American Horror Story: Season 5


If it’s fall, it must be AHS season.     Yay.

The strange series that offers a different plot each season, begins tonight on FX ( check you local listings)

The 2015 offering sounds interesting.   It’ll  focus on all the strange goings on at a LA-based hotel with a dubious reputation.   In this case, it’s The Hotel Cecil, a real run down flea bag type of in , which was the scene of numerous suicides, robberies, rapes  and weird happenings, including the strange story of a young Canadian woman who was staying there and went missing,    This happened after a security camera captured acting very strangely inside an elevator. .   She punched all the floor buttons, poke her head out the elevator doors, hiding in the corner….perhaps even engaging in a conversation with someone out of camera sight.

The young woman went missing after that.

Then a week  later,  hotel guests started to complain that the water smelled AND tasted funny.    Maintenance workers checked out the water tanks on the roof and that’s where they found the nude, decomposing body of the young woman floating in the water.  I mean, can you imagine?????   Gag.    Wretch.    I’d rather drink a gallon of dirty denture soaking water.

Heave.   Yuk..

And not only that, convicted killer, Richard Ramirez, the so-called Night Stalker, stayed at the Cecil during his murderous reign of terror in Southern California, and so did another killer…a German psychopath whose name escapes me.

So, naturally the hotel is haunted..  Of course.

No Jessica Lange thus season, but Lady Gaga (see photo above) takes a break from wearing the four basic food groups and tries her hand at acting.    She’ll portray as the hotel’s fashion forward owner,  Sarah Pauley returns to season five as a drug addict, plays a Kathy Bates id back as is the fabulous Angela Bassett.  Look for a number of familiar faces who’ll be reprising characters of creepy, broken souls in one form or another.

iI’ll share my irreverent reviews of each episode after it airs, so join me, won’t you, as I try to find logic and proportion in crazed, but entertains nonsense.

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