The Darkest of Horses


I have made the claim that I know little about politics.  I have said I would never, ever involve myself in all that’s involved in voting, persuasion, power mongering, courting and swaying. 

In other words, the Black Arts.

But I’ve been lying to myself and to you.  I’ve done nothing BUT engage in politics since first learning how to lie to my mother about that little red abrasion on my neck.  I convinced her that it was in fact the result of a  “tragic Bunson Burner accident” in my High School biology class.     And the neck burn so precise, it was something that not even the best of the OTC unguents could salve.

The real Bunson Burner in this case was actually Kevin Robard’s hickey-giving mouth.

Yes, politics are everywhere and really, a part of our daily lives in almost every facet of our lives.   Some have perfected it to a true artform; others?  Not so much.


He recently (and from what I understand) ‘unsuccessafully ran’ for a spot on the Conway, Arkansas School Board. 

I don’t know how legit this video is.   The use of the F-word and references to the penis and the mouth’s natural ability to suckle in the most vulgar of terms indicate that either this is one incredibly funny political piece or Honeycutt was specifically and naively trying to garner the 16 year old male High School student vote.  

Which they don’t have.

Wel, Dwight David,  if I, a 51 year old woman, actually had access to a ballott and generally gave a damn about anything outside my realm and of course, had I been  convicted of a crime and forced to endure my pennance living in Conway, Arkansas, I would have voted for you without a doubt.

Supposedly, the video was shot, written, directed and edited by Honeycutt’s nephew.

Well, real or not (and I’ll wager Sandra Bullock’s left one that the words ‘parody’ and ‘satire’ play into this), this video is something you need to watch and something from  which comedians and politicians alike, can learn.

And watch till the bitter end.



Gee Mr. Honeycutt, I don’t know exactly where “The Dick Sucking Store” is, but I have a feeling it can be found next to a “Hole Foods Market”.




  1. Lmao OMG, at first i thought he was going to be some crazy old pervert, but it turns out he’s just your average crazy old man. Although I see him as crazy and old, I also see him as honest and hilarious. I must say that I would have voted for him.
    Laurie, lets go find him and take him out for a drink.

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