American Idle????

No, not  this season.

Not for me and certainly not for about three thousand residents of Karnes City, Texas.  

If you’re a fairly regular reader of mine or know me from my on air stints, the name of this sleepy South Texas  berg might sound a bit familiar.  That’s because it’s my hometown which I’ve written about countless times.   But tonight,  KC reached a prominence that far exceeds this blog’s abilities.   You see,  “American Idol” featured auditions from  Austin and that was where this young, tall, good-looking, polite as hell cowboy in a green shirt gave it his Karnes City best and sang a Brooks and Dunn song for judges  Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Selena. 

They loved John Wayne Schulz and as a result, he’s goin’ to Hollywood,  Dawg!!!!

I left Karnes City after graduating from high school in 1977 .  That said,  I know of his family.  His uncle, Jonathan was an usher in  my sister Kathy’s wedding and his aunt Pam was in my sister Karol’s class.   I came back in 1998 to be a celebrity judge for a beauty pageant and a very young John Wayne sang when the contestants were changing outfits or something.  I remember him being talented, even as a kid.   Thirteen years have passed since laying eyes on that child, but I can tell you, especially after his sucessful AI audition,  I’m very proud of him.   As a former Karnes City resident, I would have to be—it’s the law.    But seriously, I am.  He’s a force to be reckoned with.   He’s very talented and has a lovely, sweet but confident countenance about him and his back story; the one that let the world know that  years ago, he promised his very ill mother that one day, he’d try out for “Idol” ….is the kind of producers LOVE, especially this season

So, when the time comes to vote, I ask each and every one of my readers to please consider John Wayne Schultz  for “American Idol”, the future pride of Karnes City.  

Karnes City's OTHER Native Child

I think he’ll serve the city well and will do us all proud.  

And in turn, KC  must honor him in any way it can, regardless of how far he gets on the show.

I can only hope the Dairy Queen will create a JOHN WAYNE HUNGERBUSTER.

A street should be renamed John Wayne Way.   And yes, it should be adjacent to Laurie Kendrick Lane.

Or that The Market BBQ, 208 E. Calvert in downtown KC, makers of THEE BEST BBQ EVER PRODUCED and currently open Fridays and Saturdays for your dining in or take out pleasure (call 830. 780.3841 to place an order; catering also available) will serve one of its enticing, tender, mouth-watering  briskets in John Wayne’s honor  every weekend…with a side of Schulz sauce.

Maybe Red Ewald will name a type of fiberglass compound after him.

And perhaps, KC will allow the biggest celebrity homage of all:   this coming football season, the mighty Karnes City High School Badger band will form a likeness of his face on the field during a half time performance in the game against arch rival, Kenedy.   Or then again,  maybe they’ll just form one of his nostrils.   

I hear the band is considerably smaller these days.   


Good luck,  John!!!




  1. Your article brought back so many fond memories. I lived in KC for several years – worked as school secretary for Carlos Baker – first child born at the hospital (now gone). I loved that town and the wonderful people. Friday night football was a religion along with Sunday a.m. church.

  2. Kaye,

    That’s funny. Is the cannon still there? If I remember correctly it used to get a little crowded.
    Laurie-you are correct-I am proud of John Wayne & I never met him. KC pride I guess. Never goes away.

  3. Kaye — I have a picture of YOU on the cannon….
    I’ve had several queries about this guy and if I know him. Never heard of him, but felt sure the 7 degrees of separation applied here. Thanks Laurie for bringing it full circle.

  4. The judges Randy, Steven Tyler AND SELENA??? Took me a second to wrap that in my head, when the dust settled, I laughed my ass off.

    Funny stuff, LK. I wish the kid well. Looks like there’s something in the water over in Karnes City that helps create and foster talent. Now, tell me that you can sing and then tell me that John Wayne Schulz is funny and I’ll believe this talent pool 100 percent.

  5. I bawled like a baby during his performance because I wanted something beautiful to come out of his mouth and it did. Not from Karnes City, but at State Fair of Texas and Fort Worth Stock Show, the Karnes City signs are all over the place where fine animals are displayed. Proud Cowboy Community.

  6. I know this is an older post, but I just found it. As the assistant director for the KCHS Mighty Badger Band, all I can say is we’ll give it a go at trying to do our part in tribute to Mr. Schulz. And BTW, we’ll have about 80 members in the marching band this upcoming year, so maybe we can do a little bit more than ONE nostril…..maybe both.


    Mr. Jones;

    I am a writer, currently living in Houston. My forte is comedy. What I wrote about the KC band and Mr. Schulz was indeed tongue in cheek. I’m assuming from the comment you left in my blog that you took it as such. At least I hope you did.

    I am a multi generational Karnes City native. As residents my family (the Crews and Kendrick clans) go back four generations. I know that city and the county of Karnes like the back of my hand (except for Runge).

    I graduated from KCHS in 1977 and was in band since 5th grade. I learned how to play clarinet by one of the all time masters of the baton, Mr. Herb Karnau who lead the Badger band to 13 consecutive Sweepstakes. Granted, he left in the early 70’s, but those who learned to play under his tutelage carried on the winning tradition. We won every year I was in the KC school system.

    I can’t remember how large the band was when I graduated, but it was in a steady decline membership wise. I lost track of all things “Badger” after 1977. I moved on, as we’re supposed to do and went to college, graduated and spent the last 28 years pursuing a career in TV, radio and print.

    Eighty members? Congrats. I’m glad to hear that there’s a resurgence in the program. I am a Right Brainer…I love creativity and making music is part of the creative package. Music and art should always be part of every curriculium.

    And lastly, force some of Karnes City’s newfound oil and gas millionaires to donate some of that Eagle Ford Shale money and send you guys to band camp—in Hawaii. I think you’ll have 200 members if that’s the case.

    Continued success with the program.

    And here’s to nostrils.


  7. I absolutely took it in the way you intended. This is why computers should be equipped with tone.

    Mr. Karnau is a fantastic director, who I’ve had the pleasure to play under when he leads the “Badger Comeback” class reunions each year. I just wanted to let you know about our resurgence because for too many years since I’ve been here, your comments in the blog weren’t too far off the mark. I’ll leave you with an invitation to come play in the comeback band any year you so desire, and know that I will fully pursue having our next band camp funded by some fat-cat oil tycoon in Hawaii. If that happens, I’ll be sure to reserve you a ticket as “special woodwind instructor in charge of room service and beach quality control!”


    Mr Nathan Sir;

    I accept your invitation–both of them. I will be there for the Comeback with bells on. I had a Buffet at one time, but lost it somewhere in my life as an adult and to be honest, haven’t picked up a clarinet since May of 1977 but I’m rather musically gifted, if I say so myself. I think I can still play a note of two….I’m no Pete Fountain..but, well, you know.

    I am sincerely pleased to hear of the band’s rebirth. I would also hope that all this oil and gas money will result in a much improved tax base for KCISD, allowing the District to make evern more changes across the board. For the band; for the school in general.

    In fact, I’ll be in Karnes City in mid June for a big family reunion. I knowschool will be out for the summer, but I’ll go by the Band Hall and honk. A very special (READ: significant) relationship was fostered in that room and on the piano bench of the adjacent auditorium in late spring of 1975. That part of the school will always hold a special place in my heart. If they ever tear it down, please save me a brick.

    Well, continued success. Keep me posted on how things are progressing. I hope to make a football game next year…and remember, to form the perfect John Wayne Schulz pair of nostrils on the field requires a count sheet, a score broken into phrases indicating moves in the routine routine and of course, Pyware 3D Java software on your PC.


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