My Indulgence

As I’ve stated many times here in this blog,  I’m not an avid network TV viewer.    And it’s not because I’m some  snob.  I’ve tried…I’ve really tried to embrace what TV wunderkinds like the Steve Levithans and the Aaron Sorkins have to offer, but  to be honest, I’m just not feeling anything.

There are many, many shows which I’ve never seen.   A show’s popularity instantly turns me off.  Once its plot or characters become water cooler fodder, I won’t watch it.   I guess I’m like an iconoclast that way, but it isn’t intentional.   Now, the only exception is “Frasier” and anything else the late  David Angell  was able to create on NBC (namely “Cheers” and “”Wings”).  I loved those shows,  but I was never a fan of “Seinfeld”.  

I’ve never even seen “Friends”.   Erkel and ALF got by me, too.  So did “Full House”.    It was only until around 2004 that I realized the Olsen Twins weren’t interchangeable shills for Folger’s (“It’s mountain grown….the richest kind!”) back in 60’s.

So no, I don’t watch that much network TV.  If it’s on, it’s background noise.

HOWEVER…..I do have one Wednesday night weakness; an indulgence, if you will.    It is my weekly guilty pleasure every late summer/early fall.   And last night, one of my favorite shows was on.  

Let me preface this bold admission with the following disclaimer:  I am an intelligent, well-read, educated woman.  I have keen logic and I am a sensible, rational Ovarian who’s delightfully edgy and rife with piss and vinegar and at my age, rapidly depleting estrogen levels.  That said, I will admit to you before God and a pantheon of Mesopotamian mythological deities, that while I can’t be bothered with space aliens, UFO’s, Big Foot  and vampires–even if Anne Rice herself brought one over to Casa Kendrick for an afternoon of tea and blood sausage, I  wouldn’t care.  No, my supernatural jones centers aroundghosts.

Spirits, spooks, phantasms…..Casper.

I’ve had more than a few experiences which maybe if you’re good, I’ll convey to you this Halloween, but for time being,  suffice it to say that to me, these things that go bump in the night are real. I believe they exist.   So, that’s why I watch “Ghost Hunters” on the SyFy network, every Wednesday night.   Reruns begin at 6pm CST and then continue on with  all new episodes starting at 8:00.

Check your local listings.

It stars Grant and Jason.  They’re two Roto Rooter plumber types who founded “The Atlantic  Paranormal Society” (or TAPS for short) several years ago.   They’re friends and they live in Rhode Island or Jersey or ConnectiWare or one of those original 13 colonies in the Northeast.  They deal with septic systems and PVC pipe together and when they’re not doing that, they investigate  hauntings.  

Their investigations were regional at first.   I suppose they had some credibility in terms of plying  their ghosthunting craft because SyFy offered them a contract for a weekly, one hour show five years ago and it’s done quite well since it’s debut.   Let me put it this way: I think the pair has augured through their last stubborn doo-doo clog.  I do believe hunting for ghosts and corporate sponsors is now their full time gig.

Mozol to them both.

They’re likable, decidedly blue-collar and tattoo types who ask, “What the frig?” when something inexplicably ghostly happens.  Grant Wilson, the younger one with dark brown hair is a gourmet chef (I hear), a piano player and composer and a Mormon…which would explain the “What the frig”, but not the ghost hunting.   I know nothing about the Church of Mormon, but I would think hunting for dead, disembodied spirits would be high up on the Joseph Smith list of no no’s.  

Jason is the bald one.

I like their show very much.  I’ve seen a few things on it that have just fascinated me beyond the pale.  One episode which focused on a haunted light house in Florida a few seasons ago was absolutely riveting.  Their cameras caught a ghostly image leaning over a railing of an upper floor and then running at the speed of light to a railing two floors above. 

You can see that and more in the video below.  The haunted lighthouse episode is the last clip of this compilation of ghostly encounters that the TAPS team has encountered over the last several years.    

Yeah.…cool, right?

And then, in season’s past, after Ghost Hunters, I’d continue watching for my second favorite Wednesday night  SyFi Channel indulgence, “Destination Truth”, but like bad conjoined twins, the network decided to separate them this season.    The show now airs on Thursday nights ( 8pm CST) and in fact, will premier its new season tonight.

Why do I like it?    The reasons are many.   Josh Gates is the host is one of them.  I find himextraordinarily cute.  He has that delicious combo of  looks and personality that does it for me.  He’s like this tall, pudgy slice of vein free prime rib.   Call me a size queen , but I like rather hefty guys who look like they once played rugby and now look as though they lift more Stouffer’s family size lasagna trays than free weights.

And this pretty much sums up Josh Gates and I like him, despite what often appears to be abject sexual ambiguity–based on his love of scarves and short choker necklaces, but that matters not.

Here’s his photo which was either air brushed or taken while he was on Atkins.

He’s a bit heavier these days and frankly, that makes him perfect in my eyes.

I like him because he’s also funny; a smart ass and to host a show like “Destination Truth”, you’d have to be.

Josh and his entourage of erstwhile actors, researchers and myth and legend finder-outers and debunkers go all over the world in search of monsters and ghosts and gnomes and anything remotely paranormal or supernatural.  They use the latest technological advances to either prove or disprove the existence of these things and that means they go into a lot of remote, exotic locations which also means they probably need a lot of inoculations, Kaopectate and Quinine water.

Josh uses his indelible wit to describe the settings and the scenarios in which he and his crew often find themselves.   The show has some  funny moments. 


Ah, he’s so cute.  Smart, too.  He’s a Tufts graduate; has his BS in Archeology (I think) and he’s done a little acting here and there.  Regrettably, he was born the same year I entered my Freshman year of college which makes him so much younger than me that he’s practically walking sperm, comparatively speaking.   

But if there’s one thing that bothers me about this show and well, bothers me about Josh is that he tries to man up waaaaaaaaaay too much.  Every episode, he rapels down the side of a ravine or spelunks a cave in the dark or dons scuba gear to dive to the depths of some 23 foot deep pond, when there was a clear, easier and quicker way around all these obstacles.  But I guess the Race Bannon butch act adds to the excitment….and probably, to Josh’s dance card.

Anyway, I like him and that’s all I know about the lad.  I have no idea who he is, what he is–I don’t know if he’s married, single, straight or the biggest San Franciscan ass wizard that ever lived–none of that matters.  He’s cute,  smart and funny and he, along with “Destination Truth” and “Ghost Hunters”, help make my Wednesday and Thursday evenings the high point of my week.

Well, those two shows and Xanax.



  1. I totally dig what your saying. The haunting shows are the best. I really want to see something in their investgations. Still haven’t. I am always straining my eyes when they are showing a clip of a shadow passing by or something.

    Especially when it gets this time of year, their shows are what the doctor ordered. Well I am not a doctor nor have I sent anyone to the doctor …. you know what I mean!

  2. you said, “Walking Sperm”….Hahahhaaaaaa, teeee heee heee heee
    but seriously, I like GH, watched some last night, but frankly, the shows are soooo drawn out.

    I don’t watch much tv, but when I do, I hope it is on days when I can see all those freaky shows, cuz, frankly, I’m bored with most tv shows. I hear about some, and sometimes I watch an episode or two, usually several seasons after their original air date, like X-Files. I was way to busy to sit down to watch, and if/when I did, they kiddos were pestering me to make them dinner or help them with homework, or sumpthin. So, I waited until they came into syndication. Oh, I’ve seen about ten episodes (or parts of them) of that mafia/gansters series with Tony. I liked that one.

    Enjoyed your blog.

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