The Six Degrees of David Soul

Old, Tired Ass David Soul


You know, we hear so much about the six degrees that separate the world from actor, Kevin Bacon.   Oh really?  Not so fast.  Hell, I have friends who are so Jewish they won’t even mention Kevin Bacon’s name. 

So, neither will we. 

For me, the man who provides all the interconnectivity I need is David Soul.  

Actor…singer…alleged wife abuser. 

This man; this extraordinary TV talent who like fellow actor, Larry Storch was always…ALWAYS robbed of the Emmy year after year, plays a far more important role in my life than I ever thought possible.   

Frankly, the David Soul factor didn’t occur to me until I received a wedding invitation in the mail recently.   I really didn’t know the couple that well, so I was rather surprised to get the invitation and surprised at what I thought when I read it. 

Mr. and Mrs. Whosits….cordially invite…yadda yadda…to the wedding of their daughter, Desperata Louise to……uh huh…and uh huh….

…..and scene. 

Who was getting married wasn’t as important as the image and song that immediately came to mind when I opened the mailbox and saw the tell-tell cream colored linen  envelope: the pride of the Crane line.  You see one of those in your post, and you know you’re wedding bound.  

I’ll take the dry chicken breast in a white wine sauce and herbed vegetable medley for $200, Alex

Oh, let’s hope they have enough food. 

I opened the envelope and immediately starting humming the tune, “Here Comes The Bride”, which was a sitcom, of  sorts, that aired on ABC from September 25, 1968 to April 3, 1970. It was loosely based upon the story of the Mercer Girls.   Apparently, someone named Asa Mercer tried to bring civilization to old Seattle and its roughly hewn make logging population by importing women from the east coast of the United States.   And on the East Coast back in the 1860s, the ravages of the Civil War mean men were in short supply.    

Here Come The Brides” (and for our purposes henceforth, it’ll also be known as “HCTB”) was also loosely based on the play and movie, “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” but in this show’s case, there were only three brothers…iuncluding the oldest brother Jason, who was potrayed by an actor who had really large shoulders and teeth and the younger brother, played by half aman, half lycanthrope (and if you don’t believe me, take a gander at his hair) Bobby Sherman, who played Jeremy, the Cute One Who Stutters.   

If you’ll notice in the video below, a certain someone played the middle brother.    He’ll pop up on screen at :30. 

Come on…say it with me….David By God Soul, thank you very much!! 

When “HCTB” the series, went to be with Jesus and Fred Silverman in TV Heaven, David Soul went on to play actor, Arthur Hill’s law partner on Owen Marshall:  Counselor at Law. 

So, here’s a scene that lawyer show that includes Artuhur Hill as Owen M. and I guess his client, the Six Million Dollar Man.  

Lee Majors played the man who the feds “could rebuild….they had the technology”, but apparently the technology wasn’t advanced enough, because Steve Austin could only run in slow motion AND with crazy, 70’s synthezied music keeping the beat. 

PF Flyers would have helped.   As would a bowl of Wheaties…certainly some crystal meth. 

But Lee M.  was married to Farrah Fawcett who was an angel in Charlie’s stable and one of her co-stars was Jaqueline Smith who back in the 70’s married some cripsy-haired hack actor and equity no talent (crispy hair courtesy of overt applications of Aqua Net) named Dennis Cole who I always confused with David Soul. 

But these days, if I look at Dennis as he looked then (he died last year), he looked like he could have been the adult doppelganger for Ricky Schroeder long before Ricky ever sprouted pubes.  




Ricky guest starred on the sitcom, “Scrubs”, which  featured J.D., a young resident played by Zach Braff who was rejected entrance as a Freshman into UCLA whose mascot is a Bruin which is a bear.   Huggy Bear was a pimp on Starsky and Hutch. 

David Soul was on Starsky and Hutch.  He was an undercover cop who arrested guys and often told them to give up…WHICH was a  phrase in the title of a song David sang in 1977.   

The record was a hit.  I hear it went zinc. 

This song was sung by Soul,  which rhymes with asshole,  and I broke up with one of the biggest back  in 2004;  an action which broke my heart which was a design on the wedding invitation I held in my hand which made me think of David Soul in the first place. 

See how it all works??? 

Tomorrow:  Brad Pitt and another rhyming body part. 



  1. LOL! Great job! This post brings back memories of days gone by and my long lost Lee Majors/Heath crush.

    And then there’s the Rock Hudson connection. David played a crooked guard on one of the McMillan & Wife episodes (he got shot, of course. He always seems to in his movies & appearances. The Rookies is an example, as is the FABULOUS ‘FBI Murders’ movie – and Michael Gross is great in that, too.). Rock Hudson was gay, and some say that Starsky & Hutch were gay – or at least bi-sexual.

  2. God, I remember when he sang on the Gong Show wearing a paper bag over his head, so he would just be judged for his music.

  3. hmmmmm.”.memories ,are made of this”!:)….loved the quirky sense of humour ,and the stroll down memory lane….not too sure i “get it”tho` ,but ,hey!Does it really matter?!LOL

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