Cult (of Personality) AHS 1 & 2

Tis the season and I forgot all about it.   My cousin Gwen emailed me tonight to see if I’ve been watching Season 7  of American Horror Story.     I did a classic Danny Thomas spit take and replied no….I’d completely forgotten about it.    In the boredom of my life in combination with the renovation of my home, for the first time since the premiere of AHS six seasons ago, I was oblivious to the start of the series .

I’d already missed the first two episodes!!       So, I watched the first two tonight, back to back.

It starts out hardly as odd Or macabre as the first six seasons.    This year, we’re  treated to “Cult” and it starts off with Trump winning the 2016 Presidential election.    An odd little man (Evan Peters as Kai) is a long, blue-haired Trump supporter or perhaps a supporter of the crazed bullshit that will follow Hillary’s loss.    We then meet his sister, Winter, a Hillary snowflake still pissed at CNN for not issuing a trigger warning before announcing Trump had won.

Meanwhile, across town we find Ally, (Sarah Paulsen , another  AHS regular) and her lesbian partner, Ivy (they’re  married with a son) and their Asian friends are lamenting Hillary’s loss with neurotic histrionics, crying, whaling, gnashing of teeth, rendering of garments… know, upset, with end of the world implications.

The Evan Peters character Kai, is as I stated, is pleased with the win and in honor of it, he grabs a bag of cheesy poofs, mixes them in a blender and to be more like his newly elected hero, slathers orange Cheetos  dust  on his face, which goes nicely with his shoulder length blue hair, which I couldn’t help but think it was something of an AHS homage to James Holmes, the mass killer in the Aurora, Colorado theater shootingssix years ago.

Kai enters Wynter’s room ( played by Billy Lourd, daughter of the late Carrie Fisher) who’s also  lamenting Hillary’s loss in a more tranquil manner, asking aloud where she’d  now have to get any future abortions since Trump’s win.    Seems she  took some time off from attending Vassar to campaign for Hillary,     So, she’s upset but more inconvenienced than frightened by Trump’s win.  Kai andvWinter clasp pinkies ( a United Nations approved symbol for secret keeping) and Kai  questions her about the time she felt most humiliated which involved gossip of her having had anal sex with a classmate that went viral.   All Kai wants to know if there was any blood or poop involved.

And yes, there was.

Then Kai addresses a small,  but very Asian city council.    He rambles on about a fear being the only thing mankind really wants.  He drones on until the Asian council member  dismisses him with a subtle anti-Trump sentiment.

IMPORTANT FACT:   Ally has severe coulrophobia, a severe fear of clowns and in Ally’s world, they’re everywhere.  The biggest seems to be a three faced elephant, with three phalic looking  trunks (I’m sure that’s a…..well, let’s call it a hat tip to the Republicans)   He rides a scooter in the chip aisle of an empty grocery store, scaring Ally who fends him off with cheap bottles of Rosé.

Ally’s son’s nanny, believing all the Trump propaganda regarding a mass Gestapo  roundup of all undocumented workers, high tails it out of there , so Winter conveniently sees the ad they placed fir a new nanny, and thanks to her Women’s Studies  course she took the hour she attended Vassar before she hit the road Hillarizing,  she’s hired as Oz’s (I think that’s the son’s name)  new nanny.

One night when out imagining  clowns, Ally and her partner arrive home to find it brimming cops and crime tape.    Ally demands a cop let her inside the crime scene taped perimeter, since she lives there and Herndon and his new nanny are alone.   Well, turns out Wynter  and the kid are  fine, but ya can’t say that about their neighbors, the Chans….more Asians.    And as we find out Mr. Chan was a councilmen on that almost all Asian City Council  which Kai frenetically addressed earlier in the show.

But what Wynter won’t  allow the kid to tell his mom is that an ice cream van stopped in front of the house, and like a true clown car, a whole bunch comes  filing out, including the Republican Tri-trunk.  Winter and Oz sneak across the street and witness the murder, throats cut, hands tied, stabbing and symbols written in blood drawn on the walls.   Very Mansonion .

The cops are calling  it a murder/suicide.

And lastly, Kai provokes of band of either Hispanic migrant workers or day laborers by singing a bad rendition of La Cucaracha and the  peeing into a condom which he lobs at the befuddled day laborers.     They attack him as an anonymous person films it with his/ her/their iPhone.

So, why is this season called “Cult” and focuses on the presidential election?  I think there might be a couple of reasons, but this season, I think the cult personality   is numero uno.  A cult of personality arises when someone/anyone uses mass media, propaganda, etc., to create an idealized, heroic, and at times worshipful image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise.

That would explain all the Hillary and Trump hoopla in this season,.

In the second episode, Ally has another clown dream and so,does her son Oz.   They wake up the next day and find the Chan house has already been bought  by a married couple consisting of a gay beekeeper and his fabulously superficial straight wife.    They’d been best friends since High School and both decided that if by age 35, neither were married, they’d get hitched.    She had skin cancer and doesn’t like to be touched so it all works out beautifully.

Ally, her partner, Ivy and Oz decide to visit their neighbors  who are in full bee keeping mode in their backyard .    They give some long-winded speech about how bee colonies are Utopian and have an appropriate hierarchy and we learn comment by comment that they’re not only odd, but are gun collecting,  anti-Obama, pro-Trump zealots.     Ally takes a look at the bee hive and freaks out because she has yet ANOTHER  phobia (one on which this particular blogger happens to share).   It’s a fear of closely placed irregular holes called Trypophobia.

Like you’d find in a  beehive or a lotus  blossom pod;


This chick is one messed up psychological salad,

I forgot to mention that Ally and her partner run a restaurant.    A faulty burglar alarm at the restaurant goes off  and good old paranoid Ally volunteers to go down to fix it.   Long story short, she finds a staff member hung up on a mean hook in the restaurant’s  meat locker .    This, after the newly corpsed had an altercation  with a Hispanic co-worker over language.

“This kitchen is in America and I’ll have none of that vato shit (essentially, pigeon Spanish)  in this kitchen.  We only speak English here!” it similar hyperbole to that affect.  A minor fight ensues which Ally  breaks up.

Later that evening, in the middle of an erotic bath (their bathroom by the way, is fabulous) Winter is to calm the always frenetic  Ally by sponging her tenders and then the lights go out and the  weird beekeeper neighbor comes over, knocks on one the fortified windows and tells  Ally and Winter it’s a multi-state terror attack that’s affected the infrastructure,  among other things and that a violent mob of rioters are heading their way.

Episode 2 ends with a knock on the door, which is answered with a gunshot.  Ally has shot and killed the man….the  Hispanic  man she adamantly defended during the restaurant fight.

AHS Season 7 has jumped an ocean of sharks with this crap.   I’m annoyed by having very specific  political agendas thrown in my face.    It’s the reason I no longer watch Blackish.      It’s all so over played and forced-fed.   One gets enough of that in real  life.  People watch AHS for outrageous nonsensical escapism, not to be lectured to by those trying to hammer home identity politics  and stereotypically biased  identity politics at that.   On both sides of the political spectrum.     Hillary supporters are whiney,  spineless fear mongers.      And anyone who didnt vote for Hill is a jack booked mutderous thug.

I’ve only watched  two episodes of Cult it already  feels like it’s two too  many.   If it’s supposed to be satire, it’s  bad satire.    After two episodes, I can’t find much of a story even using a sieve and  there’s not an inkling of horror other than  Sarah Paulsen’s  unusual overacting .     Everyone actor in this series is a scary clown this season.

American Horror Story?    Really???      A misnomer in season 7.   Brad Falchuk and company could have made better use of the  genre by having Hillary reading excerpts of her new book for an hour  for the next nine Tuesday nights.