Prince William: What Happened???


I’m going to risk coming across as extremely shallow and petty.   Why?  Because the question must be asked:  what happened to Prince William’s looks? 

I’m not a fan, nor do I follow his antics, but when I saw a recent photo of Wills and his newly betrothed, I thought… sheesh.  

I can remember at one time finding the lad somewhat cute and physically appealing.    I remember when he looked like the next photo.  He still had his mother good looks.  Tall, thin….coltish.   His forehead still looked normal and much less elongated and encelphalitic.

He began his life looking like the Spencer side of the family.   Now he’s looking more like a Windsor and I’m sorry about that.

I don’t know when this photo was taken, but it was obviously during a time that was physically kinder to the man whose second in line to the British throne.

But something happened.  He’s now first in line for a little Rogaine.

 As you can see, the Prince is losing his hair.  

 Not just one or two jumpers.  From the looks of it, it’s exiting his scalp en mass. 

Now, spare me the insults. I know I’m not perfect and far be it from me to imply that male pattern baldness isn’t attractive.  I’m not saying that.   In fact,  I know some roguishly handsome cue ball heads.  It’s just that I doubt Prince William could or would ever be one of them.   

Not now, anyway.

And really, it goes beyond the sparse elephant hair with a two-inch span between each single strand.   What I’m really talking about is his face and body.  He’s face is gaunt, he looks thin and lanky…kind of dweebish, actually.   I guess he hasn’t aged well.   He’s what?  Twenty-eight now?  Sometimes that happens.  Great looking kids become beastly looking adults.  And while he’s  not Steve Buscemi homely,  or even anywhere near that level, he’s hardly the fetching young man he used to be.

Still a Prince yes, but also a current member of “The Heir Club”.    

And before I put this bad boy to bed, let’s discuss younger brother, Harry.   The red-head is apparently a piece of work.  All that red hair…freckles,    the impish grin. 

Let’s take a look at the Brothers Windsor side by side, shall we?

Yep,  both have similar eyes and they share that pronounced British proboscis.  I can see a definite family resemblance……but as half brothers????

This has been discussed many times before and tongues have wagged over this rumor for as long as Harry has been alive.   As the story goes,  Harry is Charles’ son.   He’s James Hewitt’s.    

Hewitt  is a former British Army officer, who had an affair with Princess Diana for five years which ultimately ended in 1992. 

As mentioned, it’s been a popular speculation for decades that Hewitt is the biological father of Prince Harry, something Hewitt has denied.  He once told The Sunday Mirror that  when he met Diana, Harry was already a toddler. 

But the resemblance between them is uncanny.  Hewitt is a red-head and so his Harry….but so are many members of the Spencer family.  There was a story that perhaps even Diana had her doubts and or wanted to quell the rumors and she had a blood test performed on Harry to end speculation,  but results were never published.  There has even been a plot to steal some of Harry’s hair for the same purpose.

And Harry is something of a wild child.  Quite the player.  If you remember, he got in trouble for dressing like Hitler or a Nazi SS officer for Halloween (I can’t remember which…not that it really mattered when it comes to being offensive….especially coming from “a Royal”).   He’s also shot off his mouth for various things and opened it wide enough to place his foot in, too. 

Does the apple fall far from the tree?    Shortly after Diana’s death, Hewitt tried to sell his sixty personal letters from Diana for £10 million.  I don’t think there were very many takers.

Then again, there is a resemblance between Harry and Charles….kind of.    

There’s also a resemblance between Harry and his grandfather, Prince Phillip when he was much  younger

But you still can’t deny that out of all the men  just mentioned, Harry looks an awful lot like James Hewitt

If he is a Hewitt, that makes him a bastard and historically speaking, the entire British monarchy has always been filthy with bastard children;  kids born to royal mistresses, horny courtesans and the relationship by-products of chevalier servants like Hewitt was to Diana.   

 But after all these years, what does it matter if Harry is a true Windsor or a Hewitt?    He’s the third in line to the succession of the thrones of 16 sovereign states;  behind his father and older brother.   He’s the proverbial spare to the heir.  Harry’s paternity is of no consequence to me.  I would imagine very few would care one way or the other.   Besides…and I saw this not as a conspiracy freak; just someone who has a grasp on how the world works.    Test results can be altered, as can backstories.   Dates can be changed or eliminated with a keystroke with little to no chance of tracing who struck the key.  Records are just as easily destroyed.    

Lies are the stuff of life for the agenda driven.



  1. I so was thinking that yesterday when I saw that first pic you posted in a magazine at the grocery stores. I though, “Wait wasn’t he suppose to be good looking?”
    Crazy. Maybe that’s why its like NOW lets get married.

  2. they took william and had cosmetic surgery done on him to downplay his looks, the royals are all homely and they don’t like having goodlooking relatives at the dinner table as it makes them look even uglier, so in order not to be disinherited william agreed to surgery which made the royals more comfortable.

  3. I think your article is shallow and hurtful. Everyone gets older with any luck and there looks change. I guess he could get fix the problem of losing hair because money is not an issue with him. Maybe he is comfortable with being himself. Which by the way is very refreshing in these days.


  4. It is what it is, I have to agree that Prince William is now looking… a little less striking than he did as a late teenager/ early 20-something. But I commend him for letting his hair go, not all guys can afford Rogain or transplants or rugs, it’s nice to see someone who can afford these options be fine with losing his hair. This being said, he looks very striking in a beard, he ought to take a cue from King Edward VII and King George V and wear one. And as for the paternity of Prince Harry, I have five siblings and we don’t all look alike, but when going back in family photos, we can see resemblances to other relatives. And Harry has the same profile as The Queen, so he’s a Windsor all right.

  5. I was wondering if I was the only one really taking notice to this, as major new outlets have not even mention his drastic change. What is it? I believe they are so eager to ensure access to coverage that they do not want to down grade the obvious. Can Prince William’s change be attributed to the stress from the media coverage?!

  6. i just saw his latest video where he visited darwen and he looks much more skinnier than when he announced engagement. you can obviously see it on his face, his cheek is gone..

    i try googling and you were the only one mentioning about this. it’s weird that tabloid didn’t make this into an issue. too busy shooting katie not so waiting anymore

  7. Prince William can get back his good by eating good food and can easily get his hair back too…i see many people come back with great hair

  8. Oh how i agree. It was once an unarguable fact that he was georgeous. It has nothing to do with the fact that he is in line for the royal crown (that was just a bonus), but he could have actually gotten paid for his good looks for acting or even modeling in his late teens and early twenties. I remember one day just flipping through the channels and thinking to myself “good lord! what happened to prince william?”. It wasn’t just his receding hairline, it was his face as well. His once chiseled face now looks lumpy and pasty. His brother (or half-brother depending on which version of the story you agree) has moved from the back seat to the front as the looker. Prince William’s choice in Kate Middleton seems to be a great one because she looks at him with complete admiration and love. His looks seem to not matter to her. Perhaps she will always see him as the handsome school boy she once fell in love with. Good thing since I see his looks deteriorating further into extinction. The screams of the young girls for Prince William are barely heard these days. On the occasion you do hear one or two, it’s usually just the past calling. They want their Royal hearthrob back.

  9. They’ve both always been ugly. Women just see the money and titles and swoon.

  10. Actually, The ginger one’s parentage is of rather a lot of significance. He’s currently third in line and if his brother croaks before him and before fathering a child, he’s got the top job when Charles dies (if he becomes king). Since the throne can only pass down a blood line his parentage comes into sharp focus. If he isn’t Charles son, he has no right to be in line. Period. (Actually, his eyes are very close together like Charles’s and apart from the hair colour and the mush for a brain, he doesn’t resemble Hewitt much at all. But as a republican, I’m all for stirring it up with the royals!)

  11. Hasn’t anyone noticed that the first child often resembles the father and the second child usually looks like the mother? I see this frequently! As an American I see William and Kate as bright spots in the world which seems to be crumbling all around us. Harry is a bright spot in his own way and I wish the three of them only the best and that they live very long lives!

  12. Enough is enough I hope he is Charles son with all embarrasment caused by the British royal this should be it.Wow!Cant imagine he is a bastard and if it comes to it he’ll be a king???Diana for God’s sake a married woman out on affair with another man.Why is this world full of filthy and disgusting stuffs.Harry should be Charles son

  13. Poor Prince Harry – enough is enough and if Prince Charles accepts him as his son, we all should. Queen Elizabeth should take a step out of Queen Beatrix’s book and abdicate soon. Long live King Charles!

  14. That some people thought in Biblical times that men’s strength is reflected in their hair(do) already sounded silly, that people still are making an issue out of it in 2013 is… slightly ridiculous. Let nature go its way, but judge a man on his actions, not on how age is leaving marks. Hats of to the prince for not caring about plastic surgery or other ridiculous interventions. Nothing as ridiculous as an “Operation Elton J.” … It’s not the prince or other balding men who have to change anything, it’s the people who seem upset by this who have to grow up…

  15. The least William could do is get his teeth whitened. The Brits seem to have an aversion to nice teeth and the dark Yellows color makes his face look even more sallow. Some interesting reading on the Royal blood line in interveiw with Greg Hallet.

  16. UGLY upside down head on William. He’s always been ugly just like that entire heinous inbred hideous looking family. The ugliest royals on Earth. And Kate is a mumbling nitwit.

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