When You Need Extra Absorbency…


And boy oh boy, does BP ever need THAT now.  

So what to do…..what to do????   Well, if I were the head of BP and audaciously announcing to the world that this little ‘snafu’ in the Gulf has been such a drag that I want my life back, I’d consult anyone I could find.  Anyone I could think of.

I’d ask men.  My question would be, “How do we shut down the outflow from what’s left of Deepwater Horizon?”

And any man wiould tell you, the best way to keep ANYTHING from putting out is to put a wedding ring on it.   That seems to stop everything.

Perhaps, but BP would just end up tapping some other well.

Then I’d ask women.  Many, many women and with a design and production grant from Playtex and the Chubb Corporation, I think we could figure this out.



And now, you may opine your ass off...

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