Super Bowl Sundry

I have never been one for all the hype that surrounds this day….even if it was my team was vying for the all the championship marbles and let’s face it, as a Houston Texans fan, that ain’t gonna happen any time soon. 

The gentleman who has agreed to be a part of my life these days loves all the Superbowl hoopla.  He is currently down in South Texas in a house full of middle-aged men who will no doubt spend the day drinking, farting, belching, scratching themselves, cussing (bilingually, might I add)  and betting hard-earned money on who will win,  what the point spread will ne.  They’ll bet on the most inane of things too, like who’ll win the coin toss;  will Fergie (of The Black Eyed Peas fame will wear pants or show some thigh at half time) and can Brett Farve play four quarters without sexually harassing somebody.

Ah, I’ll let him have his fun.  At 53, he still needs to bond with those who also sport his distinctive  XY chromosomal designation.

I on the other hand, remain in Houston.   I intend to enjoy the day in solitude, revelling in the fact that I could, if I wanted, get up and do whatever the hell I wanted.    Today, I don’t want to go anywhere. I want to wear leggings with lots of elastic expanse, eat carb-laden foods, watch the “Ghosthunters”  marathon on the SyFi Network and then maybe, find a few things to buy online.

If you must know, I damned happy that this game will mark the end of football season, because this one has indeed been a bitch.   My Longhorns failed me miserably…their coach, Mack Brown assumes some blame.  He claims that part of the reason why the Horns dropped the ball (literally and figuratively) this past season was because  he says he was too hung up on losing the 2009 National Championship to Alabama. 

I don’t buy that excuse for a minute.    What happened to the Horns is epic.   For starters, the team never jelled.   They never played cohesively and frankly, I think as talent goes, each player was grossly overrated.   Garrett Gilbert exemplifies that perfectly.   Since he was at the helm of the Horns worst seasons in school history, I would be surprised if he’s even back at UT this fall, much less serving as the Field General.    

There have also been coaching changes at the wazoo.    Will that help?    I don’t know.  Will Muschamp was named Brown’s heir apparent and given a ton of money for that, but he jumped ship, too.   Every team needs rebuilding period, but the season of 2010 for the Longhorns was like a personal 9/11 every Saturday.   Every Sunday morning, the team, the coaches, the fans, faced a pile of debris and to spend that week rebuilding as best they could.    But their best wasn’t good enough.   The vicious, cycle of losing would be repeated the following Saturday and then every Saturday after that.  It wasn’t until  A&MO(God forbid)  injected the lethal dose of Zyklon B into Horns’ shower stalls of doom this past Thanksgiving, that the season mercifully ended.  Perhaps  I should say, that was when it  “officially” ended.   For me and countless fans, it terminated much earlier…with that abortion called the UCLA game in October.

I would advise Mack Brown to read  “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu.   I would recommend that Garrett Gilbert transfer to a smaller school and to the fans and burnt orange bloods, well you have no choice BUT to accept the fact that every once in a while, something defeated this way comes.    And it could be making a trip back around next fall, so be prepared.

Gotta go.

There’s the cutest soutache shirt on sale at; the Ghosthunters are chasing a scary black mass in an abandoned insane asylum and there’s a chicken pot pie in my kitchen’s miniature Three Mile Island cooking unit with my name on it.

But just in case:   GO STEELERS!!!!   Have to;  Daddy got money on ya.


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