The Genius of Those Who Sang The Sixties

I spent my formative years in the 60’s…hit my teens in the lurid 70’s.  As  the youngest of three girls, I was introduced at an early age to rock music and its relationship to radio, which might explain in part my eventual entry into the industry.

I knew who the Beatles were and while so many in my oldest sister’s age range–age 58 and older–think that group hung the moon, I wasn’t necessarily a fan. While I would never disavow the talents of John, Paul, George and Ringo, I was more of a Beach Boys fan. And to be honest, it wasn’t until I was older that I could even begin to appreciate the group’s talents which is due in a very significant way to Brian Wilson.  I love his complexity.  People like him are born with genious and given the right environment where this brilliance is allowed to foster, grow and develop,  when it reaches the status of ‘finally honed’, the end result is often…well, damned phenomenal.

To hammer that point home, this is the Beach Boys singing the stunning, “God Only Knows” in technical acapella. The music track was removed from the studio session. The result is pure magic.

I have also begun to appreciate a sixties songstress, who was known here in the states, but I’m afraid  she hardly as appreciated as she was in her native England.

I’m talking about Lulu.

I love this song.  I love this video.

And then there are The Walker Brothers.  They’re an American band that tried to make it in the US and did that,  only by going to the UK.    They were often compared to the Righteous Brothers…that “blue eyed soul” nonsense, maybe, Still, I loved their rich, epic orchestrations.



Fleetwood Mac existed long before Stevie and Lindsey were part of the equation, granted those two helped make the group more mainstream with their pop infusions, but I rather liked what Mick, John and Peter created in the early days.  Here’s one primo example from the days of yore.    Love the sexy, undulating beat.

Phenomenal song. Take THAT Justin Beiber!!

Agree with me. Disagree with me, that doesn’t matter. Music hath the skills to soothe savages and their boobs or something like that.  The 60’s and early to mid 70’s produced some great tunes.   These are just a few examples and just my opinion only, but I hope you enjoy their lush, richness. 

Peace, love, dope, ya’ll.

And now, you may opine your ass off...

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