Obnoxious Debate Thoughts


Bobby Jindal is smart, probably a decent man, but his unfettered use of 30 weight as a hair care product is disconcerting.    He’s also a masala of uninteresting.

Lindsay Graham came out swinging, trying hard to be Joe Everyman.  He called ISIS members “bastards” and says there needs to be more “drinkin’ in the White House.   I’m not sure about his particular brand of politics, but that was THE BEST Jed Clampett impersonation EVER.

Was Pataki even there???


Anybody notice there was deafening silence after some main stage candidate introduced themselves?

Over the years, I can remember  hearing about some missing parts from Air Force One.    Well, looking at the stage at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, I think we now know where they ended up.

Rand Paul looks like the kid actor who played Jody from TVs “Family Affair”, circa 1968.

i’ve been watching Donald Trump’s face get progressively redder with each comment from others  on the dais.   His Ken doll-like hair is fascinating.  I’m thinking a tomato with cotton candy on it.   Call me psychic, but I could tell early on that this debate will go Trumps’s way.

Carly Fiorina is strong and stern.    Democrats would probably think she’s frigid, yet these are the things they love about Hillary.

Jeb Bush is very tall.   Thought he was wearing an earring at first.   I focused in and realized it was a little Sherpa clinging on to his earlobe for dear life.   His demanding that Trump apologize to his Mexcian born wife, fell flat.

Paul Walker?   Loved him as one of the original MTV VeeJays.

I like Ben Carson.  He rocked his pen stripe suit.   I bet his blood pressure is 60 over 80.   He is one cool, collected man.  He could reshape my neural pathways anytime.    Still, I don’t think he elevated his poll numbers.

Carly F. would be great in the role of Commander In Chief.    I’d love to see her debate Hillary.   She’s a very poised woman of substance.    Personally, I’d love to go to a dive with her, play pool in cheap shoes and do Tequila shots to the beginning letter in the names of world leader on the globe.

Trump, the insult comic candidate.   He seemed a bit impotent in the crossfire.    Plus, the insincerity in the “Carly is beautiful comment” was an F-5 blunder.    I saw this wall of ego bend a bit tonight.   But that’s me.  Trump’s fan base will never think him anything but a magnificent stud.

Little Marco Rubio.   Like him okay, but his milk mustache bothers me.   You know, I’m a complete political idiot, but I don’t think he’s ready yet, but I think he will be ready some day.   Some think he won the debate. No, not in my opinion.    Fiorina was like a Zamboni retopping a rink.

Carly Fiorina dropping more names than that plate spinning cat on The Sullivan Show.   She came to play.

Eleven candidates’ voices are too much.    These are what the voices in my head sound like.   All trying hard to snark their way to the top.   Some candidates can wear that style, mist can’t.    At least not without seeming utterly contrived.  The majority of debaters will be eliminated by noon tomorrow; Friday noon the latest.  Attrition will make the choice easier.   The lower rung candidates will  have no other option.  Follow Perry’s lead yo (flashes gang sign).

Huckabee was quiet.   As was The Donald, relatively speaking. I bet he’s working on a lline about Paul Walker’s uber squinty eyes.

Mike Huckabee.     Wasn’t he one of the ancient Jewish soldiers with the seemingly never-ending lamp oil that eventually came to known as Hanukkah?

Carly F. is sounding “presidential”.    I think she’ll rise in the poles.   Even with the Czechs.

Marco Rubio just hit one out of the park on the Spanish/English language debate.  He seems warm and heartfelt.

Jeb Bush smoked weed.    Surprise??      Hardly, any candidate mature enough to run for office, will have not smoked pot or at least, found their Mom’s prescription of Valium lying around.    No other candidates admitted to it their nefarious High School and college years.   Guess they didn’t inhale either.   So that means they must have swallowed.   As in, they got majorly tweaked eating pot brownies and  greenish cookies only Carlos Casteneda could love.

Candidates have been fairly well behaved.   All are very into emphasizing their lower to middle class status, Dad was a bartnder…..mom was a housekeeper…..my father was a mill worker….my mom handled semaphore duty as A member of WAC back in ’44……Papa was a rolling stone.

Ok, so who won this second republican debate?  In my opinion, if anyone moves ahead in the poles it’ll be Carly Fiorina.    Again, she didn’t win this debate as much as she didn’t lose it.  Know what I mean.  No one stood out more than she did.   I’d say she wins the NL level debate.   As for the other not ready for prime time players—-Bush did okay, got some laughs.  Huckabee was a bit preachy in style.   Rand Paul is politically confused AND sporting a horrific application of blush.

Ted Cruz wasn’t a factor.

Christie had a few tough guy moments but I can’t remember any of them.

Kasich?  Which one is he????

In the farm league,  I’d say Lindsay Graham won with sheer hubris and volume.   He was practically in negative digits before the debate.    What did he have to lose??????

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  1. Would love to see Carly going head-to-head with Hillary. Was also pleased to see her holding her own against 10 men, most of all against Trump. What fun!

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