It’s Over

He shall henceforth be known as His Royal Hairness.

I kid. I kid. I offer President Trump my congratulations. His participation in this race was crass, vulgar, thin-skinned, dismissive but overall and probably accidentally brilliant.

Donald, in all his 24k glory, is to be commended for listening intently to what leftist elitists refused to hear. Now, Hillary lost because of Hillary. I could include a laundry list of reasons, but the Painsuit is no longer relevant. I wish her well and thank her for her service, but not all her self service. She needs to go away, stay out of the limelight and try to repair her soul. she was a very arrogant candidate on top of being extremely lackluster candidate. Her missteps helped in her loss, but hardly the only reason. Trump won not because he was some great unifier. He won for his role as a repairman.

Who do you call when your house is in serious disrepair and the address of this house just happens to be 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? The neighbors are angry and frustrated, the Homeowners Association are getting tired of leaving, mailing or physically handing over mandates to the homeowner to fix all the problems. So when you’re at your wits end and the DIY bandaids you tried to make things better failed in every way possibly, you call a repairman.


Don’t be dazzled by his $18,000 Armani suit; underneath that exquisite material are well worn blue jeans and exposed butt crack. Trump can talk to blue collar types, no collar types. People of color, different religions. He can belly up to the bar, pound back a few beers and talk shit with a Teamster about real world issues…the issues in THEIR world. A driver with a family of four and barely scraping by isn’t going to be overly concerned about an iceberg that’s melted a few inches over the past ten years. All you GreenPeaceniks can loathe him because of lack of ecological consciousness, but he wouldn’t care. Feeding his family is his principle concern.

Then, after two beers with Billy Juan LaShawn NormalGuy, he can be dressed in full tuxedo dining at the tony Masa restaurant in NYC, talking to an OPEC minister about the FIFA championship, and be just as comfortable.

He can talk to a police officer and listen to his frustration over the limitations o and dangers of his job. He understands the concerns of the 22 year old Latina who can’t find a job after getting her college sheepskin. There’s the Black man in middle management who wife has Stage 2 breast cancer and his pathetic healthcare coverage is killing them both, hervphydicslly, him spiritually. He spoken to community groups livid about crime. He spoke at length with teachers across the country who are underpaid and so constricted they can’t teach their students how to spell C-O-M-M-O-N C-O-R-E. He met a Vietnam vet who survived countless firefights, only to be fighting for his life on a bureaucratic battlefield with a VA hospital two miles away, He’s shaken hands with steelworkers, miners and energy workers who haven’t work in months. He’s spoken to women as humans who want equal opportunities, but not made to feel like victims because of their gender. This third wave caps feminists women who feel as though we can do snything but can’t do anything because of the patriarchal nonsense. Idiocy.

Trump decimated PC rhetoric. He exposed biased media. The same with sexism, race, and basically turned the GOP on its ear, a wake up call that was long overdue.

Let’s be realistic–repairing is possible, uniting isn’t. Horrific terror attacks and natural disasters bring us together, but it’s always short-lived. To appease some, hev will anger others. So, what he needs to do, is everything. And I mean everything.

He can level the playing field, become the the Great Equalizer on top of Repairman In Chief. He must reduce the distance between the haves and have nots. And no, I’m not talking about socialism of any kind, by he must assist the poor without punishing the rich. He must create access to affordable healthcare that benefits both doctor and patient. If someone doesn’t have healthcare because they can’t afford it due to job less, then Trump needs to create mor jobs. Offer incentives to keep Keep factories here. Help him find s job, with a job comes access to healthcare. Encourage social and cultural progress in the innner city, but no free hand outs, but certainly lend a hand.

Trump can’t unite, there’s too much profit to be made in division, but he can accommodate. Even pacify, when need be. I feel we’ll learn his candor and his skills as a successful CEO are his best traits which will rebuild global confidence and confidence within ourselves as Americans.

Many have said Trump doesn’t have the temperment. Until last night, I don’t think we’ve ever had a president who has ever had the proper temperament. Look how many times salvos were launched in his direction. Trump character assassinations were atop every TV News Director’s show rundown. But he’d handle the situation and come back swinging just as hard. Sun Tsubwould be proud. This was The Art of War meets The Art of The Deal.

Many members of the media said he pandered to his core. Well, for starters his “core” was bigger than anyone imagined and he simply spoke to them as they spoke to him. Anger was replaced with the term pissed. Defeating ISIS became ‘kick their asses’. He called Clinton a criminal and trashed the Democrsticbparty. He was the man for the forgotten American. He had their ear and they gave willingly in terms Hillary Clinton would never understand. She remained elitist and arrogant and spoke in soundbites. After almost 25 years of being in our collective consciousness as Firet Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State, she just became too much and at the same time not enough.

The biggest difference I see is that Hillary wanted votes. Trump wanted happier, safer fellow Americans.

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