Of Charity & Lexicon

I think giving is essential.   Charity sees only the need to give; never the cause. 

And giving in its name really is how we deal with the human condition.  By that I mean it’s par for the course that is life to need it from time to time and of course, we should always feel compelled to give to charitable organizations.   Some might think that this can be detrimental; that by charity’s very nature, it has the ability to degrade those who receive it and harden those who asked to help dispense it time and time again.  

I’m sure pride prevents many from asking for it and I’m sure there are those who probably get very tired of being asked to give and give and give.   And I would think that there are times when the act of giving in and of itself becomes less rewarding with each check written.   There has to be a certain monotony in being asked to give repeatedly; good intentions be damned.

And let’s face it; it’s easy to feel as though you can constantly throw money at different charities and still feel as if you aren’t giving enough.  Money is what makes any charity’s world go round, but it’s not the end all.  If you’re able, give your time.  Practical help, especially if it is voluntary, is priceless.  

In addition to services, you can also donate goods.  Furniture, blood, food, spinal fluid, school supplies; toys at Christmas;  lumber, dinners for two and spa days for silent auctions–the list of things that are needed is practically unending.  

Some people are big givers; some aren’t.  How many times have churches, scout troops, sororities and other civic organizations sponsored a canned good drive for a worthy cause and you walked by the collection bin or tables and you saw a few cans of green beans; peas and carrots and plenty of pumpkin pie filling.  Invariably, that’s always the case and really, what IS that all about????    I guess this is because we always buy an extra can of the stuff during the holidays and it sits on our shelves for months and when the clarion calls us to dig deep–be it in our wallets or cupboards–we use it as an excuse to clean out the pantry. 

I’ve often wondered what the poor, but enterprising housewife with seven hungry kids to feed, might be able to do from a culinary standpoint with two cans of pumpkin pie filling, a container of generic chicken broth and one dented can of pickled beets.    

I’m thinking Borscht de Citrouille.                    

And then I’m thinking nausea.

Anyway, it’s important to give what you can when you can, but please….PLEASE be a bit more discriminating.  Let’s say you want to give some of your old clothes– T-shirts, for example; the ones you’ve grown out of physically and emotionally.   I would strongly encouraging checking the slogans, images and of course, any verbiage printed on the front.   Then, can make three separate piles: “Trash”… “Make Into Rags”  and  “Church  Clothing Drive”.  Put the T-shirt in the appropriate pile.


Well Sweety, there are times when these clothes go to areas that need them most–war-torn regions, areas ravaged by earthquake, flood or tsunamis.  Or to countries that are impoverished and according to the United Nations, “developing”….but into what?

We must be careful.  There are people in the world who don’t speak English or understand its vernacular.   They don’t have a clue and if there’s a donated shirt that well, includes a sordid phrase printed across the front and it finds its way deep into the primitive Congo, the wearer will have no clue and you can bet your bottom dollar that a National Geographic photographer will be there  to snap a pic of that T-shirted fashion faux paux.    

And of course,  he’s also there to get that NatGeo edition’s by God money shot–a pair of naked, native boobs.  

A world of 11-year-old boys are counting on him.


  1. That was hilarious LK. It makes me wonder about those folks getting tattoos of Chinese symbols for “truth” of “love.” I wonder how they can ever be totally sure that symbol really what they were told or whether it is some joke – akin to the Irish tee. Smile for the camera… 🙂

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