Never Ask for Photoshop Help In A Public Forum


I don’t know if this is real or not.

It looks like it is, but with all the advances in desktop illustration, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the handiwork of someone with a lot of time on their hands.   But, whether real or a fake, it’s damned funny and also a prime example which demonstrates that many people are just plain tools with mean, evil streaks—especially when it comes to tools who ask for personal assistance in places they have no business asking.

I thought about copying and pasting the entire page in this blogpost, but you really should see it in an its glory and you can by clicking here.  



  1. That has to be the most hilarious thread I have ever seen, though I feel sorry for the guy who asked for help.

  2. Seriously, that was hilarious Laurie. Weirdly… my oldest kid had a shirt exactly like the one that kid was wearing. I’d post a pic to prove it, but I’m going to just risk being doubted. I’ve seen what can happen otherwise.

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