Stephen Hawking: The Theory of Rela-Tiva-Diddy

He’s an intellectual phenomenon, really; the new Einstein of the new Millenium.

Stephen Hawking is a British theoretical physicist, whose scientific career spans over forty years. His books and public appearances have made him an academic celebrity and he has more titles than the Duchess of Ken.  Try these on for size:  he’s an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a lifetime member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, and in 2009 was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is like the American equivalent to being knighted.

Hawking was the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the prestigious,  University of Cambridge for 3G years, taking up the post in 1979 and retiring on  October 1 of last year. He’s also a  Fellow of Gonville and Caius College at Cambridge and a Distinguished Research Chair at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada. He’s known for his contributions to the fields of cosmology (and no, that’s got nothing to do with Maybelline) and of course, quantum gravity,  especially in the context of black holes.

Insert your own Wanda Sykes joke here, please.

Hawking is the son of Dr. Frank Hawking, a research biologist, and Isobel Hawking.   He was always interested in science.     After receiving his B.A. degree at Oxford in 1962, he stayed to study astronomy.    He then moved on  to Cambridge and once there, he started developing symptoms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS and known colloquially here in the States as Loud Gehrig’s Disease) .  This cost him almost all neuromuscular control –including his ability to speak.  He’s been confined to a wheelchair ever since.

OK, so you now know all this academic and biographical info about this incredibly learned man, but to many people who even have at least an inkling as to who he is, they continue to  refer to him as that “wheelchair guy who talks through computer thingy”.

Stephen Hawking has oftne been thrust to close to the forefront of my life for no reason other than I have some strange friends with even stranger senses of humor.  When I was at KLOL and the Stevens and Pruett Show, the legendary Chuck Shramek poked fun of Hawking unmercifully.   I wish I still had some of those bits, but I don’t.  Then I find out through another irreverant colleague, that Hawking has a fairly decent sense of humor himself.   It’s indeed to our advantage as a species that we realize that being brilliant doesn’t always negate having a good sense of humor or a decent personality.  The two don’t often go together, but in Hawking’s case they do.


From what I understand, he’s been known to poke fun at his own situation–he’s well aware that his is a brilliant mind trapped in a virtually worthless body.   And that is his lot in life; one he has accepted. But as his lengthy intellectual paper trail indicates, his handicap hasn’t hampered him at all.

So with that, new Hawking-isms and Hawking-esque jokes and the like, keep cropping up all the time.  For example, here’s a photo of an homage to Hawking in plastic; his likeness in Legos.

And beyond that, there’s rapper who calls himself MC Hawking and he’s making Stevie out to be a gangsta bad ass. 

Well, sort of.

His satircal website, which hasn’t been updated in some time,  has some very interesting “photos” of Stevie hangin’ with a bevy of his homeys.

Here he is, swappin; Jo Lo stories with Puff Daddy/P Diddy at the Hip Hop Summit in New York a few years back.


He’s seen here on stage ragin’ with the group, Rage Against the Machine.

Here he is, doin’ it ‘old school’ with Eminem during a performance at the Big Petie D’Ambrosio Middle School cafetorium in Scranton, PA.

Here is back in the early days, DJ-ing it NYC style at a rave in some warehouse in Sheepshead Bay. 


And this is even more proof that he indeed a dude with gangsta roots.  He’s seen here at a Rolling Stone photo shoot with Run DMC and the Beastie Boys from the late 80’s.


Still want proof that he’s a bad ass?   Here’s his mug shot taken by the Calumet PD after he was arrested for engaging in a drunken scuffle at a Bar Mizvah at the Airport Holiday Inn.   

And the Hawking love comes in the form of video and audio, too.  He’s been immortalized in film.  This is from the movie, Knocked Up.  In this scene, friends of an expectant father are at the hospital and waiting on word of the baby’s arrival.  They get bored and hijack a few wheel chairs and ride them through the hallways.

The rest you can figure out yourself.

The following is a joke that some might think is classic Hawking.   I have no idea what this You Tube video claims he’s talking about—I was stoned for most of my High School physics class,  but still for some reason, I think this is very funny. 

It’s just probably so…so…Hawking.

And who knew there was a little ex-frat boy in The Hawk???   Apparently, his computer generated voice also allows his bodily functions to be audible.

And last but not least, who knew Hawking is something of a racist?   This, despite his deep abiding friendship with so many rap stars????

Oh really?

Well, my apologies if that offends.    There’s no accounting for taste and in humor, there’s rarely any of that.  

But be that as it may, Hawking has said he has no issue at all with the parodies, well save for that last video perhaps, but it’s been reported that he’s actually flattered that pundits and comedians find him worthy of being the subject of jokes, parodies and satire.  

All tastelessness aside, the reality is that many a truth is said in jest.  Since the beginning of time, comedy and humor have gotten us through a myriad of things.    We’ve nervously giggled our way through wars, the Inquisition, Senate Sub-Committees, lawsuits, final exams and marriage proposals.   Laughing and humor help us take the edge off otherwise extremely difficult situations.  And when you consider that this man, who once knew great normalcy, lives in a non-responsive body 24/7,  I  completely respect his ability to laugh and find the humor in life; his own and that which unfolds around him./

Good for you, Sir Stephen.

Good for you..


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