American Horror Story: Season 6

I tolerated five shows of Season 5 and checked out early for Season 4 ,so Ryan Murphy, this is your last chance.

Mr, M is being very hush hush about this season.  We do know that Gaga is back (yawn)  back and so are most of his usual cast of characters, with newbie Cuba Gooding, Jr..  This season is supposedly dedicated to fear monger, Steven King.   I respect his body of work but, I’m not a huge fan.    I’ve never read  any of his books and I’ve only seen a few movies based on his books or screenplays and so far, Cujo has been my favorite.      Scary!!!!      It obviously did something to then child star, Danny Pintauro.        Not that he’s gay.  I think we knew that while watching him growing  up on “Who’s The Boss”, but he just seems like a strange cat..

So, if I like what I see during tonight’s premier, on FX at 10 EST/9 CST, I’ll review it.   If I don’t like what I see, well,I can promise you one thing, you’ll know about that as well


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