The Cursing of Donald Trump

Trump said fuck twice and shit once in a speech, not cussing into a mic he thought was dead, mind you…no, this was live and on purpose.


It’s not the first time he’s cussed and it won’t be the last. And now, the opportunists are all over him just for saying what they all think, what the candidates all say off mic. With the exception of Dr. Ben Carson, perhaps.

“Golly, I can’t affix this endovacular detachable coil properly and by the way, that Donald Trump is a rapscallion.”

But Laurie, they’ll cry, godly people like Dr. Carson don’t cuss and neither do proper people of good breeding And certainly anyone seeking the office of president can’t call ISIS a bunch of pricks!!

Not in public.

But why not in public??? Isn’t this one of the secrets to Trump’s political success? He says what he thinks and often what we think? I’m not a 100-percent Trumpeter, but considering what the status quo hath wrought over the years, I like that he’s different. Personally, I would have LOVED it if in the subsequent days after 9/11, Bush would have stood on the smoking pile that was once the World Trade Center towers, and shouted into that bullhorn, “”And the motherfuckers who brought these buildings down will soon hear from all of us!!”

Look, I believe in free speech. I believe if free listening. You have a right to hear what you want and if that doesn’t include the dialogue of most Scorsese films, that’s fine. Not using profanity is fine. I believe in editing where needed but don’t give me the “kids were watching” argument. I doubt if anyone under the age of 43 watched Trump’s speech, but on the off chance any did, I feel certain they only heard the edited for broadcast version and if they caught the unedited version, they weren’t hearing anything new. I speak from experience.

In 1968, I was eight years old; prime time for a certain nine-year-old ginger headed friend to introduce me to the word and what it meant. She explained that the F word was verb and occured when a boy or girl touches the other person’s teetee—our catch all phrase for genitals. So, in my kid mind, I thought it included even the most innocent of contact. If that was the case, I was a whore. I’d recently learned to change a young cousin’s diaper. Yikes.

The whole thing had an air of Greek tragedy to it. But I soon learned all that was involved with the colloquialism and even how to use it properly.

And let’s just say, I learned well. I’ve always used expletives, it was like the decorations on a Christmas tree. Cussing punctuated emotions, expressed points in specific ways. But as worldly as I thought I was, first job in broadcasting made me feel as though I had virgin ears. I’ve heard stevedores cuss less. News people cuss with abundance. And so do politicians, bankers, truck drivers, teachers, chefs, athletes (every level), military types, Republiczns, Democrats…everyone. I realized the working world cusses a lot. I’ve heard poor people, wealthy folks, white collared/no collared can cuss a blue streak. Curse words of all persuasions are used as verbs, nouns and adjectives in movies, all over You Tube, in rap songs and the Stone Temple Pilots considered Jeremy to be a “harmless little F-word”, but he wasn’t, was he?

And as for cussing not being ‘presidential, well neither is cronyism, nepotism, graf, or having extramarital affairs.

White House interns are optional.

And now, you may opine your ass off...

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