Madonna Is Still Trying…My Last Nerve


Hey kids, this is what misplaced narcissism looks like. It’s also what desperate marketing looks like.

Madonna (who always referred to herself as an artist and what she does as art.  Her words, not mine) is still getting us to talk about her when we can’t bare to listen to her sing, which I contribute to the magic of engineered studio affect.

When her music isn’t anywhere near the charts, when one of her “movies” is prescribed as a sleep aid, she pulls s publicity stunt.   In her younger days, she’d appear nude in public or dressed as a Teutonic dominatrix  or as someone’s wife and mother.     I don’t know the broad and I’m decidedly not a fan,  but whenever her career needs a little bump,  she snorts  whole damn bottle.  She’s an extraordinarily self-involved rabble rouser.  In it for what her tired, old career can get out of it and these days, she’ll take whatever she can get.

And  that includes includes an F-bomb laced speech which she plainly states she has dreams of blowing up the  White House.     She actually had to read this drivel in notes at this past weekend’s “Let’s Join Ovaries And Hate Trump En Mass As Has Been Female Contrarians Rally, with Ashley Judd ,  America somebody and a host of Hollywood D- listers and other woman who thrive on victimization.

Madonna never danced better than when she realized what she said could be perceived  by the Feds to be a terroristic threat.    They’re launching an investigation.   Nothing will come of it.   Still, she  says what she said was taken out of context.  No, it wasn’t.    She said she’s thought of blowing up the White House.  I saw video of her saying it on several different news outlets.

And while tacky and long in the tooth, she’s not an idiot.   Her script was probably carefully crafted word for word by her legal and PR teams, who knew just the right words to stir an adequate publicity shit storm which will keep her in the public mindset…oh say….for a few more hours, maybe.

Madonna and many like her,  crave identity politics.  Vote for a woman they say, simply because she’s a woman, UNLESS she thinks differently than we do, then rake her over the coals.  Sarah Palin comes to mind.   As a Conservative, Sarah  was  Conservstive, which mean she didn’t matter.  Shared lady plumbing notwithstanding.   didn’t matter.  She didn’t think as they thought which made them right and her wrong.

Identity politics.

Personally, I won’t vote for a woman just because she’s a woman.   There has to be more to her than that.

Which is what Oprah said about Hillary Clinton  all the more assenine.   During the election, Mizz W said no one has  to “like” Hillary to vote for her.  Really?   Then that same logic would apply to voting for Trump.   You don’t have to like him and Hollywood certainly doesn’t and don’t think for one minute that Hollywood isn’t rejoicing for this gift that’ll keep on giving over the next four years.

They need Trump.  He’s good for profit margins.   Not unlike Greenpeace, The Sierra Club,  Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore.   They hate Big Oil and fracking and the scars it leaves upon the land, but they need oil and fracking to exist.  If neither existed, niether would their  highly profitable causes.

So, I’m getting older.  I’ll soon be staring 60’s front  door.   I’m intolerant, madevthst wsy courtesy of self-defense.     I look at Madonna, who is one year my senior and Im embarrassed by the pat.  I look at these younger, terribly  misguided feminist wannabes who insist on making all women victims  and frankly, I don’t  hold out much hope for the future.

There are hipster guys protesting their own so-called white male priveledge.   In 30 years when you’re bald, 58 and  no longer employable, remind me of these halcyon day.   When your cool liberal arts instructo taughtyounall a new word “xenophobia”  and also, a new way to hate.    As humanity  needed a primer.

If you live by closed mindedness, you die by it.  If we allow anyone to make politics, feminism  and life in general all about combative response, to paraphrase Madonna, “We’re fucked.”










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