Truthers & Birthers & Deathers, Oh My!!!

This post is a direct response to a recent comment left here on my blog.

Save for one post written in late 2008, I’ve not really addressed the issue of Truthers; those who believe George W. Bush and his cabal of evil, rich oil buddies and carpetbaggers, hell-bent on selfish destruction of anyone and anything that got in their way, imploded both towers in the World Trade Center with carefully placed explosives ONLY after radio controlled dummy planes crashed into them with CIA manufactured voices which called loved ones, THEN the Fascist in Chief and Co. bombed the western side of the Pentagon with a missile from a domestic airliner which then took the same path the missile did AFTER it was launched from its super secret location in the plane’s cargo hold, parked next to Barbara Olsen’s Louis Vuitton luggage.

Actually, I think it’s rather repugnant for anyone to think like this and I would feel this way regardless of  the president who sat in the Oval Office at the time.

 These people live just a little left of Rationalville.   As do the Deathers; the ones who believe that Osama bin Laden isn’t reall dead and can prove it because,  the feds won’t release the photos.   They’re convinced he isn’t dead because we dumped his body so quickly off the deck of some unnamed US warship in a unamed ocean thus giving the Mahi Mahi and groupers the halal meal of their fishy little lives!!!    They believe the Feds have some ulterior motive for lying to us all the time.  Guess in their minds, the George Bush and his merry band of Teabaggin’ scalawags are  planning a controlled mid morning demolition of the Sears Tower in a few months.   


And then there are the Birthers.   While I find this group for less offensive than Deathers and Truthers, they are a relentless bunch.   They’re convinced Obama was born in Kenya and if that’s the case, he has no Constitutional right to be President because in order to be Commander-in-Chief, one MUST be born on US soil, air force bases and embassies also apply.   Obama dragged out a birth certificate a few weeks ago which in sufficiently dated looking Smith Corona typeset, indicated he was, in fact, born in Hawaii.   Where Obama failed was in this was NOT showing his birth certificate when critics demanded  proof.    There will be those who said as President he didn’t need to cave.   Maybe, but as the Birther movement grew, he had the capacity to nip it in the bud when he had the chance, but even so, there are those who still refuse to believe Obama is truly American born, neither or his politics or allegiances and therefore, he shouldn’t be allowed to remain in office.   

Conspiracy theorists are a strange lot.  Some are paranoid and need psychiatric help.  Others are jsut gladhanders…hell-bent on believing what they believe as they do because it suits their agendas.   It sells books, brings numbers to their radio shows and for some who are relegated to the cheap seats in this field, it gives them entre  to guest shots on tawdry podcasts hosted by other malcontents.    Not only that, I think there has to be something askew with their egos and surely an issue in the self-esteem department.  Why else would they be willing to risk ridicule to publically announce that a Bigfoot ate Elvis, but only after faking the lunar landing on a make shift soundstage in an abandoned air craft hangar near Marfa, Texas.

I asked a colleague to explain what’s wrong with the typical conspiracy theorist:

 He told me that there are major things lacking every time one of these people (and by the way, the male conspiracy theorists outnumber the female variety by leaps and bounds):

  • Unfalsifiability
  • Fallacy
  • Naiveté

But that’s not to say that conspiracies don’t exist.  They do.     I have no doubt that the CIA and before them, the OSI were involved in starting and then backing, more than a few coup d’etat around the globe.  Then there was the assassination of Abraham Lincoln along with assassinations planned and/or attempted for Hitler and Castro.   Those were conspiracies, but what were the deaths of the Brothers Kennedy?   Marilyn Monroe?   Martin Luther King?  Marilu Henner’s career????   Lines will always be forcibly blurred between the plausible and the implausible.   If not for profit, then because the realities we can skew, or so much more entertaining than the realities we live.

I once worked with a man convinced that the government was trying to vaccinate us  kills us with “chemtrails”.   He was convinced that when you looked up in the sky and saw crisscrossing of contrails remaining in the air that was the government and secret organizations at work…the Bilderburgs, the Illuminati….the Freemason and maybe even the Shriners and the Lambda Chi’s  hard at work.   That never made a lick of sense to me.   Why would anyone waste their time and money trying to kill or inoculate us..or do anything at 30-thousand feet?  And wouldn’t the winds aloft blow the stuff way off target?    I think a far more expedient, more direct way of conducting a mass whatever would be through our water supply, wouldn’t you think?

And then there are the incontrovertible truths;  like how A-1 jet fuel burns at 800° to 1500°F, which isn’t hot enough to melt steel (2750°)  but can cause steel frames in tall, commercial buildings in Manhattan on a balmy September day in 2001, to lose most of their structural integrity–especially when the impact of a Boeing 757 hits a structure at 400 plus miles an hour.  When that happens there would be a  tendency for the fireproof cladding to “come loose” and fall off from the beams they’re supposed to protect.   Once  exposed; that renders them unprotected and can and will heat up to the point where  beams and trusses  lose significant strength.

When that happens, the steel tries to expand at both ends and when it’s weakened to the point that it can no longer expand, it sags in the middle and that forces surrounding concrete to crack. That, coupled with the weight of concrete and everything else on top of it,  plus the very nature of gravity causes compromised steel beams and trusses to fall. 

Momentum takes over and the floors that these beams once supported, collapse and if the building is multi-leveled, the floors pancake on top of each other, one by one and the compression of different pressures will explode out of the windows in the floors beneath them (even before the collapse has reached said floors) and with each break, dust and debris gets blown out, too.




The floors collapse, they fall down.

And sadly, tragically, logically, so do 110-story buildings under the same circumstances.


One comment

  1. The towers were built to collapse like that, rather than fall over like bowling pins and kill thousands more. But that’s no fun, so Truthers don’t listen.

    Obama was born in Hawaii, and validated that in exactly the same way McCain did (who was born on an Army Base in Panama), but of course McCain wasn’t questioned because his name doesn’t sound funny.

    Bin Laden is dead, and photos can be faked, so releasing them will do nothing.

    There are people who still think Elvis is alive, that the moon landing was faked, and that vaccines cause autism. Astrology still makes money. A major American religion promotes the idea that Adam and Eve settled in Missouri, and that Native Americans got red skin as the mark of Cain.

    Here’s what I try to keep in mind: 49% of people are of below-average intelligence, and it’s more fun to get excited about things — even when they’re complete baloney — than to be rational about them.

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