Remembering Mark

It would’t be an exaggeration at all to say that we as a collective, were bowled over by the news of Mark Stevens’ death.   The shock of losing someone like Mark who was to so many people, a broadcast legend among legends, takes ones breath away.    As his partner, Jim Pruett so eloquently put it, a few days have passed and that’s allowed the oxygen to return to our lungs.

We can breathe again.

Still, there’s a void in both the comedy and broadcast worlds today.  It’s like the Universe’s broad, approving smile–the one that countless Uncle Waldos created–is missing a bicuspid.   Instead of going to that great cosmic dentist (and let’s face it, it has to be a BITCH to get an appointment with that cat), it’s up to us to fill that void and we can do it through collecting our memories and pooling our loving sentiments.

I was informed today that a special message board has been created for Mark.  I would ask that every Groove Dog, every stripper, lesbian, each large breasted female exhibitionist who used him and the show for your 15 minutes of fame, every band member whose career he helped launch, every salesperson who sold the S&P show, every coworker that Mark and Jim harrassed;  every fledging comedian and the established ones who appeared on the show  and every  person out there who’s day was ever made better because of Mark and the incredible Stevens and Pruett Show, please click the link belowand leave your loving sentiments.

I  must say this, though:  if there is one bright spot to the sad news that has been Mark’s death, it is that he’s gotten the love, the respect and the accolades he deserves and from all over the globe, might I add.  This is wonderful.  Mark was instrumental in the lives and the careers of so many people.  His role on the show was that of “bad cop” and that rubbed some people (and advertisers) the wrong way, but that was just a persona he had to assume to balance out Jim’s hilarious and zany bafoonery.

True, it was a role he played very, very, VERY, well!!!!!   And uh, we’re talking an Oscar caliber performance people, but I assure you, underneath that gruff but polished, Nieman Marcused veneer, there was a decent and honorable man who had a remarkably large capacity to love.  

Someone who wasn’t familiar with the show or with Mark asked me if his death was timely.   I responded, “Yeah, just before breakfast, I think.” 

That was for you Stevens and here’s to you,  too.  I raise a bottle a Cristal in your honor.  It would be empty..I can’t afford a full one.  You always made more than me, but who’s quibbling????    You were a broadcaster’s broadcaster.   A comedian’s icon.   We will miss you forever.   

And don’t worry—death has done WONDERS for your image.

Much love, always…




  1. I listened to him as a kid on KILT first and later on KLOL. He was amazing–and I’m sure this has hit you particularly hard. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend and for the loss of such a legend. God Bless you Mark!


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