Here I Sit

That sounds like the beginning of some kind of child’s nursery rhyme…

Or a dirty limerick.

But in this case, it happens to describe what I’m doing at the moment and what I’m doing at the moment, frustrates me.   I’m sitting here in the midst of my latest role–that of an uninspired writer.  The tyranny of the blank screen is awful. My computer mocks me with this silent smugness.   I try to break the monotonous silence with my TV

In fact, the movie, Dances With Wolves is on my aging TV.   It’s a 32 inch  Toshiba with this HUGE protruding ass and heavy as hell.   Its ancient.    I think I bought it 2001.   Unfortunately,  during my many moves I lost the original remote and the color is off.   Everything in this movie has this ridiculous red hue:   Kicking Bird;  With In His Hair; Two Socks and every one of the damned Tatonkas are all vibrant red.   Even Kevin’s butt in the bathing scene when Kicking Bird is trying to steal his horse that I swear is part homing pigeon, is so red it  looks like it has the worst case of diaper rash…EVER. 

Anyway, this is the director’s cut,  which means several scenes Kevin and the  boys left on the editing room floor have been put back in making this scenes close to a four-hour epic.    And most of the movie scenes might be  ruddy, but certainly clear enough for me get  a load of Stands With A Fist ve to ask, what the hell is Mary McDonell’s character doing with that fabulous coif in the middle of the South Dakotan prairie????   I mean the Nieman Marcus  ultra suede blouse, skirts and Uggs are one thing, but the perfectly cut bangs and layers  tousled with enough product in her hair to conquer the Spanish?????   That’s just too much.

One would think that the make up department kind of hardened  Mary  up for her role in this  1990 Oscar- winnng film.     Born in  1952, she 37 at the time of filming and actually two months older than Graham Greene a who p0layed Kickikng Bird, the Sioux Medicine Man found who found her as a little girl lost on the plains after her family was killed by the Pawnee.   She was two years younger than Tantoo Cardinal, who played Black Shawl, her adoptive mother..aka…Mrs. Kicking Bird.     She was three years older than Kevin Costner.

From what I understand, Miss Mary had an extensive 21 year career before her breakthrough role on “Dances” for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.   That may be well and good, but I’d never heard of her and I haven;’t heard much about her since.  I know she was in Passion Fish. .  In that movie,  she portrayed  May-Alice Culhane, a New York based soap opera actress, who’s left paralyzed after being hit by a taxi while on her way to getting her legs waxed. 

How ironic.

As the film opens, she lies in a hospital bed, confused and scared, watching her own show on TV and shrieking, “That was supposed to be my close-up!”      She has an attitude.  With no other options, she returns to her family’s old and empty home in Louisiana, where she drinks hard, offends every caregiver and wallows in self-pity. Her outlook begins to change with the arrival of Chantelle, a nurse with her own life problems played by the amazing Alfre Woodard.   The two gradually find a  connection with each other and eventually help each other make necessary life changes.

Then somewhere in the early to mid 90’s, she co-starred with Jean Smart of (Charlene from “Designing Women) in this HORRIBLE   “Absolutely Fabulous”  wanna be TV series.  It was called “High Society”.  It revolved around two women in New York City who tried to be outrageous and campy and decadent.  Patsy and Edwina they were not.  Nor could they have been even if American TV censorship was as relaxed as the Brit’s.    It’s not even worth discussing.  It only lasted 13 episodes.   I just saw one and only did that because I was such an AbFab fan.   I was sorely disappointed.  

Here’s Mary McDonnell looks like in a fairly recent photo.   Time (whether preserved  through great genes, a scalpel or the best Alpha Hydroxy ever made), has been kind to her.    She turns 60 this year. 

She’s done other things as well–a couple of movies and mostly TV stuff which I’ve never seen because in recent years I’ve curtailed my TV viewing significantly.    

Why?   Just can’t get into certain TV shows.     Especially shows that have reared thier heads in the pat ten years.  I only liked Will and Grace in reruns and on insomnia riddled night, I’ve chuckled a time or two at old episodes of “The Office” that comes on back to back late at night.

But there are a ton of shows that I’ve never seen and have no desire to see.    A few are as follows: 

  • Nothing remotely science fiction related, save for a couple of “Lost In Space” episodes back in 1967.  
  • Friends
  • Erkel
  • The  pancreas damaging  Olsen twins show with John Stamos and the guy with the French surname.
  • That Fresh Prince nonsense
  • No Bonanza, High Chaparral, Big Valley…not even Maverick and certainly no Gunsmoke or The Rifleman.   But  I liked Artemus Gordon’s ability to fool anyone with props and make up, plus the way Jim West filled out his suits made me watch The Wild, Wild West as a pre-pubescent.  
  • People tell me I should watch Big Bang Theory.   I can’t.    I’ve tried…I just can’t.

Anyway, it’s the end of “Dances”.     A wolf is howling and John Dunbar and his wife “Stands” have left the tribe and are heading out on their own because the White Devil in Cavalry uniforms will be looking for him in order  to court marshal  his red colored ass for desertion and for being a traitor.   Good movie.   Deserved every accolade it received. 

Let’s see what’s on next:   must be a Kevin Coster marathon.   One of his many other movies in which Kevin Costner plays Kevin Costner is coming on:  No Way Out.     I can’t give ol’ Kev much for his acting–even in his much younger days, but he was handsome.   In No Way Out, he looks ridiculously good  in his Navy whites.

And he looked great in his tight Levis in  Field of Dreams.  

Speakingof another handsome actor who will  never love me,  I saw The Descendents.    So far, that flick and The Help are the only two Oscar nominated movies I’ve seen.  My thoughts on this particular movie?   I was troubled by what I think was George Clooney’s schizophrenic portrayal of the lead character,  Matt King.  Wooden and uncaring one minute;  slightly less two minutes later.   

And then there was th…….uh……..gotta go.  It’s ten minutes into No Way Out  and Costner is making out with Sean Young (that Atwell woman) in the back of the limo as they ride around DC.

(Hey, cut me some slack.  I don’t have much of a life these days!!!!!) 


  1. I wonder, what would your given Sioux name be? Sits With a Keyboard? Or maybe Ten Beers? How about Kicking Ass? Humidity in Her Hair?

    I’m pretty bad at this stuff, but I’m sure you could find a good defining moment of your life that would give rise to your tribal name.

    Your friend,

    Laughs a Lot.

  2. Writer’s Block Suite

    Writer’s Block I

    Struggling to find
    Just one cohesive though.
    At a blank piece of paper
    I stare.

    Writer’s Block II

    I have nothing I can say
    And I don’t know what to do.
    No emotion is welling up.
    I feel no words are coming through.

    My pen has gone bone dry
    There is nothing on my mind.
    Nothing weighs upon my thoughts
    Must have left my feelings behind.

    There is nothing that excites me
    I was missed by the lightning.
    A dull, lackluster day
    I have nothing I can say.

    Writer’s Block III

    Pen over paper
    Poised to express ideas
    That never come

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