Love and Film

There is a song, which Casey Kasem once described As “skyrocketing to the top of the charts” back in the late 60’s. The title is “Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes” by the Spiraled Edison Lighthouse Bridge Fruit Gum Company” (boomers might laugh at that ). It’s a kicky little tune, which featured the exploits of a bubbly sprite named appropriately, Rosemary, who apparently sheds love like wonton seeds on fertile firma.

Hhhhhhmmmmmmmm…..I picture former model/actress Kay Lenz at the time of her made for TV movie, “Breezy”, which paired her with 40’s Hollywood heart throb, William Holden. She was a much younger Hippie; he was some much older establishment cod piece and somewhere amid the turbulence of the lat 60’s and more personal differences than any one of Highlights Magazine games, they find love.

Kiss, lame dialog….the end.

And then the orchestra emerges from behind a tree, music swells and they walk hand in hand into the glorious sunset of a Tinsel Town soundstage.

Then the closing credits roll.

Directed by William  Asher (he directed EVERY TV show in the 60’s.)

Produced by Freddie De Cordova (he produced EVERY TV show  in the 60’s)

Suits from Botany 500

Animal Trainer:  Rudd Weatherwax

Colored by DeLuxe

Craft Services

copyright, studio boiler plate, etcetera, etcetera…

An aggravated feline roars.

Fade to black, then , cue Winston Cigarette commercial before local news :15 promo.

Frankly, if it’s that easy, this thing called love, then it should come with gaffers, Best Boys, In CinemaScope and  Technicolor plus a four picture deal offered to Mr. Mayer, authored by Mr. Swifty Lazar and negotiated over kosher ravioli at Chasen’s.

Imogene Coca, Chico Marx and Billy Barty seated in an adjacent table looking oddly bemused, hoping their SAG insurance lasts one more month.

And now, you may opine your ass off...

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