It’s Wednesday, Kids

And you know what that means;  American Horror Story is on tonight…and yes, my name is Laurie and I’m an AHS junkie.

Then 12 step all over me, because I AM ADDICTED!!!   

We’ll be treated to the third installment of this strange and creepy saga and from what  I’ve been able to glean from other blogs and articles,  episode #3 should include some interesting revelations.   As episode #2 ended last week, we learned that after a horrible home invasion and attempted recreation of a murder that happened in the house decades earlier, Vivien told Ben she wanted to sell the house.

Well, tonight she takes one step closer to accomplishing that goal.  She calls the real estate agent who sold “MURDER HOUSE” to them two episode ago.  They meet at the house and over coffee (probably more like tanna leaf tea, knowing this  crazy ass house!!!) the real estate lady tells Viv all  about the home’s first residents and of which I feel certain  in my sleuthy, Nancy Drewish heart of hearts, Constance was a part.    Meanwhile, Ben’s visitor (Burned Guy–I think) tells him something that causes Bennie to unravel even more and Constance and Moira’s histories are revealed and this ought to be good since we already know that Constance has killed the strange, red-headed, shape-shifting maid once before.     

Oh goody….

Also, an insider has shared with me something interesting:  watch for clues; I understand they’re everywhere….even the music that’s played in the background.

Okay, if that’s the case, let’s take a closer look at the music:   when the red-headed identical Satan’s spawn (the baseball bat wielding twins who vandalized the interior of the house…and died there…JUST as Addy told them they would)  were in the house wreaking havoc, this song,  “Tonight, You Belong To Me” was played.

The  Fifth Dimension’s song, “Age of Aquarius” played as the flashback began last week, but I think it was used only as a scene setter;  to hammer home the point that the flashback took place in 1968.   If it’s a clue, I can’t figure it out.

And last but not least, when F/X plays promos for the show, Hannah Peele’s version of the Soft Cell oldie, “Tainted Love” always plays underneath.

“Tainted Love”????   Interesting, because in the very first episode, Tate writes the word “taint” on the wall of Violet’s bedroom.   He doesn’t explain why he wrote it, nor does Violet seem at all bothered that he’s defacing her boudoir.   

Also, prior to the series premiere, F/X released several clues that shed some light on the series. They were offered on the show’s official  YouTube channel.  Ten clues were released, entitled “Cello”, “Baby”, “Couples”, “Coffin”, “Lying Down”, “Fire”, “Stairs”, “Melt”, “Red Cello” and “Rubber Bump”.     I’ve watched all of them.   Strange. Strange.  Strange.

Combine those with the musical clues–tonight you belong to methe age of Aquarius and tainted love?????????????

And I’ll admit, it all beats the hell out of me.

Join me here after the show tonight for yet another synopsis and review of  American Horror Story:   Technicolor heroin, ya’ll.


  1. Between FX and AMC, the Big 3 networks are getting their collective programming a$$es handed to them. Yay progress

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