Four Years Old….And Counting???

Light the fourth candle on the cake.

My blog turns four.

In previous years, I would get all introspective…over a blog.   This year?   Nah.   Not in the mood.  But, you know me; my posts never end the way they begin.

I will say though that the urge to write and update daily has gone  by the wayside over the past four years.   I think I’ve gotten  bored with the daily effort of trying to be ‘funny’ and ‘amusing’ every time I signed on to WordPress.   I just don’t find my life that awe inspiring lately and I no longer have the urge to be that creative.  Besides, it takes effort to be clever and to be thought clever and I find that my internal wiring in that regard is changing.   Maybe it’s because  I no longer need the constant validation.     Oh, I still need validation; just not as much.    I can’t pinpoint how exactly, but I do believe that somehow, I’m giving myself what I once forced my blog to dispense.   

I emotionally self medicate these days.

When I was in Jr. High, I was quite the jock.  Very athletic.  I did everything….cheerleading….volleyball….tennis….track.  In fact, I was something of a speedster.   I ran third leg in the 440 and 880 relays, but my crowning glory wasrunning hurdles my 7th and 8th grade years.    I was pretty good.  Won several races.   I’ve got a few blue ribbons and a medal or two to prove it.    Of course as a petite, barely 5’1″ woman/child, I had to poll vault the damn things, but I I cleared every one; every time. 

I had no idea how well that skill would serve me in later life. 

This blog helped me overcome several obstacles, too.   For me, writing means coping and I’ve done a lot of that a la WordPress. 

That said, I haven’t treated you all that well.  I’m so sorry.  I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you.   I should have taken better care of you.   Fed you better; exercised you more.  And now here you are, suffering from Iron Poor Blog. 

Not only that, but in my medicine chest of brand names o’childhood, I also have Doan’s Pills, Sominex, Contact, Anacin, Carter’s Little Liver Pills AND should there be an out break of Tetter, a little Blue Star Ointment.   Ask for it…by name!!!!;

Happy fourth birthday, little blog.



  1. No BC for headaches? I’m thinking of a joke about that and I know you’re getting it. What was the name of that stuff that Captain Kangaroo used to treat his Psoriasis every day?

  2. I understand. Can’t a girl take a break once in a while? For what it’s worth, I’ll always be here.

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