Instagram Crackers

Hate Facebook but own an assload of stock in it.     I’m not stupid.

And a blog is fine, Twitter is okay but I like Instagram.     It lets me be more obnoxious. So, while this blog will continue and Twitter is still on occasional go to technical status, so Instagram Is my world and welcome to it.      I go by Laurlandia.     Everything else even remotely close to myname was already taken..

Anyway, it’ll be a melange of hoot, photos, politics, deviant possibilities, truth, lies,  regrets, hopes, dreams, rants, posturing, bitterness, glimpses of joy, style, fashion, home decor, toenails, art, my furry children, existentialism, zeitgeist, harrowing stories of even more failed  relationships, dysfunctional family life, growing older, finding weird Middle Age hair in even wierder places, neglecting terrestrial radio, famed Jewish  athletes and aspects of my existence that are both smile and cringeworthy.

You know, light reading.


Tap on Laurlandia below be transported to a place of wonder with no other selfies.


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  1. Sorry hit the send button to soon. So are you really on Instagram?

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