Sexism In Politics

Q: What did one saggy boob say to the other saggy boob?
A: “We better get some support before someone thinks we’re nuts!”

An old joke right?   Still kinda snicker worthy  and absurd, yes—-but it’s based on semblence  of truth, thank you, gravity.     You can make a saggy srotum joke in which gravity also affects.

As a woman  who’s lived  in and around the comedy work place for three  decades, the above joke is just a joke.

But there will be people who’ll use this joke to further their cause, one way or another.

Sexism exists, but it can’t be used in politics with any real legitimacy.       Why?    Because it makes it too easy to cry foul.     A woman can govern…. A man can raise children .     Haven’t we risen above that?      Any other time, funny comments made about gender  in any capacity would just be a joke, a bit tasteless perhaps, but still a joke nonetheless.    And probably funny.

Take for instance, Bernie Sanders.      Do you think Hillary refers to him in private as  a kind, older gentlemen?       No.   He’s like a political Raspitin in that his campaign won’t die.       I wonder how she refers to him in private?

Same with Trump.      Like the axiom, does a tree falling in the the forest make  sound if there’s no one to hear it?      Does sexism if only exist if said in private?   Or kept in a thought unspoken?

As I see it, now  is not the time for Hillary to brag about the first viable female presidential candidate one minute, then shout sexism if Trump says something she can construe as being sexist.   Trump, whether she’ll admit it or not, has changed politics.       For the good?    For the better?     I don’t know, but he’s  certainly made it more entertaining.   And I don’t think campaigning will ever be the same and Ol’ Hill has to get hip to that.    And when the two debate and they will,  if Donald makes a comment about her thunderous cankles, she has to strike right back sbout his daffodil thin hair, his baby aspirin orange skin….or the ridiculous  kabuki white make up a he uses to highlight his eyes.    This isn’t the time taking any kind of moral  high ground.   This is the time for good old, old school, schoolyard name calling.    We’re over the suave, gallant William F. Buckley approach, we want Triumph, The Insult Comic dog- type antics.

Childish?   Oh hell yeah, but Trump’s approach has  gotten more people talking and thinking about politics than ever before.

“Donald,  you’re a wholly owned prick.”

“Hillary. you ignorant slut.”

We want our politicians who represents us, to be like us, to think,walk and talk like us.  Even if it’s just for show.

and the presidential acting award goes too……

And what does it matter how nasty it gets?    Or even how polite and honorable it might get?.   Look, here’s the truth—Politicians are like Radio and TV General Managers and five of my last boyfriends, if their mouths are moving, they’re lying.













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