American Horror Story: It’s Almost Over

We’re hours away from the nifty little  early Christmas present that  AHS creators, Ryan Muprhy and Brad Falchuk will give us:  the season finale.


I won’t say tonight’s 12th and final episode this season will  be a definitive end to the madness that’s invaded my soul every Wednesday night since early October, but I do think what will be revealed tonight will offer at least, some temporary reprieve.  

Only until Season 2 begins, which I can’t seem to find anywhere on this Al Gore conceived contraption we call the Internet. 

But I think when the smoke is cleared ( and I have a feeling smoke will be generated from some fire somewhere within the 90-minute spectacle), we’ll have a better understanding of Ben and his true relationship to Tate and the House….and to Constance for that matter.  I’m not yet sure what this connection is.

But I do know one thing:  I know that I know nothing, but I’ve given this series a lot of thought because yes, I am—that’s because I’m damned close to being full blown obsessed over this show, which is completely uncharacteristic of me.    But I’mwilling to express some things that have been surging through  my late 70’s/early 80’s drug addled gray matter.

Okay here goes:   I’ve wondered if Constance is Ben’s real mother and neither are aware of this.  Perhaps Ben is that  fourth child she often refers to that was ‘taken by other means”.   Perhaps she was deemed an unfit mother and lost a child to the courts.   He was taken away and raised by someone more “fit”, which could also be the reason why she  would rather have seen  her miscreant son, Beau dead rather than forcibly removed from her care….if you can call chained to an attic floor, being cared for.

I’ve wondered if Ben is really the AntiChrist and Tate does his bidding in that lovely five bedroom three bath Gothic House of Hell.

I’ve wondered if this whole season has been about Saturn, the child sacrifice lovin’ Roman God. 

I’ve wondered if Ben is actually dead and the move to LA and the House and all the loss that surrounded him since his move, was just metaphor for the sojourn he must take;  the process of dying.    His way of dealing with life (the babies) and death in the literal sense.  What if Viv actually killed him when she found him in bed with Hayden?   What if the whole family was killed in a traffic accident on their drive west?

I’ve wondered if Ryan and Brad would dare to insult us by making this the past 11 episodes some lame ass Bobby Ewing/Dallas dream sequence.

Whatever the possibility, the reality is that Ben is the sole soul left living in that House. 

And furthermore, Addie called it.  During the premier episode, she sneaked into the House and surprised Viv as she was putzing with wall paper or that vile wall mural and told her in no uncertain terms, “You’re gonna die in here.”    And damned if she didn’t…in that exact living room turned emergency  delivery room last week.

She called it correctly with the red-headed bat wielding twins, too.

If we’re lucky enough to have weekly reruns of AHS offered on F/X until the start of the new season, I’ll watch each episode again with a much more attentive eye because I think there have been clues strewn throughout the season.

I can remember during one of Ben’s mysterious trance/sleep walking episodes (which he stopped having), he was standing before the stove, staring at the gas fueled flame on one of the burners.  Constance appeared out of nowhere and snapped him out of it by saying, “It’s not your time”.    Not his time to….what?   Kill?   Maim?    Burn the House down and liberate all the ghosts by fire?   

And let’s take another look at the ten clues that were released via video on YouTube prior to the start of the show:  

  1. Cello
  2. Baby
  3. Couples
  4. Coffin
  5. Lying Down
  6. Fire
  7. Stairs
  8. Melt
  9. Red Cello
  10. Rubber Bump

Okay, let’s take a look at these, shall we?   The cello played morosely while Vivien gave birth and then died.    Don’t know much about a red cello, but Chad and Patrick prepared a red baby bed for one of the twins in the nursery.   Rather an odd color choice for a new-born but the perfect color if said child is Satan’s spawn!!!!

Babies–that’s a no brainer.  Babies have been the focus in just about every episode of this series.   Viv miscarried her baby in the premier.   Hayden turned up pregnant.  Constance spoke of her love of babies that er tainted womb (Tate wrote that word on the wall in Violet’s bedroom, remember???) seemed to deprive her of.    Patrick and Chad wanted to adopt a baby.   Dr. Montgomery supported his ether habit by aborting them.  His wife, Nora lost her child to a crazed kidnapper and now seeks another one…one that craves mother’s milk;  not mother’s blood and therefore, won’t bite off her boobs  when suckling.     The only thing we have to figure out is why.  Why are babies so important to this House?

Couples?   Despite what Act Up might want to believe it takes a couple…a couple of breeders to conceive a child.   Or could couples in the case of AHS refer to twins????  The red-headed juvenile delinquents.   Viv’s two-fer pregnancy.      

Lying down…more often than not, that’s how couples conceive, but it could mean any number of things.  

Fire.   In the beginning, Ben seemed fascinated by it.  Fire killed Larry’s his wife and two daughters in a murder/suicide in one of the upstairs bedrooms.   Satan feels comfy in it.     

Stairs.     The house has one grand staircase and one smaller one leading down to that damned basement.   In the preview of the finale, it looks like someone gets thrown down a flight…or perhaps he or she trips over a skateboard on the floor or  maybe one of Tate’s old Tonka trucks.   In another scene, a transparent looking Ben descends the stairs at one point.   I swear I could see through his legs.

Melt?  Well, there was Larry’s face…….

And finally, Rubber Bump.   Viv’s baby bump was the product of  rape by someone wearing the rubber suit…hence the baby bump.  I say “someone” because I’m not convinced that Tate is always the one wearing it.   I think the suit for whatever reason, empowers who ever (or whatever wears it).  Maybe it’s the embodiment of evil. 

I guess we’ll find out soon enough. 

We’re just five hours away as I type these final sentences.   I’ll be back here after tonight’s show, giving my final review and synopsis for the season.  I’d saddened by this in a way.  I so looked forward  to my Wednesday nights.  They were special…they brought us together.  My reviews of AHS brought so many new readers to my blog and each week, you allowed me to force feed you my whacky concepts.    Thank you for that.   I hope you’ll still come back around.  I am more than just an AHS reviewer.  And yes,  I fully intend to obssess over another  show until this one returns next season  which I feel sure we’ll be with a new family enduring another American Horror Story of their own.  Horror is relative.   Ghosts are too.   Demons in the form of drugs, other vices and weaknesses  of the flesh plague us more than Old Scratch,  though those things might be his handiwork.      

All I know is this:  if next season is as remotely compelling and titillating as the first one was, then rattle those chains scary carton of smokes, wail on you  evil bottles of Scotch and Gin.. moan with the malevelance of regret,  cry from the  sinful self-mutilation and self loathing and of course, there’s always that baneful jealousy. 

And infidelity, which can envelope one’s life with such treachery.   All of these things create  a murderous pain that haunts the soul and can be..I assure you… just as scary as any old ghost.    

See ya in a few.


  1. Love reading your ahs blogs each wk after watching the show! I too do not know what I’m going to do now that the season is over!!

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