It’s Almost Wednesday

That should be, it’s almost   “American Horror Story”   Wednesday.

Oh My God…I have became the spaz dweeb TV nerd that I loathe.   This form of fanaticism is the reason why I’ve never seen Friends, Lost, Real Housewives of (insert city here),  Dancing Stars, Stars Who Skate, Skaters Who Sing, or Singing To Big Brother on An Amazing Race In Search of Two And A Half Men Who Believe That The X Factor and CSI When Combined Spells “XCSI”.

Why AHS is different to me,  is completely beyond me.    I guess one reason I like it is because it makes me think; forces me to dissect the layers and read between the lines and there are sooooooo many layers and lines.    It’s so unlike me to fawn like this–and over a TV show, no less.  I almost feel silly, yet oddly purposed.   But how??  Why?   Who cares?  Compelling TV is this day and age is a rarity.

And this Wednesday’s offering promises to be oh so very compelling.    My TV guide equivalent reads:  

The line between the living and the dead blurs on Halloween. Two of the house’s previous residents give the Harmon’s decorating advice. 

And as we already know,  most of the previous residents are no longer alive, making this particular visiting ghostly duo, “Interior Deaderators”.    But that’s only part of the story.

Here’s an actual clip from the special two-part Halloween effort:



That was some clip!!!!    Man, this shit is getting good.     I actually felt a shiver run up my porous, arthritic  spine when Burned Guy came back to the door to bang on it a second time, just as Violent almost backed into the thing in the Black Latex S&M onesy!!!!

Also,  this Wedneday we’ll see Ben dressed like Dracula, someone gets hit by a car or something  happens in the street AND we learn that Tate either tells Violet or comes close to telling her about what “the basement” really is all about.   

I cannot wait for part one of this special two-part Halloween event Wednesday, but we”ll have to wait until November 2nd for Part 2…no Halloween finale of the special.  Why is that, you ask?  Because network brass has decided that All Hallows Eve is prime for a four-episode “AHS” marathon beginning at 9:00 CST.     That’s four hours of Constance,  Tate, Addy, Ben (please..please…please can he be nekkid again????), Moira Both Young and Old, several ghosts to be named later, Violet, the Latex Onesy,  the Hume Cronyn Chucky Demon Seed Basement Monster, Burned Guy, a patient of Ben’s who’ll no doubt die by the time the end credits role because a patient ALWAYS dies,  a very pregnant Viv…the Professor and Mary Ann.

We’re just hours away.  If I still had a biological clock that worked, I’d set the alarm.

In the meantime, do as I did.  Click on the link below to be taken to a special  F/X  AHS website:

You can take a cool  virtual tour “The Murder House”.    Be sure you register.  If you do, you can win “an artifact”.   Don’t know what it is, but I sure hope it’s a vile of Addy’s spit. 

I’ve got  cupcakes to bake.

So, join me won’t you, right here after the show, for my special review and show synopsis.

Constance rules!!!!


  1. Interior Deaderators. Missed this my first reading, I was so anxious to get to the clip.

    As usual, you nailed it, Ms. Kendrick. Can’t wait to read your review after the show this week!

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