Charlie Has Lost His Sheen

And then he lost me completely when I heard him say this:



Oh yeah???   Well,  I’m on a drug too, asshole and it’s called Kendrickcillen.  It’s cured me from ever writing anything about you ever again.

And I won’t…..after this post is submitted, that is.

I know I’m coming to this dance a bit late–Charlie has a three-day jump on this post, but I wanted to weigh in on the matter.  I will begin by making it clear that I hate to watch people unravel.   I really do.   I never respected Britney Spears or her ‘talent’ but even so, I found it unnerving to watch her descent into madness.   Mariah Carey went through something a few years ago as did Anna Nicole and Lindsay Lohan is doing her best to ruin her career with a plethora of egregiously bad choices.   At least they never went on the defensive by talking waaaaaay too much.

Yeah sure, Britney shaved her head and took an umbrella to a few SUV windows but, she never insisted on going on the talk show circuit and making a bigger ass out of herself.  

Charlie Sheen has lost what little mind he had left.  Blame it on a coke bender or the fact that he’s riding the up side of mania to dizzying heights.  Either way, the misplaced grandiosity is horrific.   I could play more of his televised manic episodes, but I don’t want to give him any more press.  

I don’t feel sorry for Charlie or any celeb who cocks up his or her life.   Personal responsibility has to play a role.    These people knowingly chose a profession that allows tremendous access to excess on more levels than Playskool can count.   And seriously, where is the stress?   Sheen reportedly made right at two million per episode when he was the star behind “Two And A Half Men” for what?  About four months of work to remember 20 minutes of dialog each week???    

Now, don’t get me wrong–I understand job pressures.  Hell, back in the 90’s I had a high-profile gig.   I was part of a wildly popular morning show. I was pulling in five figures;  had personal appearances all the time.   People always wanted something.   But that ceased to be the case when I went home.  I tried my best to forget everything that was “out there” when I walked through the door.  Home offered reprieve.   Now, granted, sometimes this was harder to accomplish than at other times, but even so, for the few years I rode as high as I did, I loved it every minute of it.  I appreciated all that it offered.    Now, I’m not saying I’ve lived an issue-free life.  I haven’t.  But I take pride in the fact that I learned about survival the hard way.    The lessons learned are emblazoned in my soul and I will never forget them.

Perhaps that’s where Sheen and others who have stumbled and fallen before him went wrong.  They’ve forgotten what it’s like to be hungry and determined.   They’ve lost any traces of humility and their humanity.   They forgot to be grateful for the opportunities given them.   I  think it’s that, and one of the reason is because of all that money.   People do things when that much money is at their disposal.  Money masks reality..abnd it’s only when you no  longer have it that it resurfaces in a cold, stark way.    Gobs of money can change one’s hinking;  reactions, judgement….everything.    In this day and age, legit TV hits  are rare and becoming increasingly harder to come by.   Just ask the WB.  

CBS has gone out on a limb for “Two And A Half Men”.  It’s built it’s Monday night lineup around this show and in effect, around Sheen, too.   When execs decided to put the show on hiatus, it wasn’t just the  cast of six or who traipse across the soundstage on cue that were affected.  The behind the scene types number in the tens and that means they don’t get paid either.  We’re talking hard working gaffers, best boys, make up people, the craft services schmos and others who depend on Charlie Sheen and company to shine week after week.  They need him back to work, mentally and physically healthy. 

He insists he is, but his endless rants say otherwise.   Is it any wonder then, that the show is on mandatory hiatus?  Charlie has become a liability.  His publicit quit…his sons were forcibly removed.   What’s next?   I think we can all see a Dana Plato ending on the horizon and yes, it too will be as much of a Greek tragedy.

Charlie is now just an all too common Hollywood stereotype.   Star makes it big;  Star gets into drugs and other bad behaviors.   Star loses mind.   

This star is in good company.     We’ve seen this happen before.   Anna Nicole, as I mentioned earlier.  Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and so many others.    But where are those people now?   They’re gone.  Dead…the result of too much indulgence because the couldn’t handle their lives.   Were they people who were used and abused or simply people who for whatever reason, used and abused drugs?     Perhaps that doesn’t matter…not in the long run.   They’re all part of the past now.   Mere footnotes in Hollywood’s gilded history and now only relevant as names carved in headstones in the latest edition of “”.

Charlie is headed there, too.   And cocaine, drinking and hookers are escorting him.

Get help, Charlie.  Do it while you still have the motor skills.   You’re a spoiled idiot and obviously, not a very well one. What’s worse, people are  getting very tired of youur mania.  Soon, you won’t have a platform left on which to prove your idiocy. 

Then again, when Charlie Sheen is all doped up on a drug called “Charlie Sheen”, what does it matter?   

By the way,  you can get some “Sheem”  on the street in quantities of nut balls.  


One comment

  1. I must confess a love of mental illness on TV. Lockup, Inside XYZ Prison, Hoarders, Animal Hoarders, People Who Think Obama Isn’t American or Bush Was Behind 9/11… it’s all such perversely good TV.

    Charlie’s problem is he’s giving it away for free. 🙂

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