It Is Indeed A Man’s Life


There is no one on Earth who knows better than women that Man really is the King of Beasts. He rules all he surveys. Lions can try to lay claim to the title, but come on!!!! Man invented guns and guns have done more to eradicate lions from this planet faster than anything else.

Come to think of it, guns are doing a number on eradicating men, too. But that’s not the gist of this post.

Man might have conquered all animals, but he actually has a lot in common with lions. Their adult lives parallel in ways most people don’t even realize. Especially in the area of love and marriage.

Here are 17 prime examples that I feel aptly explain the concise correlation that exist between man and beast…the King of Beasts:


Being single and dating.




It is frequent. It is often. It is lustful.

But after a while, it begins to feel shallow; meaningless.



You’re bored.

“Guerrilla dating” is growing old, plus the hassles of your job are grating on your nerves. You’re tired. You need a break.

You decide to take a vacation.

You go out on safari and there she is–a vision. Lovely, kind; fierce when she needs to be. You’re convinced this one is different. There’s something about her. You want to get to know her.

You ask her out to dinner.

She consents.

You both decide you’re in the mood for German food.



The relationship works. She’s the mane to your tail. You’re happy–happier than you’ve ever been, actually. You realize you’re both very much in love. You start thinking seriously about forever.

That Christmas, you decide to mate.


Example #4

Ah, the unified front of togetherness.  You’re a proud, happy couple. There’s solidarity in your union.


Example #5

Life is good; theunion of you spirit is working.  Affection and closeness runs high.


Example #6

Within a few weeks, you start a family.


Example #7

Then, something happens. She stops being a wife and that means she stops “doing a lot of the stuff she used to do”.

She suddenly becomes a mother….and something of a shrew.

She roars a lot.

At you, mainly.


Example #8

There’s incessant fighting. You wake up one morning and realize you’re miserable.  She must be too for all the roaring she’s doing.


Example #9

And she is unhappy.  Very unhappy and she is no longer willing to hide it. You stop talking, move into separate bedrooms and she ventures into “grudge eating”.

She gains 43 pounds in two months.


Example #10

But you agree that you are still married and you both take your vows seriously. She suggests counseling; you agree to go, hoping that at the very least, it might possibly get her to stop eating.

In spite of it all, you think still love your wife, want your marriage and you jump through hoops to prove both points


Example #11

But couples’ therapy doesn’t help. Despite your efforts, you lose interest in your wife and your marriage and when you meet a hot little tiger at a neighborhood watering hole, you just can’t help yourself.

You have an affair.

It’s wild, hot …animalistic. Damn near feral.

You’re convinced it fills the many emotional voids in your life.  She understands you.  That lioness bitch you were with sure doesn’t.


Example #12

Your wife finds out about the affair and more fighting ensues. It’s even more vicious than before.  This is, as they say, it.


Example #13

She announces that she can’t take any more and can no longer live with you in the same den.   She takes the cubs, leaves and moves in with her older sister, Leona


Example #14

It’s over.



The damage is irreparable. After one very heated argument at her sister’s one evening, you both decide that a divorce is inevitable. She hires a lawyer.

He’s Jewish.


Example #15

He’s tough.  A real tamer.  You have no choice but to rollover and give in to every demand.


Example #16

The divorce is final. She got everything…the house, the den.  You’re surprisingly not happy.

A year later, she’s lost 45 pounds, had a face lift and looks stunning. She starts hanging around all these crazy effeminate cats. They’re a hip, younger, leather crowd. They go everywhere together–shopping, theater, nightclubs and she’s happy. Happy for the first time in years.

She’s obviously, having the time of her life with all these homosexual lions and their fabulous  “gay pride”.


Example #17

In the meantime, you sulk. You’re miserable. Because of that damned affair, you got skinned alive. You’re bitter, angry and vulnerable…to the point that you now feel as though everyone walks all over you.


Ah, such is life.

So, the moral of this post, is try to make a go of your relationship. Fight for it, not because of it and whatever you do, don’t have an affair.

You could loose everything.

Seriously, I’m not lion!!



  1. If only Simba had you for a ghostly father.

    And yeah, friendship matters, and affairs cannot fully be recovered from.

  2. See, I never truly get why an affair is SUCH a dealbreaker.

    OMG! You can’t cheat on me because I don’t have enough self-esteem and I’m not special anymore so I’m going to make you pay through the nose for it.

    If one spouse cheats, in my estimation, the other one gets a free pass to cheat too. Simple. Fair. No one has to break up the marriage, destroy the kids’ lives, fight bitterly, or cost a penny.

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