My Crab Cake Love Affair

The problem one often encounters with these crabby patties of love and breading is just that…TOO much breading.

But Eureka!!  I found a place where there’s plenty o’crab in the crab cakes.   And they are delicious.

Truluck’s is a wonderful steak and seafood joint,  masculine in design as evidenced by the dark-wood, dark leather-chair decor. But women love it too…it’s subtle;  muted.   It’s also most definitely a white-tablecloth establishment to be sure and on the serving floor you’ll find attentive wait staff and servers in crisp white uniforms.   A Truluck’s, the diner is king.    And this is the philosophy at each of the restaurants  11 locations, mostly in Texas and Florida and they’re teaching California’s about Gulf seafood with one restaurant in La Jolla, just outside San Diego.

Locations are listed below.

If you’re ever in a city in which a Truluck’s can be found, do yourself a favor…go.

I go to the only Truluck’s here in Houston, and that’s on Westheimer.   Did I mention its stellar Happy Hour???      You must come for the  Half Price Cocktail Hour which is seven nights a week in the Stone Crab Lounge… 4:30 to 7:00pm daily and ALL night on Sunday…but stay for the food and if you don’t get the Sautéed Superlump Crab Cake, you’re wrong and the terrorists will win.

It’s a good size and absolutely loaded with the perfect herbs and spices and as you can see,  far more crab then breading.    And the tartar sauce?     Mere words can’t describe the delicate piquancy of the this concoction that simply must be eaten when eating a Truluck’s crab cake.  It’s smooth, creamy, lemony and dillish (meaning it has fresh dill in it)and is just sumptuous!!)

But wait…there’s more.   Great steak and stone crabs that are so good, you’ll want to grow your teeth and become an Osmond.   To be perfectly frank,  I’ve yet to eat anything that wasn’t up to par and beyond at Truluck’s and NO, I’m not getting a kick back on this blog post or sleeping with the chef, nor am I some Truluck’s prostitute.  Bad knees always wins with this proposition, BUT… if I could get paid in Crab Cakes, I might consider, but in truth, it’s nothing like that.   I just appreciate this restaurant and it’s fare that I think everyone without a seafood allergy would enjoy.

But keep in mind, Truluck’s isn’t for the faint of wallet.   While not excruciatingly expensive, it’s probably more than Joe Lunch Box would want to spend and there’s actually a reason for that.  One word:  freshness.     For example, the stone crab you’ll be eating tonight, was swimming along in the Gulf minding its own business this morning.    The company owns two stone crab fisheries in Southwest Florida and holds one of only 10 existing licenses to harvest the delicacy commercially. Both fisheries have up to 50,000 traps and those stock all  of   Truluck’s 11 locations.     So yeah, we’re talking freshness to an almost obsessive degree.

Expensive?  Yeah, but remember you always get what you pay for.   So, if you’ve been saving your sheckles for a special occasion that includes a great meal consisting of great food, great service and ambiance, then make Truluck’s your destination.

And for God’s sake, combat jihad with your taste buds;  order the damn  Sautéed Superlump Crab Cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I absolutely LOVE good crab cakes but they are very difficult to find in this part of the universe. I will forward your blog to a friend/client from the east coast who along with her daughter Tori are just as batty as me about the FRESH lump crab cakes. And let me tell you-Maria’s no Joe Lunch Box! 🙂

  2. Living in the heart of Maryland with the Chesapeake Bay at our doorstep, I can be a bit of a snob when it comes to crab cakes. But the one you’ve pictured looks pretty appetizing. Mind if I have a bite? Remind me to send you some Old Bay seasoning to sprinkle on that pattie…

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