Don’t Read If You’re Ophidiophobic


It is said, I am told, that these ophidians, these serpents, these insidiously long, round menacing looking snakes can be found everywhere.  


Some people love snakes; others revile them.   Some find their reptilian skin; their ways, their look, their movement absolutely enthralling.   I’m not one of the them, but whatever floats your boat.

In this pic below (abnd in the first one at the top of this post) I would assume that the snakes’ rather engorged middle sections are that way probably because they’re full of yet-to-be-digested dinner….as in a small goat.

Well Mr. Snake, please say “Ah”….or not.  

Or maybe this is how really large snakes get remnants of a goat meal out from betwixt their fangs.  Whenever I’ve supped on goats, electrified fence wire is always a suitable replacement for a toothpick.


With the advent of global travel and mass transport, huge snakes that could only be found in the darkest, jungle recesses of the Amazan, or Africa, can now be found in a private home in Helena or Hoboken.

True, I’m not a fan of snakes,  but I don’t hate them either.  I don’t scream at the mere  sight of one, nor do they give me the “willies”.   I understand their relevance and the role they play on this mortal coil of ours and while I’m willing to co-exist with them on the same planet, I don’t want to be roomates with them.  

To be honest, I don’t want to walk into my bathroom with a very full bladder still dazed after a night of drinking and see a very huge adder.

Especially occupying my seat.

And I don’t care if this snake was “placed” on or in the toilet for maximum photographic effect.    You can see an orange bucket underneath it.   Whether a staged scenario or not, this would NOT be a pleasing sight for me first thing in the morning….

Or at noon…

And especially not at night.

The truth is, while I’m not a herpetologist or an odhidiophile, I respect snakes.  I’ve seen what they can do.  When I was six years old, a little girl (who just learned to walk)  was toddling around her house at night, her mother not far behind, but because it was dark, Little Martha stepped on a rattlesnake–one of those big Texas numbers–and it bit her on the leg repeatedly.    This was small town South Texas in 1965, people.

She died.

I’ve also seen what they can do to mice.

So yes, I respect snakes.  And if I walked in on one in my toilet, I’d show him some of that respect and privacy, too.    I’d wait until he was finished and then I’d probably offer him some toilet paper if he needed it.  

Providing, of course, he was “a viper”.






  1. That snake is a monster. i like snakes. i don’t mind them. but…everything in moderation.

  2. Eeek, they’re huge! I think these ones are very fascinating just from their size. Snakes are interesting creatures, but I’d sure respect them as well even though I have very little experience with them (or perhaps exactly because of that reason)

  3. OMFG! Those snakes are huge. I was never really scared of snakes, but I respected them…Now I might have justa small fear of the little…or big guys crawling up and eating me in my sleep if I ever fall asleep at some rich fancy persons house.

  4. Excellent title! Curiosity pulled me in. My mother used to raise small, non-venomous snakes. And let me tell you…. it still hurts when they bite you.

  5. Pet snakes are nature’s way of saying, “Don’t try to socialize with this weirdo.” 🙂

  6. Nice big snake in the toilet, wouldn’t like to sit on it. I don’t like snakes too much as they bite, are poisonous, and sometimes as huge as the pictures above which can strangle and squeeze the heck out of you. Those are some fierce snakes, be careful when handling them. Or at least their old skin by the looks of it in the first picture.


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  8. They are social creepers that love whole chicken as their menue or perhaps as a delacacy fingers and thumk yam yam….
    however my pets in my backyard you were warned
    Wild panties dropping
    Middle of the night
    sorry shay Say i’ll stay

  9. I like snakes. I also would reasonably be afraid if one posed any threat. I have heard stories of a snake which laid across a bed like a rod for days…the vet said the snake was measuring the owner and starving itself in preparation to eat her. Scary stuff. But, I think it would be great to have snakes as pets(provided they play nice:P). And, tha thing looks big enough to ride!:)

  10. OK don’t care for snakes but know they have their place in this world. Now while every one has commented on all the photos and how big these critters are… one has asked this question that came to my mind as soon as I saw the photos……just what are the big lumps in the middle of these big critters? Some how I don’t think they are beer bellies…….humm….. Lila

  11. I know that snakes need some places to repel pests such as rats for the farmers., But still they are very scary.

  12. Well, I am not particularly a fan of snakes of any kind nor am i afraid of them but…. now that’s some snake right there!! I would have to say that just might make me start to run away screaming….

  13. As the late Steve Irwin would say:

    ‘CRIKEY! Cop a look at this little beauty!’

  14. Amazing. I prefer them (at least the big ones) in the zoo or on The Discovery Channel. I am still amzed at how they swalloow an animal and then digest it. Pretty cool.

  15. We’ve lived with dangerous snakes in Trinidad and Venezuela.
    The only thing wrong about snakes, is the stigma given them by Christianity, which is very unfortunate, and stupid, and has created the fear so many people have of them, and caused so much death for one of Earth’s most beautiful creatures.
    Luckily, a number of other religions, revere them.

  16. oh great! now we have to burn all lights, all nights, to check for huge, giant snakes in the toilet.

  17. Great post, those are some pretty amazing snakes. I’m not usually afraid of snakes either, but those deserve respect! I feel a bit bad for the one stuck in the electric fence though. That ought to hurt.

  18. I showed my kids those pictures but scrolled real fast past the fangs stuck on the wire. Seriously that pic could cause nightmares ::shivers::

    Also @Colin Beadon… interesting take on Christianity. I suppose you’re right that snakes have been given a bad rap by religion, but if you look closely at the Bible even God uses the snake. Moses staff turns into a snake that consumes the pagan priests two snakes, the Israelites are commanded to look upon a serpent (on a staff) to be healed.

    Snakes seem to have significant symbolism within the Bible and I find it possible that the vast majority of those who interpret that symbolism as bad could in fact be in wrong. 🙂

  19. Snakes won’t attack you unless you startle them, tread on them, or decide to mess about with them. They just want you to admire them, giving out good vibes, and staying out of their striking distance.
    A small snake got into the house in Venezuela juring a party. It coiled up on the top of the closed toiled seat and went to sleep with the light on. A lady came in to use the toilet, and thought one of our boys had left his toy there as a prank, until the snake put outs its tongue. We just picked him up in a towel, and put him outside where he really belonged. This was in Ojeda, beside Lake Maracaibo. Sometimes it was alligators too, but in the flowerbeds. You feel most alive yourself, when you live close to nature like that.

  20. Nice pictures and well written.

    We had once found a baby snake in our house. We thought the baby snake was a kid and did not take is too seriously and actually started playing with it till someone from the wildlife dept. came and took it to leave it in wild. We later realised that, young snakes has more venom than the older one. So be careful guys.

  21. Wow impressive..I have this fascination for snakes..At my job there was this boy and he took a baby snake with him, it was a ratsnake..Beautiful..But these big guys kind of scare me..But I respect these animals. In a couple of weeks I will be going to Thailand and it can be that I stumble into a snake there….RESPECT

  22. I think we can make a new curry with snake instead of others

  23. Like snakes!!!!! There are strange people on this world. Look at that idiot woman with kids around a snake!!!!

  24. I’m personally a big snake-guy. Even after seeing the pics on the fer-de lance article on wikipedia, which any one who read this should check out.
    I was many times nearly bitten as a kid, and have been bit many times as an adult, but never badly hurt… I once lost a little piece of my finger tip, but that’s it.
    I appreciated your position, as you didn’t take an offensive stance against these creatures, but you also have a good understanding and respect for the dangers and absurdities of these animals (and their owners).
    great post, thanks allot.

  25. Ok Omg, omg! that is one big snake! I dont think its safe that the snake is there when the kids are around! What do you feed this creatures?

  26. Ok, I took a big chance clicking on this post not knowing what “Ophidiophobic” was. Luckily, it was all good. Small 8-legged creatures? Scares the crap out of me.
    Large 3 mts snakes all around our property in Australia? That’s cool.

  27. Tastes like chicken…
    Which is good as we are being over-run here is Florida by foreign pythons dumped by idiots in our natural areas. Eating them may be the only way to control them. It worked in Thailand as they have almost decimated their cobra population.

  28. I guess that snake can be eaten! In our Filipino language we call it “SAWA”. Its lipids can cure wounds, too.

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