Trippin’ Without The Acid

You can, you know and you can access the excess of druggies and Hippies  without those pesky dealers with a very cool visual vehicle called cenesthetic hallucination.

I’m not how or why this works…Jethro Bodine  got the last open spot  in Brain Surgeon class…but I can tell you that cenesthetics are the general feelings that inhabit one’s body which arise from multiple stimuli from various bodily organs.    As for halluicinations, well chances are if you read this blog or know me at all, I know you  KNOW what a hallucination is.

Anyway, take a gander at the video below but follow the instructions.  It is weird.

Look at the center of the screen for a full 30 seconds and then look at your hand holding the mouse.

Ttimothy Leary would be so proud.

Cool, huh? 

Let me know what you think. 

And uh…happy landing!!!!




  1. This is so cool! I remember first seeing this in the late 70s but it was done in a different way. In an Omni magazine there was a circle about the size of a 45 record with an elaborate design that resembled a spiral. It wasn’t a true spiral using one stroke starting in the middle and winding outward. It was made of several, maybe many, that were somehow very tightly intertwined. You cut it out from the page, made a hole in the center and put it on the turntable of your record player. I don’t remember what speed was recommended. Probably 45.

    Remember how a regular spinning spiral looks to be either moving in or out? Well this did both. I think it went in, then out, then in, then out . . . It created the exact same effect but not nearly as good as this one. This (the really good stuff) lasts way, way much longer.

    It said that this effect is directly related to the effect you’d see by staring at a large waterfall long enough. In that case, when you look away everything appears to move upward. I remember trying this at Niagra Falls but damn, I can’t remember if it worked.

  2. I got nothin’!

    I did, however, feel like I was plummeting through a birth canal to Moby. Then I tried to count the boxes. Then I decided to keep my eyes on the road cuz it’s snowing and I didn’t want to have to explain to a state trouper why our foster kid has a WWE action figure of Batista jammed in his eyeball.

    Keep up the good work, yo!

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