“Gotta Blog For An Old Altar Boy, Fadduh?”


Remember that line from, “The Exorcist”?     Yeah, I changed it up a bit, but I’ve always wanted to use it as a title for a blog post.    


You know, I’ve thought long and hard about blogging live during next American Horror Story, but I think I’ll have to pass on that.   Too ambitious, too complicated and I really don’t understand the logistics.  Besides, with my new job starting in just a week,  I simply don’t have the emotional bandwidth.     And yes, I’m lazy.    

So, I’ve decided to take a different approach.  I want YOU to submit…

That’s right!!!!!   You can be a guest blogger right on this here very blog, ya’ll!!!!!    Do you love AHS and you like to write?  Are you funny?  Can you be campy, snarky?   Do you see a different side of things like moi, your host???     Then, let your internal narcissist spring forth and wow me.   Send me your preview of the upcoming episode.   For on’t let the word “preview”  freak you.    It’s just a term.  You don’t have to know anything about the plotline of this week’s show.   You write about what you want about the show.

For example: 

  • How much you love the show…or hate it.  Hating it would work, too
  • Tell us why you watch or why you can’t make yourself watch it
  • I want to know how crazy the Harmon’s make you
  • Go into depth about how you loathe Ben, but love it when he runs naked from room to room
  • You can discuss your thoughts about the show’s strange and often confusing but alluring  psychological twists and turns
  • Discuss your own theories on what exactly is going on with the series
  • Tell everyone how much you’d love to see Constance beat Mit Romney for the Republican presidential nomination  

It doesn’t matter, just as long as your blog topic is about American Horror Story.   You can get away with calling it  “a preview” simply by saying episode 5 will air this coming Wednesday.  

 Just think:  buttloads of people reading your stuff.   My readership is HUGE!!!!!     Some readers are from Arkansas even!     Tell your friends, your family.  Tell everyone you know.

Additionally, I won’t edit your work–unless it’s something glaring or offensive to ocelots– but I do reserve the right to add appropriate photos just to add a little panache to the post and as always, I’ll include the weekly preview of the upcoming episode.   

Length really doesn’t matter (I could do without  War and Peace, though.)    Just make it your point of view and of course, the subject matter MUST  be about AHS.    

I might end up publishing more than one guest preview blog.  

If interested,  please send your AHS preview and a short and sweet bio (nom d’plumes are welcome, especially if you owe money.  Trust me…I GET IT!!!)  and please include contact info to:   lauriekendrick at aol dot com.   

Submission deadline?????  4pm (CST) Monday, 11/7/11.   You’ll be contacted in advance if your blog is chosen.  

The preview or previews will be posted/published on  my blog (lauriekendrick.com) by 8pm (CST) Monday, 11/7/11.

You can be one of the cool kids.   Get writing!!!!!!!

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