same creepy clowns who lock them into coffins, leaned up against the wall, with a spray painted smiley face on it.     The same smiley face on the wall of the Chang’s  house when they were murdered.   Both were neighbors of Ally and Ivy’s,

Next scene:  Ally is dealing with the trauma of having shot and killed Pedro, who arrived at their home with supplies during the blackout, which is still an ongoing problem.   A cop is there and tells her there’s a castle doctrine/stand your ground  law.    Suddenly, the power comes back on .   Apparently, the terror “attack” was just a slight terror “inconvenience”.    It’s never mentioned again for some odd reason which is typical in every AHS episode.    Dangling plotline particles everywhere.

The next scene has our Sapphic couple going back to work at their restaurant and there’s an angry mob of protestors in front of the building angered by the murder of an unarmed Hispanic man, devoted husband and father of three, obviously killed by a white entitled, racist woman.   A news reporter covering the protest calls her “the equivalent of a lesbian George Zimmerman” (The Florida security guard who was no billed after shooting Trayvon Martin).     Tragic event , but the craftily worded moniker for Ally made me laugh.

So, then the gay man and his essentially frigid wife,  the beekeeping creepies who moved in the Chsn’s murder house across the street,  knock on the front door, wearing of all things, sombreros.    Ally answers the door and is immediately berated for her white privilege which entitled her to kill a poor, unarmed Latino, who she saw (as the supposed narrative goes, a murderer, rapist and thief.

Dialog stripped straight from today’s headlines.

Now, Ivy is standing at the door taking all their vitriol. but only REALLY gets steamed when they accuse her of not being a true Progressive. Them’s fightin’ words. She starts yelling back at them they throw Taco Bell coupons at her through the screen door.      Hilarious.

She goes back to the restaurant  and Kai suddenly appears at her car window and tells her that it took courage to kill the man who for all she knew, could have been a threat to her and her family. As for the mob in front of the restaurant?   He told her not to worry, he’ll take care of them.

I guess she believes him because Ally decides to confront the protesters to assure them despite killing Pedro, she’s one of them.    They see her,  surround her car and she screams at them that they’re wrong about her, she believes as they do.   She’s ‘one of them’..     When they ignore her,  she starts cussing at them like a cranked out stevedore.     Then, Kai appears out of nowhere and the mob quietly disbands, just as he promised.

Then then there’s a Craig’s list ad placed indicating an opportunity for a white man to be fellated by a hot and wanton  lesbian couple.      Proof of this?   There’s a portly naked man who answered the add and he’s standing in their living room ready for his perverse treat.       They kick him out.    Then the whacky bee keepers give young Oz, Ivy and Ally’s son, a guinea pig which is a no no for a no pets household.    It’s due to allergies or cruelty or something.     Yet, oddly enough, Ivy is a chef and handles all the butchering at their in-restaurant butcher shop.

There’s a black truck driving slowly in front of their house, emitting a phosphorescent greenish mist.     Like the old DDT mosqito misting trucks from back in the day.    The next morning,  30 birds lay dead in their front yard.      Later on, the black truck emitting the dayglo green mist is back for a repeat performance and Ally makes like the  guy in Tienneman square and stands defiantly in front of truck which doesn’t slow down.   She jumps out of the way and is sprayed with the green stuff and breathes it in, swallows it.      Ivy comes running to her aid and Ally’s nose is bleeding.

Moving ahead for time and my carpal tunnel addled right hand,  the couple and  Oz come home from somewhere only to find a big red spray painted happy face on their front door.    They go inside, just in time to see the the new pet Guinea pig explode in a bloody burst in the microwave.    Ugh!!!    Sooooooo done to death.

Anyway, in a fit or rage, Ally runs out and straight across the street to the whacky couple’s  house accusing them of doing all the terrorizing of her family..   When they tell them about the smiley face spray painted on their door, the frigid wife looks serious and tells them that they’ve obviously  been tagged by the neighborhood killers.   They panic.   And run back home only to find a spray  painted smiley face on the side of the neighbors’ garage door.

Then, the big black trucks comes back.   This time, two men in black galley suits  suits with breathing apparati get out and start to spray their front yard with the green stuff.    Ally freaks and confronts them and demands to know who they are.    “Who Sent You?”,    She then asks if they’re  from Monsanto (the company that  weaponized the chemical defoliant,  Agent Orange used during the Vietnam War) or if they’re there at the behest of Halliburton (Dick Cheney…need I say more???)

She rips off one guy’s  mask and he’s wearing a clown face.    Too much for this clown fearin”  chick and she faints and gets dosed again with the green mist.

They call the same cop who investigated Pedro’s accidental shooting and Ally  frantically tries to convince him that the whacky neighbors are doing all the crazy shit.  Then Oz, is sent a video of Ally in the bathtub with Nanny Wynter sponging  her tenders.   Ivy understandably gets angry and grabs Oz and leaves but not before seeing the gay husband from across the street arrested for waking up next to  his wife in a pool of blood and she is needless to say, very, very dead.

Oz is missing so, they  run back in the house looking for him and blood is everywhere,  and (Surprise!!!) there’s a smiley face painted in blood, this time inside the house.   I’m assuming cop’s blood.

OBSERVATIONS:   This show is rife with left leaning or pure Liberal types from the actors down to the dishwasher in Craft Services.   I mean, this is a Hollywood production after all, but the show actually seems to be mocking the left’s overblown reaction to Trump’s win.   The paranoia, need for safe spaces, white people accusing other white people of white privilege when they both live in close proximity to each other in a lovely, upper middle class neighborhood.     It takes it even further because the gist this season, seems to be all about irrational fears as they pertain to the election, and how they’re contributing to the dissolution of what we once knew as  the comfy,  all familiar American way.

Also, the exterior  of Ally and Ivy’s home looked oddly familiar.  Well, I did some checking AND dig this—-according to the website,, the Mayfair-Richards’ home is the same one where Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) babysat Tommy Doyle for most of the movie, Halloween!!!!     And yes, the house still has the balcony above the front door, which serial killer Michael Myers flew off of after being shot by Dr. Loomis at the end of the movie.

As for Kai, who’s  a pinky clutching soul confessor , tell me your fears kind of guy,  also says “have a nice day” at the end of friendly every encounter.       If the purple haze of my youth will cut  me some slack, I do think I believe back  in the early 70’s when the smiley face was everywhere,  it was often accompanied on cards, stickers and  T-shirts with the phrase “have a nice day”.    Interesting, but probably meaningless…..maybe. .    .

Plus, it’s hilarious that clowns have all access pass keys to the homes  of every intended victim and apparently they also have stealth capabilities, along with access to knives, chemicals, video recording equipment, power tools, coffins, spray trucks, more chemicals and unlimited amounts of red spray paint.

So, who’s behind all this shenanigans just three episodes in?    Personally, I think Ivy  possesses a little sociopathy inside that head of hers, plus her body type fits the petite lady clown.    Ans then there’s the  shrink.  He knows all all his all clients phobias (as does Kai for that matter).   So, yeah, I think Ivy  and the shrink are behind it all.

And maybe Paul Ryan, too.


















































As I type, New York is all a twitter.     It’s General Assembly week at the United Nations.   Hotels, bars, restaurants and high-end hookers are excited, but from what I hear,  those who live in the city aren’t.     It’s a crazy, zany time when all those heads of foreign heads of state come to town.      For news types and news nerds, it’s often referred to in shorthand ask  UNGA week and pronounced as such.   As in rhymes  with cowabunga.   UNGA  stands for the United Nations General Assembly.

Hhhmmmmm…wasnt there once an off colored joke about some hostages taken by natives and threatened with death by ‘unga’???

Anyway, isnt it odd that are few Latin words and Latin sounding acronyms that DON’T sound nasty??

For example, there’s the word, “caucus”.   Sounds phallic, right?

We all know about caucus. After all of last year’s pre-election brouhaha, we learned. the word caucus in Latin means, “apparently not STILL!not Hillary’s year

POTUS and FLOTUS are two words that sound as though they’d be surrounded by an anus or two scribbled on some wall found in Ancient Rome. You know, graffiti.

Or grafitum.

POTUS and FLOTUS are acronyms, short for President of the U.S. And First Lady of the U.S., respectively.

The first time I heard of these references was 2002. When I was a reporter, s million years ago, the Associated Press was gospel—they were then official arbiters of journalistic style. I don’t know if the AP’s take  on  POTUS and FLOTUS after first reference. I’m too lazy to look it up, but I know this: President Trump must be referred to as such on first reference, but in subsequent lines he can be called Mr. Trump or even Trump if the story is long enough and mentions him enough times.

But SCOTUS???    The Supreme Court of The United States.     Would it even work when spoken in a report ot just shorthand  for print?   Imagine listening to Megyn Kelly utter SCOTUS five times in one report or shows or whatever the hell she’s doing these days.

I thank the greater Cosmos that Megyn is no longer anywhere in my chosen viewing bandwidth and that the election is long over and done with.    I’d keel over if I had to hear ANY newsperson mention the word caucus again.

But the worst…THE WORST sounding acronym in the world is right here in my own back yard.


Yep, that’s the acronym for the “Supreme Court of Texas” and frankly, it sounds like a maxi-pad.

Cult (of Personality) AHS 1 & 2

Tis the season and I forgot all about it.   My cousin Gwen emailed me tonight to see if I’ve been watching Season 7  of American Horror Story.     I did a classic Danny Thomas spit take and replied no….I’d completely forgotten about it.    In the boredom of my life in combination with the renovation of my home, for the first time since the premiere of AHS six seasons ago, I was oblivious to the start of the series .

I’d already missed the first two episodes!!       So, I watched the first two tonight, back to back.

It starts out hardly as odd Or macabre as the first six seasons.    This year, we’re  treated to “Cult” and it starts off with Trump winning the 2016 Presidential election.    An odd little man (Evan Peters as Kai) is a long, blue-haired Trump supporter or perhaps a supporter of the crazed bullshit that will follow Hillary’s loss.    We then meet his sister, Winter, a Hillary snowflake still pissed at CNN for not issuing a trigger warning before announcing Trump had won.

Meanwhile, across town we find Ally, (Sarah Paulsen , another  AHS regular) and her lesbian partner, Ivy (they’re  married with a son) and their Asian friends are lamenting Hillary’s loss with neurotic histrionics, crying, whaling, gnashing of teeth, rendering of garments… know, upset, with end of the world implications.

The Evan Peters character Kai, is as I stated, is pleased with the win and in honor of it, he grabs a bag of cheesy poofs, mixes them in a blender and to be more like his newly elected hero, slathers orange Cheetos  dust  on his face, which goes nicely with his shoulder length blue hair, which I couldn’t help but think it was something of an AHS homage to James Holmes, the mass killer in the Aurora, Colorado theater shootingssix years ago.

Kai enters Wynter’s room ( played by Billy Lourd, daughter of the late Carrie Fisher) who’s also  lamenting Hillary’s loss in a more tranquil manner, asking aloud where she’d  now have to get any future abortions since Trump’s win.    Seems she  took some time off from attending Vassar to campaign for Hillary,     So, she’s upset but more inconvenienced than frightened by Trump’s win.  Kai andvWinter clasp pinkies ( a United Nations approved symbol for secret keeping) and Kai  questions her about the time she felt most humiliated which involved gossip of her having had anal sex with a classmate that went viral.   All Kai wants to know if there was any blood or poop involved.

And yes, there was.

Then Kai addresses a small,  but very Asian city council.    He rambles on about a fear being the only thing mankind really wants.  He drones on until the Asian council member  dismisses him with a subtle anti-Trump sentiment.

IMPORTANT FACT:   Ally has severe coulrophobia, a severe fear of clowns and in Ally’s world, they’re everywhere.  The biggest seems to be a three faced elephant, with three phalic looking  trunks (I’m sure that’s a…..well, let’s call it a hat tip to the Republicans)   He rides a scooter in the chip aisle of an empty grocery store, scaring Ally who fends him off with cheap bottles of Rosé.

Ally’s son’s nanny, believing all the Trump propaganda regarding a mass Gestapo  roundup of all undocumented workers, high tails it out of there , so Winter conveniently sees the ad they placed fir a new nanny, and thanks to her Women’s Studies  course she took the hour she attended Vassar before she hit the road Hillarizing,  she’s hired as Oz’s (I think that’s the son’s name)  new nanny.

One night when out imagining  clowns, Ally and her partner arrive home to find it brimming cops and crime tape.    Ally demands a cop let her inside the crime scene taped perimeter, since she lives there and Herndon and his new nanny are alone.   Well, turns out Wynter  and the kid are  fine, but ya can’t say that about their neighbors, the Chans….more Asians.    And as we find out Mr. Chan was a councilmen on that almost all Asian City Council  which Kai frenetically addressed earlier in the show.

But what Wynter won’t  allow the kid to tell his mom is that an ice cream van stopped in front of the house, and like a true clown car, a whole bunch comes  filing out, including the Republican Tri-trunk.  Winter and Oz sneak across the street and witness the murder, throats cut, hands tied, stabbing and symbols written in blood drawn on the walls.   Very Mansonion .

The cops are calling  it a murder/suicide.

And lastly, Kai provokes of band of either Hispanic migrant workers or day laborers by singing a bad rendition of La Cucaracha and the  peeing into a condom which he lobs at the befuddled day laborers.     They attack him as an anonymous person films it with his/ her/their iPhone.

So, why is this season called “Cult” and focuses on the presidential election?  I think there might be a couple of reasons, but this season, I think the cult personality   is numero uno.  A cult of personality arises when someone/anyone uses mass media, propaganda, etc., to create an idealized, heroic, and at times worshipful image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise.

That would explain all the Hillary and Trump hoopla in this season,.

In the second episode, Ally has another clown dream and so,does her son Oz.   They wake up the next day and find the Chan house has already been bought  by a married couple consisting of a gay beekeeper and his fabulously superficial straight wife.    They’d been best friends since High School and both decided that if by age 35, neither were married, they’d get hitched.    She had skin cancer and doesn’t like to be touched so it all works out beautifully.

Ally, her partner, Ivy and Oz decide to visit their neighbors  who are in full bee keeping mode in their backyard .    They give some long-winded speech about how bee colonies are Utopian and have an appropriate hierarchy and we learn comment by comment that they’re not only odd, but are gun collecting,  anti-Obama, pro-Trump zealots.     Ally takes a look at the bee hive and freaks out because she has yet ANOTHER  phobia (one on which this particular blogger happens to share).   It’s a fear of closely placed irregular holes called Trypophobia.

Like you’d find in a  beehive or a lotus  blossom pod;


This chick is one messed up psychological salad,

I forgot to mention that Ally and her partner run a restaurant.    A faulty burglar alarm at the restaurant goes off  and good old paranoid Ally volunteers to go down to fix it.   Long story short, she finds a staff member hung up on a mean hook in the restaurant’s  meat locker .    This, after the newly corpsed had an altercation  with a Hispanic co-worker over language.

“This kitchen is in America and I’ll have none of that vato shit (essentially, pigeon Spanish)  in this kitchen.  We only speak English here!” it similar hyperbole to that affect.  A minor fight ensues which Ally  breaks up.

Later that evening, in the middle of an erotic bath (their bathroom by the way, is fabulous) Winter is to calm the always frenetic  Ally by sponging her tenders and then the lights go out and the  weird beekeeper neighbor comes over, knocks on one the fortified windows and tells  Ally and Winter it’s a multi-state terror attack that’s affected the infrastructure,  among other things and that a violent mob of rioters are heading their way.

Episode 2 ends with a knock on the door, which is answered with a gunshot.  Ally has shot and killed the man….the  Hispanic  man she adamantly defended during the restaurant fight.

AHS Season 7 has jumped an ocean of sharks with this crap.   I’m annoyed by having very specific  political agendas thrown in my face.    It’s the reason I no longer watch Blackish.      It’s all so over played and forced-fed.   One gets enough of that in real  life.  People watch AHS for outrageous nonsensical escapism, not to be lectured to by those trying to hammer home identity politics  and stereotypically biased  identity politics at that.   On both sides of the political spectrum.     Hillary supporters are whiney,  spineless fear mongers.      And anyone who didnt vote for Hill is a jack booked mutderous thug.

I’ve only watched  two episodes of Cult it already  feels like it’s two too  many.   If it’s supposed to be satire, it’s  bad satire.    After two episodes, I can’t find much of a story even using a sieve and  there’s not an inkling of horror other than  Sarah Paulsen’s  unusual overacting .     Everyone actor in this series is a scary clown this season.

American Horror Story?    Really???      A misnomer in season 7.   Brad Falchuk and company could have made better use of the  genre by having Hillary reading excerpts of her new book for an hour  for the next nine Tuesday nights.
















































The Photo

My sisters and I visited recently, and we were sitting in my semi tastefully appointed new living room.   We were sitting in a perfect triangulated cross fire position for conversation— one sister in the chair, me on the couch, my other sister perched on the love seat—but there wasn’t any talking.   Like everyone in the world today, we were attached to the newest technological body part—our iPads.  The only time anyone spoke was when we found something amusing to share:    a joke, a tidbit of info about someone we all knew., a current photo— one  in particular that changed  my life.    It wasn’t anything like the 360 that Bill Murray’s character experienced in the movie, Ground Hog Day, but it was big enough to alter the course of my thinking.

I’d spent 45 years allowing the memory of  a silly Jr High relationship be the so- called “third rail” of my romantic life.      He was my first love and my first heartache.   We broke up my third day into a freshman year of High School and he never explained why.    He did it in a phone call that didn’t even last 30 seconds and His timing couldn’t have been worse.   But that’s another story.

My  life continued to move forward but I couldn’t shake  his overly idealized memory—not at age 15, 26, 37, 41….not even t years into my 50’s,.    It wasn’t until I was 58, five months and 21 days old when one sister showed me a recent photo of Him.

I took one look at it and froze.   Shocked.   A smidge nauseated.    Every delusional thought I had of him, us, me exited my body through every pore.  I think there’s still a stain on the couch.

He looked old, haggard and just like his abusive, mean, alcoholic, philandering father.    Mirror image.    I was repulsed and liberated at the same time.   The adorable 13 year old old boy with greasy kid stuff that I ate my heart out over for more than four decades was gone.   I only saw the man he’d become and that man looked just like His father.    And I couldn’t  make the separation.

Dont chide me for basing all this this on a photo.  I’m not shallow.   Besides, this story is too complicated  to explain.  I know they’re two different people.   And  I also  know there’s possibility he might have grown up to become a decent guy nice, kind, honorable—the exact opposite of His father, despite the physical similarities,  but that didn’t matter.   I had to indict Him based on this photo alone.   I did it for me and my sanity.   I’m free.   Finally free.

























The 16th Anniversary of 9/11

It’ been up 16 years since that fateful day and on yodsyb, many will reflect  fact back on that morning.   Many will cry for loved ones lost, others will cry for innocence lost and others will mock them, because they feel,they know what really happened that day.     They NEED to feel that they know what others don’t.

I’m no behaviorist and I know the government covertly stirs the shit pot all over the globe,  but I’m pretty good at spotting misplaced narcissism and recognizing someone dealing with a form of paranoia.    If anyone in my small reading audience happens to be people of  scholastic letters, please, correct me or at the very least, share your thoughts via the comments section.

Here’s reason behind this rant—-I won’t call it heated, but I will call it an awkwardly tepid conversation  with a man who believes EVERYTHING that happens….from 9/11 to Sandy Hook , to the Oklahoma  City bombing, aliens, AIDS, to The Boston Marathon bombing, the moon landing, are all False Flag events.

Whats a Fslse Flag event?    Everything, according to the Sluggo I just “conversed” with, but here’s what WIkipedia  says about False Flags:

“The contemporary term false flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that activities appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them?  Now, the key to a good ,false flag” must make the attack to to appear to be perpetrated by enemy nations or terrorists., thus giving the nation that was supposedly attacked a pretext for domestic repression and foreign military aggression”

And according to my earlier verbal tussle, I learned that any and all False Flag, incidents are  produced and choreographed by the architects of the New World Order.   And the NWO is apparently a wildly held belief to be an emerging clandestine totalitarian world government manufactured by…….guess what??   Conspiracy theorists.

The common theme in conspiracy theories about a NWO  is that a secretive power group condisting  of the richest, most elite people in the world, each with a globalist agenda.    AND might I add, they’re conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government, which will replace sovereign nation-states.  The end result will include an all-encompassing propaganda with an ideology that hails the establishment of the New World Order as the culmination of history’s progress.       Many influential historical and contemporary figures have therefore been purported to be part of a cabal that operates through many front organizations.   Queen Elizabeth, the Rockefellars, the Rothschilds, Bill gates maybe….the entire Bush family except Billy,    Their purpose is to orchestrate  political and financial events, ranging from causing systemic financial crises to pushing through controversial policies, at both national and international levels, as steps in an ongoing plot to achieve world domination.   In other words they control everything.   They can make tornadoes, steer at Category 5  hurricane or trim North Korea’s Kim Junk Mail chili bowl haircut through a device called HAARP, The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program was an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.    Conspiracy theorists believe HAARP can  “weaponize” weather.

And hair.

So, we basically know what a conspiracy theorist thinks, BUT we still need to learn why they think what they think.

It’s psychological, mental, emotional and a prime thought process for anyone insecure and needy.  Conspiracy theories often crop up during times of uncertainty and fear and right now the situation is prime for this skewed mindset:  we have a civilian president,  unlike any other  single member of the OCCUPY THE OVAL OFFICE movement, there are supposed efforts to start race and culture conflicts, there’s Russia, China,  North Korea and Hillary’s  unyielding mansized pout over losing the election.    There are hate groups like the Klan, Neo Nazis, Antifa and Black Lives Matter might qualify  had it  they any real cohesion or power.

Terrotist strikes, financial crises, gas shoertags, high-profile deaths and natural disasters are triggers for them too,    Past research suggests that if people feel they don’t have control over a situation, they’ll try to make sense of it and find out what happened, even if the reasoning in nonsensical.    It’s an honest attempt to fraudulently  connect the dots.   Plus, it makes them feel superior…as if they “know” something other people don’t know or refuse to believe.

Like President George. W.  Bush disguised four bombs to look like 767’s, pre-recorded calls from the passengers to their loved ones on the ground , prerecorded the ruckus of the intrusion into the cockpits, then  these disguised missiles were slammed into  the twin towers which were loaded  with thermite at stratetigic points in order to bring down two 110 story buildings in what looked like a controlled demolition.    Don’t even get me started on the collapse of WTC Building 7,     Then, there was united Flight 93 that theorists claim was shot down by our own jets in a field in rural Pennsylvania  and the plane that crashed into the Pentagon, which doesn’t seem to excite that many,  There’s parking lot camera theythat captured the crash and it was no plane they say——–it was a missile.

Physical science, gravity, mass…none of that matters.   This was either done because Bush wanted  avenge his father for Mishandling Desert Storm, or for oil, or to establish the Patriot Act to legally spy on American citizens or just to something for the  Bilderberg’s  to flex a little New World Order muscle on a boring Tuesday morning 16 years ago.

Whatever the reason why the towers fell (real or imagined), why  the pentagon was hit, what made that United 767 crash near Shanksville, PA, well over three thousand people have died since that fateful, day 16 years ago.     People who worked on ‘the pile’ at Ground  Zero, those who survived the attack and barely escaped with their lives are dying in droves.     God knows what they  breathed or swelled over the year or so thev they literally slaved atop The Pile at ground zero.

So, all you Mr. and Ms. Know It Alls living in your parents’ basements’ worshipping at the thrones of all the David Icke’s in the world, keep thinking whatever you want, what ever makes your sad little, go-nowhere lives  easier thinking you know something exclusive,  but don’t you dare share your nonsense with 9/11 family members…even those  who were  lucky enough yeah, lucky enough, to experience a semblance of closure by finally burying a portion of a toenail of a loved one a year and a half  after the attack.










































What Texas Is Proving To The World

His name is John.    He’s a ordinary, everyday Houstonian who did something extraordinary that mercifully doesn’t  happen everyday.   He spent yesterday saving stranded Houstonians.   This is a quote from his Facebook page.

…. “Tired, wet, but satisfied. Got 18-20 people, two dogs and three horses. Not sure how much it helped, but glad I was there. Inspiring people out there…..”

Stars in your crown, Sir.

You and volunteers like you,  who risk life and limb, not giving a damn about who or what you rescue are the real heroes and most of you did so on your own volition.

I’m physically incapable these days of doing the remarkable things you and countless (and selfless) others have done over the past few days, but I can still write a check and that’s exactly what I did.   I donated to the Salvation Army with the expressed, written desire that it go to Houston and surrounding cities and counties. The communities that are home to average woman and men—-the regular Joe’s and Jane’s who volunteered to help rescue people using boats, canoes, anything that would float.

They didn’t stop to ask their wet, scared, stranded fellow citizens who they voted for, they didn’t debate whether transgendered soldiers should serve in the military, if Black Lives Matter moe than any other life.   There there was no quibbling about Melania’s choice of footwear, they didn’t stop to ponder the definition of White Supremacy, white male entitlement, the silliness of Third Wave Feminism,  the pros and cons of Zionism or some silly pigeon perch disguised as a statue, no queries about a border wall, if Russia colluded with anyone, if Hillary is a narcissistic lesbian criminal, or if  Trump is a Nazi xenophobe mentally unfit for they office Of President.

No punches were thrown, just arms outstretched, either reaching up to a boat to get on board, the other reaching out to make that possible.   Life saving human contact.     A black man holding an Asian baby above water,  a white boat driver with grateful black passengers.    An Hispanic fireman leading a prism of people to safety.

This is how humanity works.

And with each rescue, it didn’t look as though there was much talking.    Silent facial expressions spoke volumes.     It was relief on the faces of the rescued and satisfaction on the faces of the rescuers—more lives spared.      Like the photo of John’s on his FB page.   Tired to be sure, but the most worthy kind of fatigue, because he helped prolong the lives of so many.

It’s written in the Talmud, a central text in mainstream Judaism, “whoever saves a life, is considered as if he saved the world entire….”.  Well, today alone John and  company saved a galaxy.

Prayers for Texas, specifically Rockport, Houston and countless Southeast Texas communities and western Louisiana which is now feeling Harvey’s relentless wrath.

The rain has stopped, and the water, at least in parts of Houston,  is slowly starting to recede.  So, for the time being, to John and all the other heroes, first responders, the Humane Society rounding up lost or stray animals—anyone affected by this storm on any level, enjoy the sun that might peak through the clouds today. Feel its warmth, revel in its light, embrace it, but please know it’s also love that’s shining down on you.

Thank you all for being exemplary humans beings.


It’s Coming Sylvester…Prepare Thyself



What’s’ coming?    A Hurricane Harvey sized bucket of criticism.

I’ve never been a fan of Houston mayor, Sylvester Turner, career politician.  He’s been running for various offices for decades.    He ran for mayor when I first moved to Houston as a Reporter in 1990.    He finally won his mayoral lollipop in recent years, when I’m not sure, but fairly recently.    I’ve interviewed the man on several occasions and frankly, found him modtbunlikable .    Yes, he’s Black and of course, that instantly makes me a racist.


My dislike of the man had nothing to do with his color— it was with the man.    He was arrogant and a bit prickly during my encounters with him.   Unlikeable qualities in a person of any color.    And I wasn’t  the only Houstonian to feel this way.    Look at his won/ lost record in political contests over the last 30 years.

Anyway, I’m seeing interviews of rescued flood victims AND their rescuers on various news organizations blaming Sly for not ordering a mandatory evacuation.    Several people rescued said had they known it was going to be “that bad” they would have left last week.

Well, had they listened, read or watched local and national to newscasts for the past week, they would have known.   Does Mayor Turner not own a TV?     God knows, he never shied away from a live mic in his life, so we know he’s familiar with television.    So now, the city he’s fought so hard to lead is underwater and he’s going to get blamed.     He ordered no mandatory evacuations, there were no “all hands on deck” email or texts for first responders, much less “get out now” Houstonians.   Again this is according to some very  tired angry and damp first responders and the tired, angry , and damp people they rescued.  All agreed the city wasn’t ready….not even near ready for weather they  HAD to have known what was coming.

Well, that means, he was either given very bad advice or made a stupid decision on his own because he wasn’t paying attention.   The track of this storm was well-known, as were they unprecedented meteorological factors that they knew would keep it basically stagnate, spinning and meandering the Texas coast going nowhere.   By Saturday morning, weather experts were even more certain this would be a major rain event for Houston than they were a day prior to the storm making landfall.

Let’s be fair– Mayor Turner had the same access to the same weather information as Houstonians.    For a flooded out, big gut Bubba waiting on an air boat to come take him to safety to say he had no idea this was going to be the rain event is just an example of his ignorance.

But why didn’t Turner order a mandatory evacuation?    I haven’t seen any interviews with him.   Other mayors of the tiny coastal towns that Harvey all but erased from the map have been interviewed….often more than once.    In fact, I’ve been watching coverage consistently , and haven’t even heard his name mentioned, only his title. Why?    This is Houston.   A financial hub, an oil Mecca, it has a massive international shipping port and by the next US census, it’ll no doubt, be the country’s third largest city.

Back to Turner:  .a mandatory evacuation order can’t force people out of their homes.    And trying  to get more than two million people out of the metro area alone would be an even bigger nightmare.    But would it be any less calamitous to try to rescue two million people stuck on rooftops tiny 12 feet of water mere feet from their toes, are rescued boat by tiny  by tiny boat ???

So, why no directs communication with citizens?   Why hold a televised press conference when the bulk of the city has no electricity ?   When they had power, they  were told to hunker down.    How in the hell do you do that in six feet of water in a single floor home in an area that historically can flood during a simple Spring  thunderstorm????      How or why does that happen?    And if there wasn’t a mass evacuation plan, especially  after the deadlyn, massive traffic jam caused by Rita, 12 years ago, why not?      Didn’t Houston’s  emergency management team learn  anything?    And what about the responsibility of the citizenry?   They must be held accountable, too.    But people who stay put  are either in denial, have a non-chalant attitude or are just plan too lazy or crazy to leave.  They risk lives calling for help  when the water in their  homes rises up to their waists.

There could and should be mandatory evacuation  plans designed specifically for  every community  with a bayou in it, ready  to implement at a moments notice 5068199during every hurricane season.   Other than that, telling someone to hunker down who lives a block away from a bayou about to experience a very well publicized 500 year flood is damn near criminal.

I remember during Hurricane Ike, the director of FEMA shocked people up and down Galveston Island that if they chose to stay,  they should get a permanent marker and write their names and SSNs on their arms or legs so recovery teams could ID them.   Many stayed, and many died, mainly on Crystal Beach, north of  Galveston.     Many who stayed are known as BOIs which stands for ” born on the island”.   This is apparently, a major source of pride…..and stubbornness.      They know better.   They ride out storms in their  homes and ultimately have burials at sea.   Like captains who go down with their ships.    That mindset also exists in Houston; and other places,  too.     I get it—home is where the heart is.    And you can replace stuff but not people, yes, but stuff isn’t all that’s that easy to replace either.     You saved what feels like a lifetime for a house, a car, a big TV….other things.     I can understand wanting to stay to protect home and hearth, but I have  MUCH better understanding of not wanting to die.

Despite, what Turner did or didn’t do politically (or humanistically—I’m no longer a Houstonian, don’t live there and have no idea as to his specific mayoral involvement), I’m very proud of my former fellow Houstonians  who needed no federal prodding to get their own small boats, ski boats, air boats,  air mattresses—anything that would float to help in the rescue process .    Blacks pulling white people on makeshift rafts ,   Whites rowing an Hispanic family in a boat to safety.    Asians, blacks and whites, young and old alike, working together with one goal— surviving the flood.    It was the biggest kumbaya moment of the year.

But soon, that’ll all be forgotten .    This storm is already being politicized.

The Sunday morning network news shows were asking Texas officials about President Trump’s response, how good or bad it was, how fast or slow he’d been to react.     But Mayor Turner won’t be left out of the equation.    He can’t be.   Everything begins at the local level during anyemergency.      This situation is too serious, too big and still ongoing as I type and sadly, with a still unknown casualty count.    Trump will be criticized just because well, he’s Trump.    For many People, that’s just habit, but Turner also has some very serious questions to answer.

He’s a Democrat, by the way.