About God


Who, what, where is God?    Do you believe he’s the long, white-haired, Chuck Heston looking guy Michaelangelo  painted?    Or do you believe without the need for any kind of personification?

If you believe, what is God to you and why?     And must you attend church in order to be completely square the Big Guy….or Big Gal upstairs?

If you don’t believe, why?     Would you consider yourself an agnostic with doubts or are yiunan atheist certain there’s no divine force playing  chess with our lives?

Fear not, you won’t be judged.  There are no wrong answers.    I only ask because there have been a lot of trials in my life this past year  and during a nightly swim under the lilac skies of the Hill Country at twilight, I thought about my ever evolving concept of God  and wondered are we being punished when life is difficult or rewarded when things go smoothly.

Your  thoughts, please.





  1. I was listening to Uncle Kracker’s cover of “Drift Away” then got the Dobie Gray original and thinking about this. Back when we were at Sloth Zoo, I took a couple philosophy courses as your yawning face and drooping eyelids might recall; whoever that guy was who taught the courses gifted me one purely good thing: The Problem of Evil.

    “God either wants to eliminate bad things and cannot, or can but does not want to, or neither wishes to nor can, or both wants to and can. If he wants to and cannot, then he is weak – and this does not apply to god. If he can but does not want to, then he is spiteful – which is equally foreign to god’s nature. If he neither wants to nor can, he is both weak and spiteful, and so not a god. If he wants to and can, which is the only thing fitting for a god, where then do bad things come from? Or why does he not eliminate them?”


  2. Epicurus. Know this quote well. In fact, I’ve I wallowed in it. I’ve tried so hard to try and find codes to hints to His/Her existence, And Catholic upbringing so heavily influenced in my chikfdood, uneducated and superstitious Latinos and Slavics, it going to mass tags like hearing someone recall an episode of Bewitched. Do good and bad things happen as sheer luck of the draw? Infantile deaths, war, poverty—which can be corrected with ambition and drive and ridding the world of entitlement ( both rich and poor) I don’t have an issue with “God” per not in terms of a higher power of some sort, but it’s the Jesus, Son of God, thevTrinity thing that’s flummoxed me since childhood.

  3. I cannot believe in a non-local mind, ‘pure mentality’, or a person without relative identity, because it is not possible to form a coherent concept out of the terms. So, I can’t believe (or not) in the theologians’ deity.
    As far as the Guy in the Sky goes, I suppose you could say that I’m technically agnostic on that one, but…
    I’m similarly agnostic about ESP and thetans – I’m gonna need some pretty specific information, including a proposed mechanism, before I can take such proposals seriously.
    On a proposal of existential necessity, I am truly agnostic, but so is everyone. Because that is not a knowledge claim, it is a an assertion and attitude. Most formulations of the philosophers’ deity boil down to such an assertion. It does not feel relevant to me.

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