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American Horror Story


Attention American Horror Story fans: hope you didn’t get too attached to the Harmon mansion and most of its inhabitants. Creator Ryan Murphy told reporters today that season 2 of the hit FX drama will begin with a new locale and a (mostly) new cast.

That means fans may — or may not — get another fix from stars like Jessica Lange, Dylan McDermott, and Connie Britton when the drama returns next year. “Some of them will be coming back,” Murphy teased during a teleconference today. “I’m talking to several of them and we’re in negotiations. There will be familiar faces, but there will also be new faces on the show.”

Murphy hopes to announce the new storyline and cast in February.

Should some of the first season actors return for another round of AHS episodes, they’ll be “playing completely different characters, creatures, and monsters,” Murphy added. ”It’s a really fun idea to do an anthology show. That’s the way it was designed from the beginning. Every season, there will be a new haunting and we’ll have a new overriding theme.”

The drama’s unique mission has made it easier to attract top talent, Murphy acknowledged. He’s heard from many film stars who like the idea of not having to commit to so many seasons. “When we met with Connie, Dylan, and Jessica, they were interested because the story had a beginning, middle and an end. Connie just came off of Friday Night Lights and was not interesting in going back into the grind of a 5-year commitment. When I told her she only had to do a 1-year run, she was excited by that.”

Added Murphy, “I would have all of them back in a heartbeat to play someone completely different.”

But the mansion is definitely history, Murphy admitted. The set was already struck to move “onward and upward.” So long, original craftsman fixtures and solid oak floors!

The AHS finale on Wednesday averaged 4.4 million viewers, making it the most watched episode of the series. The show is currently tied with TNT’s Falling Skies as the No. 1 new show among adults 18-49 this year. It’s already the highest-rated first season show in FX’s history.

FX notes that AHS performed 50 percent better than Murphy’s last creation, Nip/Tuck.


Okay…fine…new cast…cool..I can handle that,  but if you want to keep good ol’ Laurie Kendrick in your roster of fans, you’ll have to get some better writers next season.   Otherwise, I’ll turn this blog around and we’ll go straight back home.

Most of you agree with me about Wednesday night’s finale:   Suckarama.

Others loved it.   To each his own, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how anyone who watched all 12 episodes could have even remotely liked the crap we were offered as a season finale.    All season long I had this feeling that writers just kind of through things in willy nilly with little to no forethought.   Certain aspects of storylines were left dangling like errant participles and never addressed again.  

Such as:  

  • Why did Ben sleepwalk?
  • In the first several episodes, what was his fascination with fire? 
  • What was it about the House in particular that imprisoned the spirits who died there?  
  • What what was the weekly obsession with babies??
  • Where was Thaddeus?   I thought he was supposed to play a major role in the finale.   What was he doing?   Hungrily killing possums in the basement for 70 minutes? 
  • Couldn’t they have delved into Moira’s age-related shape shifting?    
  • Why did Tate have to dress up in the Latex onesy?  
  • What happened to that little white dog of Vivien’s?    We haven’t seen the pooch since Hayden pretended to microwave it in Episode 5.
  • In the final scene, only Hayden and Tate are on the metaphorical outside looking in Harmons as they decorate the Christmas tree.    Why were they the only ones present?  Could the other 22 ghosts in Murder House be Jewish??
  • And lastly, will Billie Dean, the Lee Press On Psychic, EVER get her Lifetime TV deal????? 

In the finale, which was only 70 minutes in length…48 if you allow for commercials…there were so many opportunities to explain so much.   The way it was shot…the way it was written made  me think the AHS team of writers woke up last Friday morning and collectively thought, “Oh shit!!   We’ve got a season finale to write and five days to do it!   YIKES!!!”

The finale was supposed to be 90 minutes long.   That means 20 minutes was edited out .   If what we were offered was the best they could come up with, can you imagine the crap that has to be lying on that editing room floor???? 

And there were all the oddly biblical names in the finale, too.   There were two Michael’s in the show.   The Ramos kid…the skateboarding zealot with enough teenage age angst to produce ten Clearasil commercials, was named Gabriel, an archangel who typically serves as a messenger to humans from God.   And there were two Michael’s.   Mr. Ramos was named Miguel, Spanish for Michael and of course, the Constance’s ill-gotten demon seed grandchild was also named Michael,  who was one of the principle  archangels.   He’s viewed as the field commander of the Army of God which battled Satan’s forces.   Ain’t that interesting irony?

We also learned a smidge about ghostly protocol.  The ghosts of Murder House can only be seen if they CHOOSE to be seen.  So that meant with 24 ghosts in the House, there was an awful lot of spectral  traffic under one roof.  

I hated that last scene in which the now happy and functional Harmon’s and Moira are happily decorating the Christmas tree.   In death they’ somehow found a unity and tolerance that they couldn’t in life.     Suddenly, Viv and Ben are in love again and Violet is angst free.   The only cuttin’ she wants to do is on a rug.  She’s happy.   The whole family hangs the ornaments and exchange happy glances…even Violet smiles (Violet never smiles) and had she hopped off that tree decoratin’ ladder and uttered a hearty, “God Bless us…everyone”,   I swear I would have spewed forth a projectile vomitous flow,  the force  and mass of which hasn’t been since the Vesuvian eruption in 79 AD.

And what about that tree which Ben said he cut down himself….I’m assuming it had to be a tree from somewhere on the property.   Since it was on the property and cut down on the property, meaning it also died on the property, guess it will never be allowed to turn into mulch.

Merry Christmas, ya’ll.    I’ll be posting a very special holiday post tomorrow.  

Thanks for your love and support and readership this year.   I appreciate every time you ever dot commed me. 


  1. A few of those questions were answered in the finale, which was 51 minutes without commercials. The 90 minutes was with the commercials, I assume.

    First two questions, why sleepwalk and why fire? Because the ghost of the lady that died by fire was forcing him to do it. She did the same thing with Miguel. Using them as puppets.

    And the dog was seen in this episode, the real estate agent had it when she was showing the house.

  2. Ben and the Ramos guy were attracted to the fire/sleep walked because of Larry’s burned ghost wife. Remember, she was right there next to the Mexican guy when he was over the fire? After all, she burned herself and her kids to death, I guess it fits. She probably put them in a trance and drew them there to symbolize that.

  3. Where is the dog? Constance had it and explained to the police it was all that was left of the Harmon family. You could tell that they weren’t buying it. Also, Constance referred to the baby as a “daughter” but knew it was a boy. Why did she do that?

    And why the hell if the cops came into the house and found a blood-drenched Vivian and a dangling Ben, did they not do a search? They have no one’s word but Constance;s about what happened. Why believe her? Violet’s body was now exposed in the crawl space and if they had searched the house they would have found it (and likely traces of blood everywhere in that basement.

    My questions as well:

    – ghost of the stillborn baby. Is what Vivian has a ghost baby or a real baby? If it’s not a ghost, why feed it?
    – Gabe did not come off angsty to me in the least. He didn’t seem remotely interested in Violet.
    – WHO were the two people who murdered Ben while his girlfriend looked on? I had it on TIVO and slo-moed that scene and they are two people I have never seen before.
    – Ben and the sleepwalking. Ben and the fire. What gives?
    -Who is Constance’s 4th child?

    I agree with Laurie; huge opportunity missed to be a fabulous, WTF show. Instead it was just violent and kind of dull especially the “It’s a Wonderful Death” scene at the end.

  4. @ westello

    “- WHO were the two people who murdered Ben while his girlfriend looked on? I had it on TIVO and slo-moed that scene and they are two people I have never seen before.”

    I had to watch it again before I figured it out. They were 2 of the 3 the murder “reenactment” group; they were killed in the basement.

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