“Game Change”

Last weekend, I watched the HBO movie about the GOP’s effort to get John McClain and Sarah Palin,  his Vice-Presidential running mate to the White House back in 2008.

I watched it a few times to make sure my perceptions of the movie and its subject matter were real and not some knee jerk reaction to all that the Sarah Palin character was portrayed.    Because I’ll tell you what, the movie aside, I immediately disliked this woman the second she became a public figure in the Lower 48.

Why?   I’ve been asked that repeatedly by Libs and Righties alike.   My answer has always been that I have no explanation.   It was just this visceral reaction I had when I first laid eyes on her.  It was automatic; instantaneous.   I didn’t find her to be this  breath of fresh air that others did.  I didn’t find her necessarily smart or poised and her folksy ‘doggone rights” , the incessant “you betcha’s”  and dropping the ‘g’ in every word endin’ in i-n-g drove me crazy.    It still does whenever I hear her in an interview setting.   My one defense is that I can’t stomach listening to her for more than a few seconds before the automatic reflect of desperately seeking the TV remote in order to change the channel takes over.  I’d rather watch a Marie Osmond Nutri-System infomercial in Spanish with Greek subtitles.

I say this while being a moderate Republican, if such a beast exists.

And since I do have a degree of  party allegiance and that said,  I will admit that I think Palin was treated unfairly to a degree.  In her defense, I think questions were asked of her that would never have been asked of a man or  for that matter, Hillary Clinton either.    And Palin from what I understand was asked some whoppers.  From queries about the state of her amniotic fluid during her pregnancy with Trigg, her special needs baby, to  “How can a woman with five children–one with special needs–offer a needy nation the attentive governance it deserves?”    The National Organization for Women didn’t come to her defense because she wasn’t a Liberal.   The fact that she was a woman meant nothing.   She wasn’t ‘their’ kind of woman.  She was/is was the antithesis of everything NOW supports.   She’s hetersexual;  religious– a fundamentalist Christian to be exact.   She was/is staunchly opposed to abortion, loves the right to bear arms and loves shooting moose or elks or .    She’s pretty in a sterile, antiseptic way, but outer beauty can sugar coat an arrogant core only so much.   And she’s always come across, to me at least, as exceedingly arrogant.

Well, nice or not…..arrogant or not, I think she is relatable only to those who share her beliefs at their deepest level.  Otherwise, Sarah Palin can be as politically offensive to Lefties as Hillary Clinton is to Conservatives.   But, I will say in this woman’s defense,  I don’t doubt that there were liberties taken with the Palin character in Game Change, but something tells me generally speaking, it wasn’t that much of a stretch. I have a feeling that she was probably quite a handful and arrogant and annoyingly defiant to McCain staffers–to the point there were prepared resignation letter was always within their reach.   I would imagine that the movie made some viewers, especially those who lived and breathed the McCain/Palin campaign,  feel uncomfortable and awkward because  it was far more ON the mark than it wasn’t.  It was, at times, awkward and uncomfortable for me to watch.

I saw the original Katie Couric interview.  The movie’s recreation was just as gut wrenching.

Make no mistake–I think a woman can be a Vice President.   A woman can be President….BUT….the woman whose campaign I would not only support but donate to generously,   would have to be that of a candidate who’s this perfect amalgam of smarts and personality, independence, wit  and brazen fearlessness.

And not so politically myopic.

I’m talking about a melding of Hillary Clinton, Palin, Erma Bombeck,  Flannery O’Connor and maybe even a smidge of Kristin Wiig thrown in as sorbet when the other personalities in this seven headed political Hydra  become overpowering and warrant necessary  pallet cleansing.

I don’t know how many of us middle-roaders are out there but I feel sure we’re outnumbered by  Palin fanatics and most assuredly, the Obama minions.    Both are revered by their legions and both have legions of loons.

In closing, I just don’t like Palin.   I’m definitely not a fan of Obama  and I definitely DO NOT like  lima beans either, but the best thing about my personal legume dislike, is when people find out about it,  I’m not given the third degree to find out why nor are there attempts to get in my face and tell me why I’m wrong for feeling as I do.

Here’s the deal:  I know what I know;  I feel what I feel.

I’m also very much aware of  what I don’t feel.

Had the concept been edible, the FDA would have recalled it immediately.Besides, what does it matter?    This November, I’ll probably end up voting for a bean anyway.   What choices do I have?   One candidate is a has-‘bean” whose religious based stance on certain issues makes me  uncomfortable (yeah, I said it) and the other is a mysterious hypocritical beanificiary of some crazy puppet masters  and master fabricators with enough money to have created the illusion of all that storied  “hope” and “change” we’ve been hearing about and waiting for it to materlize.  It’s the very ‘hope’ and ‘change’ that are now represented by nothing but faded, crumped, four-year old campaign posters.

Beans, beans the political fruit………

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  1. My views are 180 degrees from yours. Before McCain announced her as his running mate I told my wife that’s who he should select. My wife had never heard of her. I like the fact that she went after the good old boy Alaska corruption network & didn’t give a rats butt if they were democrats or republicans. She actually drained the swamp. Since the Alaska governor is the CEO of the state, very different from the other states, she had 1000 times more managerial experience than Obama & McCain combined. Of course she had more experience than them when she was mayor of Wasilla. I believe she is a warm, sincere person with a huge heart & a genuine concern for our nation. I also listen to what her friends say about her. Game Change was a hack job with nothing but liberal writers, producers & actors. Her documentary The Undefeated I think sheds a more accurate portrayal.

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