Some of history’s biggest catastrophes have been created by devious people with a lot of time on their hands.    For example, Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’, 9/11, the use of Napalm as weaponry, Watergate,  The University of Texas Longhorns 2016 season.

I was fortunate enough to retire from a more than three decade career in Broadcasting.  Since shutting off the perpetual live mic, I’ve read a lot, watched a shit ton of documentaries on mindless topics such as a day in the life of a lemur, how and why honey never, ever spoils and of course the Maysles’ Grey Gardens, and a strange but colorful 67 minute journey into the life of style maven, Iris Apfel, a woman who never met a feathered boa or bracelet she didn’t like. 

Oh yeah, there’s the one about Hitler’s fascination with the occult,  one about Virgin Mary’s personal concert for three Portuguese shepherd children at Fatima (that one required Big Pharma) and an intriguing documentary about another  Prince William, a dashing sort and oddly handsome for a British royal.    He was killed in a plane crash almost 60 years ago.   Look him up.

I have eclectic interests, I suppose and what I can’t look up on this contraption, I think about in my head.

I muse about things.     I wonder if Caroline Kennedy has ever seen the Zapruder film.  I wonder what she does or thinks about every November 22nd, if she think or does anything at all.  I wonder if Fidel Castro’s death meant anything to her.

I wonder who the first person was to watch an egg emerge from a chicken’s…..whatever….and decided to crack it open and determine it was edible and eventually vital in many recipes.     How was flight conceived?    Who in the hell thought that smashing atoms could be weaponized and a used as a fuel source?   Yeah, I’ve seen documentary on Hans Bethe, but he basically conceived nuclear fission by looking at sunshine. Huh?  Must’ve had a welder’s mask.

I’ve thought about politics lately.   I’m glad Trump won but a lot of sore losers are going to make his political life a living hell.   I wonder what affect his presidency will have on his hair.

Then, there’s Benghazi.

I listened CSNY today singing a live version of “Ohio”.    For you youngins, that’s a song written  about four anti war protestors who were shot and killed by National Guardsmen during a riot on the campus of Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.

Hence, the title.

Then, I started musing lyrically.   It’s missing a few lyrics but you’ll get the gist of it.    And here it is, with apologies to Mr. Young.

No soldiers, no Clinton calling
They were definitely on thier own.
That September there were four bodies
Four dead in Benghazi

Gotta get down to it

Ansar al-Sharia cutting them down
Should have been protected long ago.
How much did Hillary know with
Chris Stevens dead on the ground

How can you run when you know?

I also think about how some people with absolutely no moral compass can live with themselves.

My, my…how you young know-it-all millennial saplings who think you’re so much more emotionally evolved than everyone else, would have loved the Sixties.   Tumult was so in vogue back then.   There was a real purpose to it back in The Day.

Today? Not so much. Bitch about whatever offends your concept of diversity and when you throw a brick through a window because of that, or because of university rape cultures, xenophobia, Islamaphobia, global warming, trans bathroom issues, entitlements of all kinds, or how being female in 2016 somehow means being a victim, remind yourself you could be in a Humvvee and drive over a powerful IED on a deserted road in Afghanistan.

You could be in a massive firefight in a hellish jungle in the Mekong Delta.

Or near the 38th parallel.

Or liberating what’s left of a fucking Nazi death camp.   Endure any of those things, then you can tell me you need a safe space and a therapy dog.

That’s all I have to say.

(Turns on mic on last time, then releases it from hand to drop on the ground to imply righteous indignation)









‘Twas The Night Before Election Day

And a few took a nap, 40 winks…a siesta, Hillary’s people were tired, but not John Podesta

He is nervous, sweating bullets, as he always should have been.

But he isn’t alone in nervousness, so is Huma Abedin.

Smart girl this Huma, few are keener

But her biggest mistake? Delete button ignorance and Anthony Weiner.

I’m hard pressed to find words to rhyme with man so perplexing.

But I’m comfy with idiot, nutso and a dumb ass caught dick-sexting

As for the emails, Director Comdy says they’re no issue.

Good news for Hillary, who sweat through eight boxes of tissue.

But The Donald doesn’t care—-this stuff he’s still spinning and as a result, some polls now say’s now winning

Trump is no Boy Scout, he has made fun of women

He speaks harshly and rudely and often with venom

She loathes him with and to him she’s hassle

So no matter who wins were sick with an asshole.

And in the end,

So, if Hillary wins, it’ll more of Obama, can we survive the delirium
If Trump is the man, can we deal with a coiff fixed with helium?

Hillary seems two faced and a liar, her integrity is minimal

Trump can be be an ass but at least he’s not a criminal

So, in 48 hours we’ll know the winner, hopefully by Wednesday night’s meatloaf dinner

This is our reality, and it’s not at all pretty,

We’re damned by the outcome, which is woefully shitty.

Out next prez with either be a blustery human hair ball or a lying pant-suited frump.

I’m not nuts about either, but please Lord, let it be Trump.

Our ObamaNation: The First 100 Days


He is our president…elected by the people; not by a handful of Liberal agenda pushers fully convinced that “real change” represents ANYTHING not related to George W. Bush or that damned party he represents.    No, Obama didn’t steal the election as he did in 2000, then again in 2004.     That was a vast right wing conspiracy–the very same one that forced Clinton into having DNA rife stogie sex with that chubby, Jewess, White House intern.

Bush was also in cohoots with the CIA and NSA to “create” 9/11.     The top secret government-backed disaster was the perfect prelude needed to turn the Orwellian paranoia of Big Brother  into a reality.   The so-called terrorist attack with fake 757’s and government placed bombs on all 110 floors of both WTC towers which killed just under three-thousand people, paved the way for the The Patriot Act.   With that in place, the government can be everything that Alex Jones,  David Icke,  Art Bell, Courtney Brown, Zacharia Sitchen and every mentally impaired paranoid schizophrenic across the globe believes is true.

Not to be a pessmist, but come on!!!    Bush was a bad man and Dick Cheney?   Evil incarnate.   He was the puppet master and pulled W’s strings for eight years and look where his actions have left this country.     God knows how many additional terror attacks on American soil were thwarted, yet all he wanted was oil and to see that his cronies at Halliburton benefitted from it all.

As I said……evil.

Good thing Obama comes with no strings attached.   No one is dictating political moves to this neophyte politician.    He’s certainly the master of his domain and knows full well what bowing before Islamic fundamentalists and Hugo Chavez will do to this country.  

I applaud his courage for bucking tradition.   His philosphy of spending, spending, spending is exactly what this country needs during a time in which we teeter perilously close to a Depression, the likes of which we’ve never seen in this country.

But then again, that was Bush’s fault.   He allowed the country to fall into emotional and fiscal disrepair.  Why he was never charged with treason still amazes me.

But everything was automatically rectified on January 20, 2009.    Bush left the White House and Obama and company moved in.    We asked for change; we asked for solidarity; we demanded improvement.

And that’s exactly what we got.  

It is, isn’t it?

To answer that audacious question, let’s take a look at everything Obama has done in his first 100 days in office:

  1. Picked up a record number of airline mileage points – all on taxpayer expense.
  2. In this day and age of troubled times, allowed First Lady to bring a cadre of staff including hair stylists, maniucurists,  make-up artists,  secretaries and fashion consultants to accompany her to Europe for the G-20 conference.   All that and she still looked ridiculous while standing next to the near flawlessness of  France’s First Lady, Carla Bruni Sarkozy.
  3. Broke the Guinness Book of Records of flawless teleprompter speaking until this past week.
  4. Made Bush’s deficit look like chump change.
  5. Found more ways of raising taxes than all prior Presidents over the past 55 years combined.
  6. Successfully surrendered and/or admitted full guilt for everything from war crimes to jaywalking to every country in the world in record time.
  7. On an official state visit at the White House, he gave British PM and family,  White House Souvenir Shop trinkets and 25 U.S. videos to a man who’s battle with vision has been well publicized.
  8. Committed additional faux pas by trying to be hip in the global peepers by giving an 80-year old monarch an IPOD….a device perfect for a reigning despot who’s suffered significant hearing loss in recent years.  
  9. After having never run anything, he successfully became the Chaiman of the Board of General Motors, Chrysler and several major banks in just a few months.
  10. Officially named NBC “Secretary of Propaganda”.  
  11. Fulfilled his military obligation by agreeing to allow a few Navy SEAL sharpshooters to whack a couple of Somalian Pirates.   Some in the Obama Adminstration admitted they felt sorry for the pirates, and even fewer claimed these maritime antics were the result of Somali anger toward  poverty and harsh living conditions in their country, not to mention Bush and the evil GOP’s harsh treatment of the populace in Mogadishu.    It was as if Bush and his Republican cronies ordered the 1993 U.S. military backed apprehension of  Somali warlord,  Mohamed Farrah Aidid and his subordinates reportedly hiding in a Mogadishu marketplace.    The capture was well thought out—they had the intelligence to back up their intent.   The incident was only supposed to take 60 minutes or less.    Fifteen hours later, 1000 Somalis were dead, along with 19 American GI’s and a few Black Hawk helicopters. 
  12. With his unyeilding spending, created Pork Flu.   
  13. Fully convinced that TamiFlu is the name of sickly chick in one of the Dakotas.
  14. Successfully scared the living feces out of New Yorkers by allowing  Air Force One to hover around Manhatten at sky scraper level for a photo op without telling the 9/11 scarred masses about it.    It wasn’t even April Fool’s Day.    But after looking out of their windows and seeing this huge 747 looming large on the horizon, most New Yorkers named the day, “April Stools Day”, since that was the by-product created in undergarments that day.    
  15. Hired everyone he said he wasn’t going to hire into his administration.
  16. Created more “Czars” than Russia ever had in its entire history.
  17. Has become the hippest, most rock star-like President in history.  Makes Clinton look like a hack.  
  18. Is the only President who has made Chris Matthews’ legs tingle.
  19. Thinks Keith Olbermann is not only sane, but brilliant.

And what did Bush do in his first few months  as president?  

Not much.   He just presided over a White House Easter Egg Hunt, opened a few schools, vacationed at his Texas ranch, then dealt with the worst domestic terrorist attack in American history.

But then again, he “created” 9/11 just to hammer home his agenda.


OK…Let’s Talk Sarah Palin


I’ve had some time to eat, sleep, drink and in some cases, rail out and snort all things Sarah Palin.

Tuesday night, I wasn’t so sure about Sarah Palin.  A mere 24-hours later, I started feeling differently about her.   I’m talking about her address before God and man from  the floor the Republican National Convention.  I think my feelings have changed about Palin in part, because of what she said, but also because of what everyone else is saying about her.

Let’s start at the start:  I fixed my Republican myopia on Fox News all night long.


Hannity and Colmes…

I watched Giuliani (whom I would have fiercely campaigned for had he made it to the top of the  G.O.P. mountaintop)  and that great speech was followed by a much anticipated introduction that couldn’t have been more regal had there been pasty skinned court jesters, evidence of generational in-breeding, maloccluded overbites and a sparkly crown or two.

Then Sarah Palin took the stage.

Strong.  Eloquent.   No bullshit.  Take no prisoners.  Offer no quarter.

El Deguello.

I’ll give her those things.

And if I can remove from the equation the annoying fact that she named her kids all those funky, strange 90’s gender ambiguous nouns like Piper, Pottsdam and Threshold or some shit, I will admit I like her–I should say, I’m starting to like her.  Of course, she towed party line, but she also added a little spark to the stage.  She got a few calculated anti-Obama/Biden digs in, but she didn’t spew abject vitriol at the Democrats…but it was enough.  It’s clear who she’s running with and who she’s running against.

Sarah Palin did what she had to do.  She introduced herself to the world.   She alluded to her own foibles and her normalcy.  I liked that.  She seemed real and in the world of stoic Conservatism that’s all too often ruled by rampant XY chromosomes, that was welcomed.

For me, anyway.

Palin joked, she laughed and as far as confronting her Democratic accusers and their questions about her experience and executive capabilities, she gave it right back to them.

She addressed the fact that she is a working mom. A successful working mom.

Now, let’s talk discuss that for a second.

This is what I was talking about at the top of this post when I said that Sarah Palin did her part at winning me over, but what’s really catapulting me on the Palin bandwagon is all the Democratic bullshit about her.   Out of nowhere, Democrats, who have made it a point to go eschew traditional values, are suddenly worried about her abilities to be Vice President and be mom to five kids including one with special needs?

Give me a break!!

In 1992, Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared on  60 Minutes with her husband who was the Democratic candidate for president.  When asked about her very active role in his campaign, Clinton responded with something to the effect  that she could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what she decided to do was to fulfill her profession which she entered before her husband was in public life.

The comment ignited a firestorm of controversy.  Many women were livid, stay-at-home moms were outraged and from what I hear,  the Board of Directors at Keebler wasn’t too happy either.

Two weeks later, in one of the most pathetic attempts at recouping lost PR lost points from the 60 Minutes debacle, Hillary released her favorite chocolate chip cookie to a curious American public.


I can only imagine some White House intern found a bag of Chips Ahoy and hurriedly scribbled some semblance of a recipe from the ingredients section off the back of the packaging.

Yeah right…as if Hillary Clinton was at home in her kitchen whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies made “from scratch” with sugar, Niacin, Thiamin Mononitrate, cocoa processed with Alkali and of course, just a pinch of partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed oil.


Hillary was a mom when she served her eight year term as Co-President.   No one questioned her about the separation of Motherhood and State.

Our current Speaker of the House (who’s third in line to the presidency, by the way) spat five kids out of her Pelosi.   Did that…DOES THAT make preclude her from her duties relating to heading the House and the majority political party or performing administrative and procedural functions while remaining Representative of her congressional district?

Yet, somehow all of a sudden, the hypocrisy spews forth.  Governor Sarah Palin has five kids and according to every liberal Democrat I know, that means by merely joining McCain on the ticket, she’d be doing working moms and women everywhere a HUGE disservice?????   She should be home raising her kids??

It’s called “balance” Democrats.  I know that’s a foreign concept to you, but working Mom’s across the globe have been doing it for centuries.

Well there you go Sarah, you’re slowly winning me over, but I must admit, your detractors are helping.   But I’m starting to like what I’m seeing, what I’m sensing.   I also get the feeling that you’re a “doer” as opposed to a “bitcher”.   Stay the course and I’ll do my best to support you.

Just change your kids’ names.



(And while you’re thinking of cool adverbial phrases that young Bristol Palin (who’s currently ripe with fetus) can name her baby, check out “The Carnival of the Insanities”.

An Offensive Defense

“Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility of victory in the attack. One defends when his strength is inadequate; he attacks when it is abundant.”

–Sun Tzu


Ol’ Sunny T. makes a lot of sense. But that’s just me.

As I progress in age, I rather like the idea of a strong defense. There’s some security in that for me. It’s no different than knowing my IRA’s are safe and sound and ready for that day when my gray haired Mister and I eat dinner at 5 pm at our neighborhood cafeteria. Then, we rush through our rice puddings in order to get back home to watch watch “Wheel of Fortune” at 6:30.

That Pat Sajak is hot.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know that much about politics.

Or Pat Sajack.

Truth be told, the whole concept of politics bores me silly, unless I can find some way to poke fun at it. But like any democracy jonesin’ American, I will admit that l have certain concerns.

Politically, I am Conservative. Socially, it’s safe to say that I can (at times) align myself more with Conservative Democrats. But I tend to vote Republican.

That said, I have made it clear that I don’t like anything about Hillary Clinton. Now that she’s out of the political picture for the time being anyway, we must now focus on Obama and McCain.

First up: The Big “O”.

Obama has his issues–to me, he’s disingenuous and he has a lack of …something…I’m not quite sure. I hear a delightful speaker when he talks, but he’s devoid of substance. He’s rife with those thinly veneered “here’s what we’ll do” promises. But he’s yet to provide the meaty, info packed “here’s how we’re going to do it” emphatic declaratives that I and voters like me, really need to hear. But I will admit, that I have at times, been taking in by his charm. He has a freshness about him. A naivte that seems sweet, but also frightening when you think about the gravity of the job for which he is vying.

Will race be a factor? It shouldn’t be, but it will be. Invariably, it will be. Some will vote for him because he’s black; others will stay away from the polls for the very same reason. If Obama ascends the top of the American political throne, I don’t want to hear the subject of race entering the vitriol that will no doubt spew forth the minute he makes a mistake and I assure you, he will. If he’s criticized at all, I WILL NOT abide by ANYONE saying it’s because he’s black. The long and short of this preamble is simple: the color of his skin doesn’t preclude his being errant. If Barack Obama can be elected, he can AND WILL BE held accountable.

Second up: The Big Mac.

John McCain.

I don’t like Johnny Boy and to be honest, I’m not sure why. I think it’s because he cheated on his wife. I HATE philanderers. But I believe any of my concerns over McCain are a waste of good angst. I don’t think he stands a chance. People are turned off by Bush and his brand of Republican-run America. The last eight years have been problematic indeed, but it hasn’t all been George Bush’s handiwork. But when you’re the President, the buck stops with you….unless you’re a Clinton; then the tentacles of blame are far reaching and always in the opposite direction.

Ah, the invincible Clintons. Well, at least the invincible Bill Clinton...the real Teflon Don.

I used to be a Democrat. Clinton and Carville changed that for me. I shudder to think what those two did almost single-handedly to the Democratic party.

And that leads me to my next question…was it in fact, the Clinton years that forced Democrats to become a party of infantile whiners and finger pointers? I don’t remember their ever being as self centered and helpless prior to 1992. They used to help themselves. They used to be accountable, fair…responsible. Now, many Democrats are nothing but con artists who believe in less government…as long as they can control more of it. Their success depends on publicizing, then capitalizing on the the failures (either real or imagined) of everyone else.


And that makes Democrats professional deflectors. Bush hate mongering has served as a convenient and brilliant deflection for the past eight years, has it not?? As my wizened PM points out, the Dems have needed Bush to be stupid; a moron; an unpolished hayseed idiot because it serves their agenda of “it’s them, not us”

And so many gullible people have bought it hook, line and sinker. That’s not to say Mr. Bush hasn’t made mistakes—he has; several egregious mistakes in my opinion, but is he the Pelosian anti-Christ he’s made out to be? No, but so many people believe what they hear. Bush is this; he’s that; a cowboy (one born in Connecticut, mind you) who got us into the illegal war in Iraq (a war which was fully supported by Hillary and so many other Democrats) solely for his big oil cronies. yeah, as if Bill, Hillary, Obama or any Democrat for that matter, EVER refused a campaign contribution from Halliburton or Exxon-Mobil.

But Dems never talk about that.


Besides, the Left has well placed and oh so convincing “star making machinery”.

The politically savvy manfriend o’mine believes McCain will be humming “Hail To The Chief”, in January…but I I disagree. As I stated earlier, the Dems have Public Relations on their side and Bush and Republicans are synonymous according to this massive liberal PR effort and the pablum brains under the influence have been told they are in fact, tired of Bush and all that Republican idiocy and well, McCain is a Republican. I firmly believe that will make a difference in the minds of more sheeple than educated voters. So, Obama, wife Michelle and their two young daughters will more than likely, be making a very historic move to a new residence next January.

America can handle it’s first black President; I’m worried more about his being a Democrat than anything else. And he IS a Democrat (a “clodpated Socialist” if you ask my mother) and Democrats are notorious for whittling away at defense. That will no doubt happen once he’s in office. Once ANY Democrat is in office.

So, what can we expect?

Massive cuts in defense spending cuts and downsizing in the most searing and egregious way. A swiss cheese defense–holes; not whole.

The military will just have to do the best it can.

I believe this esteemed group of fighters has already begun prepping for the inauspicious November election now and the massive changes that will take place as a result.

For example: This is the new prototype for the Bradley fighting vehicle due out in Spring 2009.

It’s still called “The Bradley” because well… see the guy doing the peddling?

His name is Bradley.

Meet the new F-18 that defense cuts hath wrought. It’ now armed with a guy named Brock and a Glock.

Kinda brings new credence to the term “Wing Man”, doesn’t it?

And lastly, if any enemy–foreign or domestic-–threatens the peace and tranquility of the Arlen Grove Municipal Swimming Pool in Arlen Grove, Illinois, America will be ready!!!!!!


Gee…something tells me that medieval catapults are gonna make a big comeback during the next administration.



Thanks to Dr. Sanity’s “Carnival of The Insanities”

Signed: Harried & Hopeless

My husband is a liar and a cheat. He has cheated on me from the beginning and when I confront him about it, he denies everything. What’s worse, everyone knows that he cheats on me. It is so humiliating. Also, since he lost his job eight years ago, he hasn’t even looked for a new one. All he does all day is smoke cigars,  eat and pal around with his rich cronies while I have to work to pay the bills.   

And I’m even inclined to believe that he might have cost me a very important promotion for which I was recently vying.   One I really should’ve gotten, too!!!  

As for our personal life?  Well, our daughter is a grown woman now, but since she left for college, our marriage has just gone down hill.  He doesn’t even pretend to like me anymore and even hints that I may be a lesbian. I’m beginning to wonder if I am.  

What should I do?   I’m at my wits’ end.

Harried and Hopeless




Dear Harried and Hopeless;

For the love of God, grow up and dump this loser!! He’s a cheater and a liar and that’s probably just scratching the surface. He’s a first class bum.

Besides, you’re a United States Senator from New York and until recently, you were a front runner for the Democratic presidential nod.

Act like you got some sense, woman!!!

Abigail Van Buren


Observations: Parts 1-6

Last summer when I was much younger and gave a damn, I used to compile these weekly posts called “Observations”.

They were fairly popular.

Basically, they were compilations of photos which comprised my own very special version of those now famous “separated at birth” bits you see. “Spy Magazine” used to publish a version as well. But mine, I do believe, are a bit different.

I did six in all, then stopped because they were extremely time consuming. Fun, but very involved.

If you liked them…I mean, really liked them a la Sally Field, I’ll do some more. Otherwise, I’ll have Billy Mumy as “Anthony” wish them to the cornfield……forever.

Since I don’t feel like posting anything new new today, I’ve reposted all six of my “Observations” just for you. And you…and OK, you too!

And one more thing: come back to this blog for a very, very, very, very,very, very, very, very, very,very, very, very, very, very, very, very special announcement this coming Friday, March 28th.

You can access the next Observations by clicking the appropriate highlighted portion at the bottom of each page.

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