AHS Hotel Episode Three


I cant tell upon whom Evan Peters (Tate from season one, lobster Boy from last year) is basing his character.    One could assume Leo DiCaprio doing Clark Gable doing Clifton with Larry Mathers as “The Beaver”.    But this character, Mr March loved to kill and built his wondrous Hotel Cortez to be a bright shiny murderous paragon of evil.

“How do you know so much about me?”

“I Goggled you”

“That sounds gruesome.”

Secret rooms, hallways, torture chambers ( even an acid pit—–ooooh, how Vincent Price).    He’s a ghost now and his spirit is all riled up at the notion that his fabulous hotel might be sold and worse, remodeled.    So, the Countess’ new Boy Toy, who’s now a vampire who can kill with impugnity is in cahoots with Mr. Ward who wants to restore the Cortez to the killing capital it once was.

And then……Naomi Campbell gets killed by the human mattress pad, and Kathy Bates tells us the harried story of the strange vegetarian cult  lives of mother, Iris and son, Donovan and then……and then…..and then…I fell asleep.   Tried to stay awake.  Just couldn’t.

So, can someone help me out with a  perspective and narrative that I missed??

Got any spare dialog for an old alta boy, fadduh?      I’m a Cat’lic.


And now, you may opine your ass off...

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