The Insane Blame Game

I’m not a political zealot.  I will opine on the climate in the country from time to time, but that’s about it. 

And I’m not one for political rigidity, either.  When I wave  an American flag,  I don’t think about my arm going too far left or too far right.   I just wave it.    And frankly, I’m a bit turned off when I witness the silly vitriol spewed from either side of the political fence.     I say this as a woman who aligns herself politically with Republican party, but not completely and certainly, not lately.  Sometimes I feel that I lean Republican because I’m so turned off by the Democrats.   This is nothing new; I’ve written about my growing disdain many times.   I hate that the party has morphed into something so unpleasant.  It consists of hypocrites, whiners and finger pointers.  Dems have become masters at asessing blame and sloughing off responsibility for their own political missteps.   The Clintons and James Carville I think, have  played major roles in the runination of the party and that began in the early 90’s.    Sadly, the conniving continues.

And right now,  that’s evident with what’s happening in the wake of the tragic shootings in Arizona.  There are several Liberals with public pulpits who are  attempting in the most outlandish ways, to push their anti Conservative agendas by linking  lunatic killer Jared Loughner to the Tea Party.  The Tea Party is getting hit  hard because of its so-called “militant rhetoric”.  Sarah Palin is getting her fair share of criticism, too for that PAC target image she used.   I’m decidedly not a Palin fan and while I feel this and her ” “Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD”  Tweet comment were over the top, they certainly weren’t meant to be taken seriously.

To blame Palin is to also blame Target stores and the cross hairs logo they use.   Incendiary, right?     And while we’re at it, let’s demand that reruns of the sitcom “Just Shoot Me” be pulled.    And by all means,  let’s get ALL McCarthy on the movie, “Top Gun”.

But I ask you, how is what Palin said any worse than something  The Daily Kos posted recently?  It’s my understanding that this leftist litter box published an article recently in which the author stated that  “Gabrielle Gifford was “dead to me.”   The headline  read: “My CongressWOMAN voted against Nancy Pelosi! And is now DEAD to me! ”   The article was rife with complaint after complaint about the Giffords.    I understand it has since been pulled.

But we don’t hear anything about that, do we?   I abhor the double standard. 

Conservatives didn’t kill those six people in Tuscon.  Loughner did and he did it because he’s insane.   He needed crazed grandiosity and fed that need by grabbing headlines with his murderous intent.   Oh yes, he is most definitely insane and I say that without any formal education in human behavior.  It’s obvious.   The  killer’s political  ideology is incoherent and certainly not anchored on either the left or the right.   And seriously, what difference would  political affiliation make in this case?   What would it matter?   If someone goes to a political rally in front of a Safeway in Tuscon and kills six people and wounds 15 others, shouldn’t the title “insane” matter far more than whether he or she is a Republican or Democrat?  

He is crazy…nuts.  He’s a whack job in search of a padded cell.   Well, he certainly found what he was looking for and sadly, it came with a horrific price tag attached.  Therefore, this has more to do with a psychologically fractured man who consistently fell through the cracks of a fractured system than gun control.

Want to place blame somewhere?   I say health care is ripe for the picking.


  1. What infuriates me to ridiculous lengths is how the left in the United States was so ready to politicize this tragedy for whatever gain they were ready to pursue. Be it muzzling radio broadcasting with the “‘Fairness’ Doctrine”, imposing further gun control measures, demonizing the “inflammatory rhetoric” of the Tea Party or whatever aim they had, the Liberals didn’t wait for the corpses to get cold before they began invoking the tragedy to their political gain. The Lib media would have called Conservatives out for this–and they should have! It’s disgusting; truly the lowest behavior one could witness in the wake of such a horrific event. May those affected by the shootings in whatever manner receive peace.

    Seriously, how many Tea Party members consider “The Communist Manifesto” one of their favorite books?

  2. Right on, Laurie.

    BTW, that Daily Kos article wasn’t a few months ago…it was TWO DAYS prior to the shooting. And it was pulled within hours of the tragedy…now it’s back:!-And-is-now-DEAD-to-me

    The author feels bad. AWWW. And now the author denies this as an example of “vitriol”, though it’s OK to continue to claim that the “right wing” is guilty of “hate”, but he’s not.

    And I say…there was never anything wrong with his headline. Nobody is claming that this Kosjerk caused the shooting…and I defend his right to post whateverthehell headline he wants…but don’t post this and then blame Palin/TeaParty for the “vitriol” that caused the shooting.

  3. I disagree somewhat.

    Palin didn’t shoot anyone and it isn’t right to BLAME her, though I think this is a strawman argument as no sane person can blame her person directly. What we can say is that her rhetoric is comparable to leftist extremists.

    Michelle Malkin had a very thorough report on the rhetoric of leftist extremists here and I guess it sort of serves as a defense for Palin, but it mostly works as an indictment. It shows that Palin is no different from people who photoshop threats and who comment anonymously on leftist blog forums. Think about it, this woman has a following, and she was a breath away from being the vice president of the United States. If you compare her to DailyKos then she deserves every bit of the crap she’s getting.

    Imagine if I posted a crude list of people with targets over them on my facebook page, and the names next to the targets were some of your family members, and imagine that I had thousands and thousands of followers. Now imagine a crazy shaved gunman shoots one of the names on my list, one of your family members. Would you blame me? Maybe not, but WHY WOULD I BE GIVING CRAZY PEOPLE ANY IDEAS? What’s the difference between me and Palin? I guess I have more sense.


    Hello KJ,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I think what Palin did was tasteless. I think the Daily Kos produces tasteless better than anyone on the planet. I don’t like either, but I’m not going to sit here and idict them for their Constitutional right to print what they want. Tasteless and galling as it might be, this is the work of a madman. His impetus to kill and main comes from a skewed pathology, not the Daily Kos or that stupid woman from Alaska. To think otherwise is like blaming one of those old Lucky Charm’s animated commercials for the broken leg of a kid who jumped off the roof of his house with an umbrella expecting to float gently down to the ground like the leprechaun did in the advert. It’s not real. Neither were the cross hairs placed over of Palin’s political opponents and the DK author didn’t mean Giffords was actually dead to him..or her. This is poetic license and free speech. My problem is that Daily Kos wasn’t called on the same carpet.

    And just so you know, I think Michelle Malkin is galling and doesn’t represent what’s left of my rapidly dwindling Republican leanings.

    As for Loughner, his hate and rage was in full bloom long before Palin or the Tea Party ever entered the national consciousness. In a safe in his home, investigators found a letter from 2007 from Giffords to Loughner with the words “Die, bitch” and “Die, cops” scrawled on it. True, the attack occured three years later but again, this is a mad man who would’ve killed no matter if Giffords was a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or 9th Level Mage.

    This shooting has prompted two tragedies. One of course, being the loss of life and the other is a polarizing reflexive reaction and one that was created with every intention to further an agenda–and that’s to continue this wholesale assault on the Republican party. But sadly, that’s what the Left does so very often. It tears down others instead of bolstering itself. Guess that’s much easier then exerting effort or taking responsibility.

    The New York Times Op/Ed section, the Daily Kos, Paul Krugman and Andrew Sullivan need to on start issuing some apologies.

    Namely for being lazy.


  4. Yes, the blamestorming is nauseating. I’m a ‘lefty’ but I agree with you ‘righties’ on this. Maybe this tragic event will soften some of the rancor. Weak minds feed off of the highly charged polarity that characterizes what the press keeps spewing as ‘our debate’.

    Politics is a means to achieve national goals, but the press portrays it as a zero-sum game. The 24/7/365 ‘news cycle’ focuses on differences when we need more than ever to concentrate on our shared goals and beliefs.

    Our nation was founded on some very lofty ideas and our founders put an amazing amount of thought into designing a governmental mechanism that would endure and hopefully defeat the well-known foes of human history, greed, fear, and hatred.

    Closing lines from President Lincoln’s inaugural address:

    In your hands, my dissatisfied fellow-countrymen, and not in mine, is the momentous issue of civil war. The Government will not assail you. You can have no conflict without being yourselves the aggressors. You have no oath registered in heaven to destroy the Government, while I shall have the most solemn one to “preserve, protect, and defend it.”

    I am loath to close. We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.

  5. I can begin first from a point of agreement. I think it is ludicrous to try and assign a clear political ideology to Loughner. His book list includes the Communist Manifesto, Animal Farm, Brave New World, an Ayn Ryand novel, Farheinheit 451, and the rants of a madman in Mein Keimpf. These are books with conflicting points of view, but a common subject: organization and control. His videos were nonsense fueled by the overextension of logic drawn from if-then statements. Now, where we begin to differentiate is in our own political affiliations.

    I consider myself liberal, but far from a member deeply entrenched in the far reaches of the wing (I actually believe political parties are apart of a circle, not a wing). Essentially, I am certainly not a rank and file member of a straight Democratic ticket on issues. This means I prefer to actually discuss the issue and find where my opinions lie in comparison to the person with whom I am talking.

    Is it silly that I took a paragraph to qualify my politics? Yes, but, these days (in fact, dating back over the past few years, dating back to my repulsion with the invasion of Iraq) it feels necessary. Just as you feel there has been an assault on the right, I feel there has been an assault on the left since way back in 1992.

    Thus, what I find most interesting in your writings is the assailing of the “left.” I find it interesting not because I feel that I can clearly say you are wrong, but because I have the same reaction, but about the “right”. Where you find the left to be “hypocrites, whiners and finger pointer,” I find the same denouncement of the conservative establishment.

    Perhaps this stems from mutual positions closer to the moderate end of our respective parties. I ignore the Olberman’s, Maddow’s, and Daily Kos, but am willing to listen to far more moderate commentators and bastions of common sense. Skipping ahead a couple blog posts, you state the same sentiment about the O’Reilly’s and Beck’s.

    Now, this is not some pandering for common ground, but an observation. Might we be defining our own generic views of our political brothers and sisters in only the views we choose to light in our political parties, yet be defining our opposition by the whole of their political community? You ignore Beck and I do not read Daily Kos. You see the whining from the professional left commentary and I see the hypocrisy from the professional right commentary. I am sure we could go tit for tat, revealing site for site, writer for writer, pundit for pundit, ugly incident for ugly incident, etc.


    Hello Brian,

    Thank you and welcome. I appreciate your reasoned response.

    It all boils down to this: You see it your way and I see it my way. We agree to disagree…trite as that sounds.

    But I will admit before you and anyone else that my “right” leanings are being and have been tested for some time now. Will I return to my days as card carrying Democrat? No, not if the party continues on as it is. The problem is that I still see it as a party of finger pointers and whiners and it does little to change my opinion. And I didn’t honestly didn’t alter my course of thinking willingly; the Democratic party did it for me. Well, that and as a broadcaster, Clinton signing the Telecommunications Act, in 1996 certainly didn’t help.

    I can however still pick and choose a few things from the a party that I like…a veritable one from Column A and ftwo from Column B sort of thing. That said, I’m a social Democrat to some degree, but I feel most of the programs that I once lauded and supported are now seriously fragmented, but that’s due mostly to to bi-partisan negligence. The uber flawed welfare system comes to mind.

    I agree with you in that I too can see the hypocrisy eminating from the right and make no mistake; at times it is glaring. But I can also trip over the copious amounts that the left spews forth. Both parties have become very petty and quite mean spirited. Indignancy has run amock and I don’t know when that happened. When did civility exit partisan politics? I regret that it has.

    As a result, the true essence of the typical and historical Capital Hill greeting and salutation, “The gentleman from (insert state here)” is quite a thing of the past.


    You are welcome back to my blog anytime.


  6. LK,

    Thank you for not only posting, but replying to my comment. I quite enjoy this discourse and take great pleasure reading an opposing view.

    In fact I began writing a reply, but found myself writing veering off topic. Revisiting the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and noting it passed as a bill with overwhelming support from the president in the oval office and the GOP and the remaining Democrats (Sen Larry Pressler, a Republican from South Dakota, initially sponsored the bill) in Congress, There was some opposition, but that came from a handful of Northern liberals (like myself I suppose), an Independent, and John McCain. I found myself recounting that final experience that closed the door to me ever even considering becoming a Republican (a woman trying to create an impression using overly simplistic logic to link gun control to Hitler to Clinton on this young mind while I worked the register at a toy store).

    The topic is that we have fundamental differences in political opinion, but both seem to recognize that each side spews disturbing rhetoric and confounding calls to action. I find the cure to be quite simple. Talk to a real person from the other side (not a person making a living working for a political party). I live in Chicago and have friends in and out of the city, so I can find these people (Illinois is a purple state with the city a strong blue, the suburbs shade of purple with a particularly strong red hue, and the rest of the state a deep red).

    The other cure is impossible, at least right now. Essentially, each political party draws out each piece of legislation into a venerable war fought for political points. Each concession is considered a battle wound. I, and I am sure you, would like to see both sides work with each to instead try and create the best possible bill for the people.

    So, to avoid the assertion of fine print, overly complicated legalese, and the atrophic effects of defunding programs, we should switch from a two party system to a three to four party system. Suddenly primaries are not won by appealing to the extreme and rhetoric becomes far more based in reality. The more liberal or conservative party would be forced to dial it down, lest they wish to lose even more of its base to an overwhelming party (or two) of moderation.

    There you go, just an idea and some musings from a guy on the Internet.



    Well Brian;

    I will never be that kind of woman who (regardless of political affiliation) will ever try to “fix” anyone’s views. I have a rabidly Liberal brother-in-law who feels that if you’re not A Democrat, you’re mentally ill. He teeters on extremism and is hardly a good example for me to talk to much less talk about.

    Having been in broadcast news (TV, radio and print) for the past 30 years, I find that I’m growing bored with politics. I have certain opinions and I use this platform to voice them and years ago, I would go round and round with people who tried to “fix” my political mal occlusions. The arguments would be extremely heated and mean and my temper would rise. And what would ensue? High blood pressure and insults regarding our mothers and their virture would be lobbed at each other. It got ugly. Very, very ugly.

    Well, I just don’t want to engage in that particular kind of discourse anymore. The negativity is draining. So, yes..I believe in avoidance more than I ever have and at 51, I feel I’ve earned that right. Maybe I’ve gotten lazy..maybe I’ve gotten soft.

    And maybe it’s just not that important anymore—no longer vital being “right” and I mean that figurately and literally.

    You see, I’m at a very strange place. I won’t bore you with details but suffice it to say that many changes are afoot for me no, not one of them hinges on any kind of chomosomal coding. That, like my menopause-expanded butt, is all behind me now.

    The truth is, my attention is scattered because of these changes and as a result, I just don’t know how much of the term “blogger” I have left in my personal stash of pronouns. The process is becoming laborious and not as fun or fulfilling as it once was, so in the waning weeks I might have left, I will probably go back to my comedic roots and stay there until I determine who and what I want to be in this, my life’s Third Act.

    Please come back from time to time as I try to wax comedic. You might like my stuff; you might not. Admittedly, I won’t always hit every ball d’ hoot out of the park, but I will take a concerted swing at everything tossed my way.

    I have to–you see, effort comprises part of the politics of life.


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