American Horror Story: Episode 8 Synopsis & Review

Anyone surprised????   I’m not.

I’ve always thought Tate was the one in the latex onesy and I’ve thought this ever since watching the  pilot episode. I knew it the minute I saw him standing in the doorway of the master bedroom just before he climbed Mt. Vivien.

But I have a theory–he’s a ghost, right? Perhaps he needs the suit to give him a corporeal existence….you know, like helium. It just exists freely in the ether…or in the ground, but once in a balloon it takes shape. Maybe that’s the only way Tate can do his human-like bidding. Though you’re probably saying, that can’t be. He and Violet made love in he bedroom upstairs as Ben and Viv fought. Well, maybe that just proves Violet DID die in her overdose a few episodes ago. She hasn’t been to school in weeks…PLUS…it seems she can’t leave the house.

Just like the others.

And when I say “do his bidding”,  Tate keeps busy keeping  the baby making machinery well oiled. When there’s no baby in the house or no prospects, people aren’t allowed to stay. They die. When Nora and Dr. Crazy Ass lost Thaddeus to the butchering kidnapper, she shot him in the head and then ate a bullet herself.    When Chad and Patrick were facing breaking up, so were their dreams of parenthood, they had to die too.

And with that said, we finally learned how Patrick died…AND how he got that fireplace poker strategically placed. If you remember, Marcie said that’s how he was found.

And let’s give it up for tonight’s AHS co-star–Patrick’s finely hewn ass.

It seems that the ghosts in this house make alliances, like some really bad episode of “Survivor”. And lately, with Hayden as their leader, they’re conspiring against Vivien. But the motives confound me. Tate OBVIOUSLY has a thing for the women in the house. Moira told him this just before he finished Chad and Patrick off—by shooting them—in the basement. He seems to have a soft spot for Nora Montgomery’s ghost who does very little but walk around the house, crying…complaining about Viv’s choice of decor and asking about her baby.

When the Harmon’s first moved in, she was roaming around the living room, hating their choice in furniture and as Tate tried to console her, she told him she missed her baby, or wanted her baby or needed her baby and Tate seemed sympathetic to her plight.   That’s when he donned the latex onesy, went upstairs and gave Viv a 30 second rendezvous with Old Tateful. A few weeks later, she’s preggers with twins. An ER nurse saw a devil…or devils in her ultra sound. These are Tate’s ghostly goo creations and here we are, just as confused.    He seems like he’s the one who wants to ensure there are children in the house…so does Constance, who wasn’t in this episode at all and I for one, missed her But what’s the connection with babies? What is it with the House and the need…..for seed??????

And then I’m even MORE confused by the previews for next week’s show. The Pope? The Vatican? Is it just me or does this episode seem like it will be filled with vestiges of the movie, “The Omen”??? And tonight, when Hayden is having ghostly sex with Constance’s husband, the one she shot in ’86 for cheating with Moira the Younger. Anyway, she angrily pulls out an ice pick and repeatedly stabs him in the chest. He just throws her off and says he’s going downstairs for a sandwich. I had visions of “Basic Instinct” rumble through my mind. Actually, that was kind of  a funny scene.

If the ghosts in the house, want or need there to be babies, and Viv is incubating two of them, what’s the need to gaslight her???? To make her –and everyone around her–think she’s crazy. If she’s committed to an institution, so are the babies. Aren’t they the valuable commodity?? Needed by the house and all the ghosts in it??

Also in the preview, Constance is mad at Tate. What if impregnating Viv wasn’t part of the plan. They need human babies and whatever it was that Tate helped sprout will just end up living in the basement, in the dark….and eating possums and evil, red-headed bat wielding twins.    Again, my head swims as it always does after watching this nutzoid hour-long journey into madness

We also learned some Greek history and its crazy regard for the uterus and since this show is all about babies, THAT’S fitting.    And down in the basement where Tate and Hayden were talking, he made it sound as if he knew what he “needed to do” but that it was always something he had to get up for, because it wasn’t easy to do.  I presume that means murdering people, right?     And he murders anyone who changes their minds about bringing a child into the house or prevents one from coming in or being there in any way.   So, if Ben sent Viv away for a mental evaluation, wouldn’t he then be a target?    Does that mean Ben might die???

And speaking of Ben, I have a crazy theory.   Allow me to throw this out for you:   now hear me out—what if Ben IS gay as Patrick the ghost thought during the Halloween episode.  Remember he propositioned Ben upstairs and for a few fleeting moments is sure looked like Ben was considering a little role in some gay hay, but ultimately, did not.    Okay, so let’s say he’s gay and what if he’s ACTUALLY having an affair with the hunky Security Guard who as it turns out, is also Jungle Jim 4344, the S&M freak who Patrick was having a  very  “hands on” online affair with???    What if they’re conspiring to make Viv crazy for some reason…and the ghosts,  which are the main story to us, are nothing but a side bar to them, if they even suspect there are ghosts at all?????   Something bothered me about the conversation toward the very end of tonight’s episode…the one between the Security Guard stud and Ben.   It seemed very, very staged.     For other peoples’ ears.


By the way, I love Hayden’s screams.  They’re shrill, but guttural.   Hilarious.     And what about those creepy Avril Lavinge , head cocked looks she gives to the camera?   Love them.   Love the eye makeup.   Just enough Max Factor to make her look undead.

One more thing about this scene;   it was very surreal, very dreamlike.   You hear echoes.   And it has those wavy dream sequence things.  Back in the 60’s, they used to show those in anti-drug propaganda films in Jr. High.  The blurry waves signified the acid trip that hippie  chick Moonbeam was having just before she tried to make like a butterfly and fly out of the 36th floor window.    And when Viv is wrestling  on the floor with Tate in the suit, she woke up with Ben on top of her, attempting to subdue her.    Go back and watch it…I think that was a dream, or maybe she was hallucinating…or drugged…or all of the above.    I’m beginning to think this is all a calculated effort by Ben to make her crazy for some reason.   Even Moira kept alluding to that tonight.   

Well, I don’t know.   I love and hate the way this show makes me think and wanting more.  The hour literally flies by.   Can’t wait until next week.  That show looked righteous.   What’s the religious connection?   It gets all papal.  And these people really need papal.

On a serious note, Happy Thanksgiving. I’m grateful to you that you come here each week to read my narcissism and fanaticism about this show. I truly value your readership.

Thank you.

Tootles ya’ll.

Vivien's family at Thanksgiving. They're eating brains, see? Seemed only fitting for an "American Horor Story" Thanksgiving post


  1. I just got done watching some of the episodes again (for like the 4th time) but out of order and I think Tate was gay. Or at least very bi-curious. In his trove of “really cool stuff” he showed Violet he had Nora’s spoons, Nora’s pictures of the house, one of Charles’ babies in a jar and a stack of gay porn (theoretically from the gay couple). Why would he keep that in with his treasures? That alone didn’t really get me thinking it but seeing that right on the heels of his conversation with Violet on the beach when he refuses to go all the way with her — namely the point where he tells her he never felt like doing it (he pauses, then says) with a girl. She asks him if he’s gay and there’s a noticeable lag before he says “No!” then lies and tells her the pills are the reason, even though we know he wasn’t taking them. Then proposition he made Patrick when trying to get his wedding ring. Maybe it’s just the luck of the sequencing I watched in but if Tate was gay, that might explain why he hated high school life so very much.

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