Listen Up, Third Wave Feminists

She was obese….I only mention that to set the scene and sadly, it’s a common one….and dressed in a way that only emphasized her size.   She had  short hair and as best as I could tell, simply by observing her behavior,  she was a terribly sad, angry little girl.     She was seventeen, 18…maybe.

She created a huge scene in my local grocery store because she had 26 items in the 20 items or less lane.    And when she was asked to move her cart to a proper check out lane, she went crazy.     She started screaming about injustice, misogyny and   white male entitlement and what was so hilarious here about this was that the poor checker at whom she was screaming, was neither, white, entitled or even male as best as I could tell.    Management came running out of nowhere to calm her down and she kept mentioning the word trigger…as if this  experience triggered something At her age, age what?     What??????  A negative experience while standing  in line at the lunch room?

Now, I’m probably going to take a lot of heat for the post you’re  about to read…if you even read it at all…I know most of you don’t And frankly, I really don’t care.   But, if you do read this post and leave nasty comments, you’ll get them back.     Verbally, I will get all ISIS on your ass because these days I’m mad, mourning the loss of a dear friend, I have a mother who’s ostensibly dying. I’ve got brain lesions which have completely eradicated any filter I ever had, if I ever had  any.      So, you’ve been  warned….you’re  taking your chances if you leave a mean comment.    Logic and , reasoned arguments are welcomed,  but being mean will have you seeking a  proctologist.

Here goes:    to  all you asinine third  wave feminists (I refuse to capitalize your title)  SHUT THE  FUCK UP!!

Wikipedia  defines your movement  as follows:    It encompasses several diverse strains of feminist activity and study. Though exact boundaries are a subject of debate, it is generally marked as beginning in the early 1990s and continuing to the present. It is an “individual movement” in the sense that its purpose includes redefining what it is to be a feminist.    It arose partially  as a response to the perceived  failures of second-wave feminism ( Second Wave Feminism??? ?     Where were those feminists when a young, but obviously ambitious  Monica Lewinsky was getting regularly Cohiba’d by President Clinton???)  )  It attempts to expand feminism to include women with a diverse set of identities that women are of “many colors, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, cultural backgrounds and lotsa, lotsa angry Lesbians”

Nothing against my Sapphic sisters, but I have to be honest here.

Despite who or what you  are,  I find your whiney ass nature so embarrassing.  I know you’re young, you think you know everything, and you think that the entire world gives you credence.   Well, sweetie, no they don’t.   They either feel sorry for you or are so annoyed by you to the point they look away, more than likely embarrassed  for you   So really, you’re defeating your purpose.

I spent an afternoon recently reading your third wave dribble and reading  your measages and watching videos of the message you’re trying to convey (and by the way, you are SO going  to be humiliated by those videos in a few years).  Frankly, I don’t get it.     What is/are your problems?

Now, by large, I’ve deduced by what I’ve  watched and read is that the bulk of you are obsese, short -haired, age 18- to 20 something girls with no boyfriends but you probably have broken -hearted desires to have one,     Unless you’re a Lesbian and  third wavers include  many.   You have sublimation down to a science,  you  eat and eat and to fill the void where love dares not enter….and love dare not enter because you’re also mean, angry, caustic bitches.    Men, you claim, are creeps and horrid creatures  because of a million reasons when the  only the real reason is that they want nothing to do with you.   Well, look  in the mirror , but more importantly, look in the mirror that reflects what’s within.

I know you’re not all of you are adipose bipeds.  Many of you are attractive  women, feminine too, but you’re  bat shit crazy andYOU’RE man repellent.  What’s happened in your life to make you hate men so much  to blame them for every wrong in the world?

Look, I understand the nature of all the forms of abuse,   Pedolphilic Daddies who shoould be shot, the same with lunatic brothers, cousins, uncles,….devious boyfriends.     Narcissistic mothers.   A toxic friend.     I know much more about these things  than you can imagine.  If that’s the cause of your anti- man anger, my heart goes out to you, but I don’t have a helluva lot of sympathy.   MY question to you is, if it’s so bad as to cause a scene in a crowded grocery store for the silliest reason, why didn’t you seek help?

And if you did receive therapy, why didn’t you adhere to or apply what you learned?     Hate your male abusers,  but not all males.    But that’s different for you, right?  Because your from a different world where reasoning only applies if you Maggie with it,   If yiunoffocse it, its wrong, stupid, insane and will kills us all.   For you,  it’s  wrong for Kate Steinle’s family to disregard all illegal aliens, especially the one who shot and killed their sister, daughter, Brice, best friend for no apparent reason…the illegal alien murederer,  by the way, one who was deported  countless times.  Lock him up…he’ll castrate him…but those politics don’t jive with yours, so her case doesn’t matter that much, right?    Identity politic are such bullshit.     I can tell and will never tolerate  this bullshit notion.

And as for portly 3rd femme waver with the bad haircut and thighnkles,….(thigh, knee and  ankless all linked together by fat)  at the grocery store, I know you better than you think.   I’ve struggled to get into your exhausted, over-worked elastic  waistband jeggings,.  I’ve stepped on your scale.     I too have dated  a cupcake and  bags of donuts.  I’ve driven through fast food counters pretending to order for three people when I fully intended on eating the whole damn thing all by myself,.    Like you, I could barely scratch the depths of a deep itch in a sweaty stomach wrinkle.  I get it completely.   Your miserable and  too damn  unenlightened  or self-aware to deal with it  than any other way than a tantrum.

But I also got help.    And  if you would have gotten help, you would have learned  that you can’t blame all men because you’re  lonely and hell-bent on blaming your pain on anyone else but yourself.  And using “man splaining” and  male entitlement of all colors, of all cultures is so silly.      Yes, it’s a patriarchal world …always has been,  but there are ways for us to co exist with just as much leverage,  if we approach it wisely.   I also know women  play vital roles in life….we incubate life and more often than not, we nurture it, from  it and hopefully produce productive teens and responsible adults.   Women who like men and respect  themselves.  Dignity accomplishes so much more.

You third wavers, you’re too young to even be flirting with feminism,     Put down the plate of carbs and approach your real problems.  Argue what you want, but I’ll argue right back,     YOU have no experience with classic misogyny.   This isn’t 1964, where rude and crude remarks were made in the work force.    And what recourse did these woman  have?   Go to Management?   In girdles no less???    .  That office was filled with men and if you complained , you were often told one of three things: consider it a compliment OR……consider it part of the job and get over it….orb leave.   It was a horrendous   A true Occupational hazard back then.    These woman were pinched, patted, grabbed, forced in closets and groped.  If not worse.

And then, some gutsy tough, old broads got tired of hearing these stories.   Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, Shirley Chisholm, Gloria Steinam and brave women from centuries earlier, such as Mary Wollstonecraft decided to do something about it.    And it was risky, but she wasn’t sitting there crying after  triggered by a Hershey bar.

Inlike th vulgarity mewningnless march after tarynpmwaa inaugurated, back in the  60’s, three were real movement.. These women organized marches, met head to head with male executives for better pay.     They used their strength in numbers and cooler heads to get the birth control pill into the medicine cabinets of any American women who wanted them.   Abortions, too,     They established winen stufurs ans proved the feminine mystique  was real, as were our smarts,.    They burned their bras as a symbolic means of liberation.

They worked.    Hard.     They were smart,   They didn’t shout down men and women who didn’t share their ridiculous identity politics. then run to safe spaces filled with coloring books.   They weren’t triggered by things though God   knows they should have been .   Did you know that during then the civil rights era, the legendary Rosa Parks who refused  give up her seat to a white man, also felt it wrong to have to give up her seat to any man, regardless of color or culture.

And I haven’t even talked about our other true heroines, in other countries.   Women  who have been killed fighting for real..REAL equal,rights.  Such as in the Congo,  where female genital mutilation is an every day occurrence.   In other  lands, women  risk jail time and hard labor just  to own land, to own their own businesses.    They fight the legality of child marriages and laws that say it’s perfectly fine to rape nine-year old girls sans any  retribution for the rapist or rapists.

I’ll never deny women have had it harder.  We still have it harder.     I had it harder.   We aren’t paid as much.  But we have options.    We can get what we want without being contentious.  By being the smart, women we are.   There are women who  relentlessly fought for equal pay and got it.      Persistence and effort pay off.  They knew how to fight with men.     And it ain’t what you little idiots are trying to pull off.    Your melt downs over getting  less whipped cream on your milk shake than the huh in standing in front  of you, are making enemies for life.   Enemies of both genders.  And giving women a bad name.   Do you realize  that?   You’re  setting us back a century .      Setting us back for all the work so many woman before us fought tooth and  nail for.  Please stop embarrassing the martyrs  who fought before for you well before you were even you.   They fought to allow you act like assholes today.  So, show them  little gratitude.    And if any of this ridiculous mindset comes from your mom raised on PC cartoons,…..who were punished with time outs as opposed to real censuring, the real kind you learn  from,  then she’s wrong too and I assure you she hasn’t lived long enough either to have ever had it bad enough to raise you so pathetically….with so much misguidance.

So, all you fat, skinny, pretty, homely, lonely straight,lesbian feminist wanna be’s, do something constructive other than cry and whine and scream nonsense.  Make a difference, change your narrative without forgetting your cause.    Quit acting like immature shit biscuits, alter your paradigm and make every effort to be damn sure your worthy of  the many sacrifices you will have to make in order to make vital changes, of which your obviously still not aware.   You’ve so much to learn.

It’s either that, or grow a pair of balls.
































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