Soon, I will be seeing the start of my 52nd Autumn.   

And yes, I know living here in Houston forbids me from actually seeing the summer end as the fall begins, but don’t feel too sorry for me all you Yankees.   I can still see a varied form of what you’re about to witness;   I’ m talking about  that incredible annual autumnal spectacle of arboreal color changes and falling leaves.   Truth be told,  I’m already seeing  the leaves change color,  but of course, that’s because of 41 consecutive 100 degree days.  But hey…dead leaves are dead leaves, right ?    Does the reason how or why  they died all that important in the grand scheme of things?    And so what if I’ll be looking at them while sweating profusely?

Even so, I’ll know when the fall is here.  All the signs are already pointing to its pending arrival.   Here it is late August and the days are already getting shorter.   I went walking this afternoon and the shadows are growing longer quicker.   And it’s getting darker earlier.  At 8:15 pm, I looked out my window and my balcony was illuminated by the street light.   And even though it’s hot here, you can feel an underlying change in the air.   Maybe its wishful thinking but I know I can feel the change.     I’ve always been able to feel it.

Okay, so I won’t be wearing my sweaters, leggings and boots any time soon.  So, I won’t be watching  the leaves change color per se, but for me, leaf viewing won’t be as nearly as important as  feasting my eyes on a 100-yard long field of very manicured grass divided in ten yard intervals by white chalky hash marks..  

Ah yes…football season  will begin soon and in  here Texas, that’s everything.   Hell, most of us cut our teeth on plastic kick off tees!!!

Make no mistake, football season is the hallmark of the autumn in the Lone Star State but there’s more to it than that…at least there is for me.  It’s personal. 

I love the fall.  For me, it’s the time of the year for renewal far more than the spring.   Detroit released its new cars.   There are all the new fall fashions to look at and wish I was young and thin enough to wear.    I have always loved the promise of the new school year.    The first cold front that eventually blows in, allowing cooler temperatures would prevail.   Plus, like a big leaf, I seem to always do a little falling myself in the autumn.  I seem to meet a great guy and fall in love more easily during this time of year.  I don’t know why.  Maybe I look better covered up by more clothing and in darker environs.

Oh, who cares.  I welcome the fall, regardless of how paltry it might appear to  be down in these parts.  It’s a wonderful time of the year.  

Look out men!!!

Aside from that warning, I’ll leave you with this seasonal joke:

A couple goes to an art gallery. opening.  They find a picture of a naked women with only her privates covered with leaves.
The wife doesn’t like it at all and moves on, but the husband stays put and just keeps  looking.
The wife  returns to her husband, still staring at the portrait.   She’s a bit annoyed and asks,  “Well come on, let’s go.  What are you waiting for?”  The husband replies, “Autumn.”

So am I ya’ll; so am I….but for different reasons.  I’m not in to chicks, man.

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  1. > love the fall. For me, it’s the time of the year for renewal far more than the spring.

    Exactly. Spring is rainy and muddy and tornado-e. Give me fall, any day — even if it’s not cool on the North Texas prairie until well into November.

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