Prince Billy Is Gettin’ Hitched

I will risk offending  the very Anglican Realm by wishing Prince William a very heartfelt mozol tov for his impending nuptials.   

He’ll  marry his longtime girlfriend, Kate Middleton.  The couple met while attending the extremely prestigious British university,  St. Andrew’s several years ago.  That means Middleton, while not a royal, is of the well-heeled (and I would surmise the well wheeled, too) division of British subjects.   That makes her “acceptable”.   Both are 28.

 As matches go, I like this one.   It’s not that I know the couple, but there’s something about them that just seems to shout “right”.   Some couples you can take a look at…even as they stand at the altar reciting their vows….and be able to see through the flowers, lace, smiles and promises, that there’s a huge disconnect somewhere in their relationship.  

The thought of deciding to marry someone, standing in front of friends and family and God, I suppose and then looking at the man whose hand you hold,  while reciting pledges and promises to love him through better or worse, richer for poorer till death do we  WE part, amid thee most nagging pangs of doubt,  creates intestinal distress of the splatter art variety.

I guess William and Kate must feel OK about it.   They’re doing either the spring or summer of next year, I hear.

The royal wedding will no doubt,  take place with tremendous royal fervor.  Prince William is second in line to the throne which I do believe he will ascend to in my lifetime.   His grandmother, Elizabeth the Second, is like a Sequoia;  she’s a tough old bird who at 80, just won’t quit much,  less die.  Bessy will hold on to that crown for as long as she can…and I wonder why.   She’s reigned through menses,  through postpartum, menopause and probably now through what has to be the earliest stages of senility.   

What keeps that crown place?  The sticky epoxy known as ego???

I look at Prince Charles and I just can’t see him on the throne.  A toilet yes; the royal one at  Buckingham Palace?  No.   I guess it’s because I don’t have an iota of respect for him.   It’s my guess (or rather my hope) that he’ll just let William ascend the throne and just be content to be the King Father or whatever it’s called.   I wonder if because of Charles’ calamitous marriage to the much beloved Diana, his affair with Flicka Camilla, and his own bad PR issues, if this isn’t exactly what the House of Windsor actually wants.  Perhaps this is the reason why Liz is hanging on…she’s waiting for William to come of age, marry, settle down, then toss him the crown, bypassing her eldest child completely.   

I don’t think Charles has any interest in any of that royal nonsense.  I think he’s finally actually happy with his life and at sixty something, I wouldn’t blame him for wanting to bypass all that royal hoopla and just keep living a nice cushy life at the expense of his Mother and/or son’s British subjects.

And why the Brits tolerate supporting a family of traditional figureheads  is beyond me.

Anyway, happy wedding, Kate and Wills.  And I wish you a happy marriage, too.   It won’t be easy in the fish bowl that will be your lives together.    I don’t know what kind of love you have or will have, but I like what I see between you.  She’s cute and looks appropriately polished.  He’s handsome and well, a Windsor.  They’ve both waited and have placed a little life under their belts.  I want to believe there’s some staying power in their  union.   

I am actually quite a silly, romantic despite my jaded writing.  I am scared to death of the business of marriage, but I do believe that it can be real and wonderful…just, perhaps, not for me.  My examples of it were terribly skewed while growing up and I can’t unlearn what I learned– that marriage vows are expendable.  That’s been hard to shake, especially since most of my friends are divorced or in second marriages.     Discounting the fact that they’re a royal couple, I want to believe this couple is real, that they share some genuine love under all that pomp and paparazzi and that despite the innumerable odds that are against them, they can survive..  

At least, I hope they can.  I think Diana is looking down and smiling.

Or if you share Queen Elizabeth’s alleged negative opinion,  Diana is looking up and


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