The Lighter Side Of Faith

And there is one, you know.  

The Christian or any religious devotee who walks around thinking that he has to live  his life in abject in fear because his views are all Old Testament, a time when God was a little peeved and smite crazy, has no life at all, as far as I’m concerned.   God created senses of humor in his human minions, therefore he has to have one,too.  

I mean, come on!!!!      What more proof do you want or  need other than to take one look at Kim Kardashian’s “career”????      

Sorry, these are a little blurry.    But as God’s boy, Matthew once scribed, “Squint and ye shall read”.  




  1. Shared on FB… Laughed till I cried, especially the first and third cartoons.

  2. Laurie Kendrick! How I found you I do not know. Do you remmber me from Kenedy , Texas lol. Your writngs are incredible. I feel the same reguarding my MOM. How is your family? I live in Victoria, Texas and raised my two chilren here along with my husband. Good to hear you are well. Do you here from the Rowan girls? Reguards, Judy Bingham VanZant.

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